When I first started this blog, I always said that this was going to be like a journal for my girls to read when they are older.  My life used to be an open book and I really didn't mind that all my adventures were in a public blog.  The end of 2009 brought so many changes to our life that it didn't seem right to keep posting in an everyday basis as I was not going to be able to write as openly as I liked.

BUT, I was looking back at my old posts and it makes me sad that I never wrote the day to day things from 2010 until now.  As we get older, our memory is not the same, and I confess that I can't remember details as much as I would like to.

Luckily, I did post some things in Facebook and I will take the time to update this blog with the main events from our life during these last few years.  Even though I stopped posting towards the end of 2009, there are some updates on us up to November 2011.  Back then, I made a post for each one of the girls with details and updates about them up to that point.  With that being said, I will post updates with the main events that I can remember (with the help of Facebook and my pictures) starting December 2011 until now.  I started yesterday and already made three posts December 2011... It's fun to look back and I'm sure I will enjoy these updates very much!  I will make a new post once the blog is up to date.

Also, I did a blog makeover and I love how it looks now, even though it looks better in the computer than how it looks on mobile version.

And just because a post without pictures is just too boring, I'm including pictures from the girls from this weekend with some of our pets (that's a another post) and also a picture from my oldest nephew (remember him?)
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So, yeah.... It's been so long that it is not even funny! I keep making promises about updating my blog, but I spend so many hours updating my customers blogs that I honestly cant find a second to update mine. And even as I'm posting right now, I already have to run. For now, I will leave you with our Holiday Card.  I did a very unusual card as this year I included my brother's family.  And also updated the little pictures/ages from the header.
 photo FloresPerezandVargasHolidayCard2014Landscape_small.jpg
As the letter are so small, here it is what it says for each one:
* Gabriela, The 6th Grader, drama queen, animal lover, tech geek girl
* Camila, The 3rd Grader, sentimental, helper, funny clown, sweet
* Amelia, The 2nd Grader, smartie pants, boss, silly, early bloomer

I promise I will post an update about each one ASAP!!
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As mostly every little girl I know, my girls are crazy about Frozen.  They love all the songs, and they know them all in both versions... English and Spanish.

One of the gifts they got from Santa was a microphone and they asked me to record them singing "Libre Soy" which is the Spanish version of "Let it Go"...

I'm sure they are not ready for American Idol, but they are still adorable. Gotta love Mimi's style too!
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My nephew's pup, Lila, turned one and a party was done to celebrate.

This pup "resuscitate" today after being lost for two days and it was just an amazing experience for all of us, especially for my girls and nephew.

Lila did something that I have only seen in movies today.  She was able to get to our old neighbor's house, we assume it was because it was the only place that was familiar for her (as we moved last month).  The houses are far away, and we still don't know how she got there. But she did. It was like a miracle!

So, today, was a very happy day and we have enough dogs (and even a cat) in our house to be able to do a big party. On this picture, Gaby is holding Luca, Mia is holding Loly aKa Angie, my nephew is holding Lila (the birthday girl), Mimi is holding Gatie, and I'm holding Lupita (my mom's old dog that is around 12 years old)...

When we were going to sing happy birthday, ss soon as we light up the candle, the cat RAN away!! I'm talking that she JUMPED and ran away like if her pants were on fire. The way the kids reacted was priceless!
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It is THAT time my girls look forward the most. No birthday or holiday is as important as this date. I may have said this before, but they start making her list for Santa every December 26th. Those items on the lists change a lot during the year, but the line "I want this from Santa next Christmas" is something I hear ALL YEAR long.

There was a leftover cake in the house, and that is what Santa got this year.  I know he was very thankful because he ate it all.  cake from Lila's birthday and he was very thankful... In this picture on the right you can also see the tags Santa had done for the girls.... Also the "Happy Jar 2015" were they will put pieces of papers during the whole year with notes of good moments so we can all read together next Christmas.  I got the idea from Pinterest and I may do a separate post about it.

At 6:25am they were already on my bedside SCREAMING for me to wake up... They are well trained to know they cannot open their presents without me and before taking a picture... They know better...

This year they also got cupcakes... I did the decor after we picked up all the gifts and mess.  They also got cookies and milk... They ate like little pigs...

We had LOTS and LOTS of fun opening the gifts and I'm happy to say that I didn't have to struggle much with childproof packaging... Most of the things where things that they were able to open by themselves. As usual, they spent the day playing with their new toys.

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Today's #TBT is in honor to my dad's birthday month. Here are some photos with him. First one at a very young age (maybe 3, who knows), then on my 15th birthday and then on his birthday last week.
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