Gabriela was still 6+ years old the last time I updated the blog, and she is now 8. I cant even believe I have an 8 years old daughter!!! She is very innocent but also very rebel. She's still my drama queen. She is doing a lot of things by herself, even showering and getting ready for school in the mornings without hassle. She is a little geeky and she is crazy with Wii and computer in general. She is interested in Facebooking, talking to her friends on the phone, and it is dying for a Blackberry. She actually uses mine to chat with with some of my friends, and she does it very good and fast.

As Gaby was also supposed to go to Ecuador for a few months, last school year she missed some classes from Second Grade. Then, I placed her on a very small school to finish the 2nd Grade, however the experience wasnt very good and I got the impression that she didnt learn a lot. When I registered her for this school year, I discussed this situation with the Principal and Psychologist and we all agree that she should be placed in 2nd Grade again. I agreed mostly because I didnt want her to be behind on 3rd Grade compared to the other kids, but also because she is so innocent and doesnt have the same "street smart" as the kids her age. Most of the kids her age already cross street by themselves, and can buy stuff and handle money perfectly good, and are thinking about boyfriends. Anyway, she started 2nd Grade and by the end of the first week she was promoted to 3rd Grade because she was too advanced for that grade. So far she is doing very good in her classes and she gets along with all the kids. I picked up her grades for the second period already and she has all A's and B's (Between 80 and 95).

She has always been the one of my three girls less interested in eating, however she has been eating non-stop in the past few months. She gained A LOT of pounds, and now I have her watching more the amount she eats, because she is too chubby for her height. She is 80 pounds and 51.5 inches tall (4' 3 1/2""). According to the chart for her age she is in 94th percentile for weight and 66th percentile for height.

She is still very much in love with animals, especially dogs, and she loves watching Animal Planet. She also likes to watch the History Channel and mostly all the channels from Discovery pack. She would learn the most amazing things and loves to tell them to everybody. She loves drawing and coloring, as well as toys were she can built or make stuff (like puzzles, legos, jewelry makers toys). She still adores purple, and likes to match it with turquoise and pink.

Not many pictures of Gaby because the camera hates her. She doesnt have the photogenic vein that Camila has. But here some some. Here she is modeling for Baby Time, then just smiling for the camera, and then at Ariel's Pirate Birthday party:

Here she is on the airport after her sisters left to Ecuador (that was one of the last pictures of her with her normal weight), then with Camila at home in a pool day, and then by herself on the same day:

Here she is with her sisters after getting some make up on, then on Father's Day with a lollipop and then on her first day of this school year:
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Camila was just a few months after turning 4 the last time that I posted. Now, she is 5.5 years old and it is amazing the change in her aspect and behavior. I have let her hair grown, and that gives her an older look. Her face looks all grown, and she is now taller and skinier, instead of short and chubby. She is 50 pounds and 44 inches tall (3' 8 1/2"). That is 83rd percentile for weight and 57th percentile for height according to her age.

She's my little model and diva. She loves posing at the camera and it is amazing how much the camera adores her. Regardless if she is crying, smiling, not looking, upset, she would still look gorgeous. When I want a picture of her, I normally take 2 or 3 pictures to get a nice shot, sometimes only 1 picture is enough.

She also got to experience some time in Ecuador like Mimi and it helped her to tone it down with her "mommy's separation anxiety issue". However, she's still very much a mommy's girl and she would do ANYTHING just to be by my side. She's still the most sensitive little girl in the world, and strong words will hurt her like if somebody had spanked her. She's super funny and caring, and it is amazing the ability she has of making people smile even in their worst day.

She loves fixing her hair, as well as everybody's hair. She have had a thing for this since she was a baby. The best game for her would be a room full of dolls, with cribs, bibs, diapers, bottles and of course, hair accessories to fix their hair. She keeps asking for a little brother or sister... Like non-stop! LOL.

She loves dancing too, and she is Shakira's number 1 fan. She would sing some of her songs, and she wants to dance just like her. Actually all three of them have a thing for Shakira, but Camila shows it more.

Just like Mimi, she also started the school year in Abril while she was in Ecuador, and officially at the end of August here. She is in Kinder and I cant believe that very soon she will be finishing preschool. Her favorite color is YELLOW, and everything that matches (like orange and red).

Here is Camila modelling for Baby Time, then one day trying to fix her hair (she does it as good as a 12 years old girl already), and then at Ariel's Pirate birthday party:

Here she is at our Annual Family Reunion, then at the airplane on her way to Ecuador and then on a bus while in Ecuador:

Here she is with her face painted at a park, then the day she visit for the first time the school she was in Ecuador, and then on her 5th birthday:

Here she is with a plush dog she got the day she got her Ecuadorian papers while I was there, then being all sassy at home, and then with my friend Perla doing what she was doing....

Here she is with her big lollypop she got on Father's Day at my dad's house and the last one is outside of her school's playground: All ready for Kinder!
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The last time I posted about Mimi it was a few months after she turned 3 years old. She is now 4.5 years old and she has grown SOO much. Well, she sounds older, she acts older, her face looks older, but she is still my little petite lady. According to the scale, she has gain some weight but according to my eyes, she is still the same. I can still say at places that she is 2 years old so I dont have to pay the fare for her and they never question it... very convenient for me :) We have weighted her a few times and it differs from one scale to the other, but one thing is for sure, she is still on the 20's, she is close to 30 pounds, but not quite yet. (Update: Have official height and weight: She is 32 pounds and 39 inches tall (3'3"). That is supposedly 11st percentile for her age.

Mimi is still VERY independent, however only when she wants. She likes to do everything her way, so even though she can perfectly feed herself since she was like 2 years old, sometimes she just wants to be babied and have somebody to feed her. She loves asking that to my grandma who has a weak heart for her. She still loves the water very much and she's not afraid of the pool or beach or going under water.

I have lost count of how many times she has needed stitches so far, but for the purpose of not forgetting the dates and keeping it here, she got two new ones. An scar on the right side of her nose (very scary moment when that happened back in August 2010), and then another one in her head (totally cured already and lost inside her hair) that happened in August 2011. I guess August is not her month.

Camila and her spent a few months with their dad in Ecuador which was a great experience for her, because got to meet her dad's family (like REALLY know them) and she got the oportunity to go to school there and experience something different. She started Pre-K there, because their school year is from April to November, instead of September to June like here or the states.

I picked her up on her birthday's weekend back in May and they made a mini pool party for her. It was a beautiful experience.

She officially started Pre-K here at the end of August and she is doing great. She is very advanced for her age and her vocabulary and fine motor skills are beyond what it is expected for her age. This is kinda funny because she looks sooo tiny but her language is so fluent that you have the idea that you are talking with an adult trapped on a babies body.

She loves playing Wii Sports and computer games, and her favorite things to do are coloring and pretend play (dolls and such). She is officially my little Princess and her favorite color is still PINK.

Here are some pictures from August 2010 up to now. In the first one you can see the scar she has now in her face, then doing a modeling job for Baby Time Slings, and then at Ariel Enrique's Pirate 4th Birthday party (Sept. 2010):

On this three, the first one is with Camila in our Annual Family Reunion (from my mom's side), then on the airplane on her way to Ecuador, and then eating a traditional soup from Ecuador:

Here she is being silly... The first one is at a park around February, and the second one is at another park in May when we were in Ecuador. The third one she was hiding in the bathroom door in the hotel we were staying before coming back to DR.

Here she is with her sisters at a pool day at home, then again being silly with Camila and my friend Perla... In the last one, she is just being cute....

Here she is on Father's Day eating a lollipop, then on her first day of Pre-K with Camila, and then being a goofy in front of a mirror...
Here she is flying on Gaby's birthday (while I was trying to avoid a heart attack), then playing Wii, and hugging Arnold (a plush dog with a story.... which will be for another moment).

Edited her height and weight :) First paragraph.
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