The girls are back to school and they are really excited. Gaby started 5th Grade, Mia started 2nd Grade and Mimi started 1st Grade.

I'm very excited also because I was able to get them into a school that I have been trying to get them in since last school year.  It is very hard to get spots in this school and we were blessed with a lot of help to get this done.

It is also the same school that my nephew is which means that Mia and him will share the same classroom.  Of course, they are thrilled about it and I can't wait to see how that will work out.  I'm sure it will be more than perfect.

I also got tired of purchasing backpacks every single school year and ordered three new backpacks from Land's End.  Gaby has one since she was 4 years old and even though she doesn't use it for school anymore, it is still around and it gets a lot of used.  I chose their favorite colors and I honestly hope to get the most use possible out of them.

My 5th Grader

My 2nd Grader

My 1st Grader
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My grandma turned 95 years old today. All her living children where with her and she was thrilled.

Sadly, I couldn't be there because I had to work, but my girls and nephew were there. Also my brother and his wife were with them. Mimi was sleeping for a while, and she is not in the pictures.

They told me that they had a great time and my grandma was very happy.

She is extremely healthy considering her age and she doesn't really have any illness or any serious health condition. I think she's not even close to go to my grandad's side in heaven. She's staying with us for a very long time.
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I weighted the girls today and here is the verdict.....

- Mimi is 41 pounds and in 22nd percentile for her age (my peanut)
- Mia is 63 pounds and in 85th percentile for her age
- Gaby is 103 pounds and in 95th percentile for her age

If you look at the picture, even when Mia is not completely straight, she is still way taller than Mimi and she is only 13 months older.  Mimi is really petite but I'm not so worried anymore... She really eats very well, and she IS growing... just in a lower pace than usual. Maybe her metabolism is just too fast and she will be one of those ladies than eat and eat and never gets fat.
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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