... of the pups! They are just too adorable!!

Poor Gigi was trying to sleep a little bit on top of the totes. Luca eats like there is no tomorrow and knocked her down until he got what he wanted. Even though Gigi was exhausted, she still was tender and you can see how she is caressing him with the paw...

Brother and sister's love...
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Gaby's love for animals goes beyond the normal love any child can feel for pets.

Since she was a baby and started cruising around, she started feeling a huge love for ANY animal... even ants.

She loves pets, insects, farm animals, birds, reptiles... ANYTHING!

After we had to give away Sassy, she has been begging for any pet for the house.. She wanted a dog or a cat or a hamster or a turtle or a bid or a fish... I promised her that by the time she was 10, she was going to have a pet, and she got her dream come true.

Seeing her with Gigi's pups makes my heart feel with joy, because I can only imagine the joy inside of her heart. She's getting the male for her... We named him Luca and she's totally in love.  Her favorite show in the whole world is the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan and I gotta say has learned a lot... that she cares for them like a total expert.
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My girls just can't get enough of Frozen. All moms of little girls know exactly what I'm talking about.

I gotta say that the movie is awesome, but if I hear "Let it go" one more time, I think I will end up in a Mental Health Facility. But, my girls would watch it every day if I let them.

One of their favorite things to do around the house is to imitate Elsa and Anna... Either a part of the movie, their hairstyle... anything.

In honor to that, here are some pictures to save for the memory lane. On the right, here is Gaby with Elsa's bun. Then, Mimi is performing the part where Anna is signing in front of Elsa's door (two piggy tails and the hands and song)... and Mia did the two braids on her hair... If you look closely, it was all by herself who did the "braids"... Too cute.
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I am very good at a lot of things, but I don't mind acknowledging my limitations.  Blow drying hair is one of them. I have never been good about it... not with my hair or anybody else's hair. I still have a blow dryer, because even though I don't do a good job, I don't want my girls to get sick after I wash their hair.

I needed to wash the girls hair and my blow dryer decided not to work anymore. A couple of months ago, I purchased a Hair Straightener and even though I never intended to use it with my girls, I couldn't just keep their hair wet.

I knew this was going to take hours and I make a challenge to myself to do a good job. Gaby is the one more sensitive to get sick, so I started with her. I didn't take a before picture, but here is how she looked after her hair was dry. She is actually a shirt that belongs to me that I was just wearing a week ago!! She's just a total lady already.

The second one was Mimi. I was so proud of the job I did with Gaby that I decided to take a before and after picture with her and Mia. From all three, Mimi's hair is the easiest to dry, but I'm still proud of my job...

Now, this is my masterpiece! Even though Gaby has a lot of hair, Mia has enough hair to cover 3 heads!! Took me like 45 minutes, but she was VERY happy!!
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8 years ago I became a mom for the second time. It was the most difficult pregnancy of all three, and she was a high demand baby that needed to have her mama on her sight 24/7.

It was ALL worth it because she is now this sweet little lady that would go out of her way just to see a smile on people's faces.

She remembers details, and she's very sensitive and smart. She's doing great on second grade and she's growing non-stop. Tonight she's wearing a pj in size "Woman, size small" and the flip flops are "Woman, size 6"!!

I love you sooooooooooo very much my Cami-Cami!! Happy 8th birthday, Mia!

We spent the whole weekend doing lots of things to celebrate her birthday... Her party will be a joined party with Mimi as they both insisted on the same theme.

We still got her a yellow cake (she still LOVES yellow) and even my grandma sang happy birthday to her.

We also ate ice cream and pizza. My favorite uncle passed by and they were thrilled to see him as usual...

We went to watch Rio 2 and we all loved it. Awesome movie!! And of course, Gaby wanted her sisters to go to the ride simulator I took her a couple of weeks ago, and they loved it.
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