One of my co-workers at Nikon was hired by a local cable company for an add for a new kid's friendly remote control that they were advertising.  He asked me if he could take pictures of one of my daughters for the add and I knew right away that Mia was the girl for this task.  She LOVES the camera and the camera adores her.

I took Camila to the beauty salon to have her hair blow dried for the first time in her life and that day I decided that I was never going to spend that money again.  Her hair is beautiful as it is and it honestly looked the same that it looks everyday after she makes peace with the comb.  Good lesson learned.

He set up all the photography equipment at my garage and did all the shooting.  Funny thing is that he forgot the actual remote at home and we had to improvise a remote and then let Photoshop work its magic in order to switch the remote on the picture for the add (gotta love Photoshop).  My friend Perla was home with us that day and she helped with the lighting.  Of course, I was the photographer on the back of the photographer taking pictures of them:

The add was in newspapers, magazines and boards for several months.... here and even in Mexico.
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My little Diva is 6 and it is just amazing to think how true is the saying "time flies by when you are having fun".

She has been begging  for a Little Mermaid party since several months, however her birthday was going to be (once again) just after spring break and I talked to her about having that party next year and for this year simply spending several days enjoying the pool and sun.

She agreed happily as usual.  Keeping her mommy happy is one of Mia's jobs and she loves to say yes to everything I say.  She has been acting like that since a couple of years ago and I LOVE it.  I try not to abuse it but I knew the budget was not going to be enough for party and several days at the pool.

For her day, all she wanted was a strawberry cake WITH strawberries... and she got it!! She also got two Little Mermaid sets and she was pleased and happy!!

Not sure if I ever posted about this, but my grandma has been under my mom's care which means that she lives with us. She was there singing Happy Birthday to Mia and it was so nice to see her so full of joy...
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I scheduled my work's vacation for this week as the girls were going to be off school for the whole week.  We got to do so many stuff and we simply had a blast.  I got around 500 pictures but I will just post a few for the memory lane.

Mia had a photoshoot for a "job" that he was hired for (that's another post) and here are some pictures from that day:

The girls also got to play Wii with my TV downstairs and I played a lot with them.  Our favorite Wii game is the Mario game called New Super Mario Bros just because we can actually play simultaneously and even though they fight when "the other one kills them", I'm convinced that it helps them to play as a team.  They ask each other for tasks to accomplish things and they sound so grown up.  They also got a playdate with the daughter of one of my cousins (remember her?) and they had a blast.

We also spent several days at a local club and they just couldn't get enough water and sun.  Different friends were with me each day and it was super fun.
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