I guess the girls haven't been so naughty because Santa got to spoil them today! Even grandma got to be spoiled because that big bear you see on the pictures was for her.

Gotta love how they cooperate for pictures on Christmas morning.  They know they can't open the presents until we get good pictures and I seriously never have to take more than a couple of shots.  They tell each other "quick.. smile big for the pictures.. hurry".  It's the magic of Christmas morning, because that means that they want me to be happy as they know that makes me happy.

This year Santa decided to bring lots of the same things instead of things completely different for each one.  It was a hit because each one had their own of the same thing and that brought the "fighting over a toy" to zero.  Santa even left a Sharpie handy for me to be able to name some things. My favorite thing for the girls were the big Disney Princesses dolls, and I hope Santa can bring more of those next Christmas.

We even got to say hello to one of Santa's messengers at a fair downtown.

Merry Christmas to ALL OF YOU and LOTS of good things for 2013!!
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This year we spent Christmas Eve at my dad's with his family.

My dad adores my girls and he's always looking to spend time with them.  When I RSVP'd to him, I was able to hear the excitement on his voice.

It's hard to communicate with him because of the remnants of the stroke he had several years ago but the girls can understand him perfectly fine and it is just a lovely sight when they are together.

The girls have been begging me to use a face painting set that I purchased forever ago and I just couldn't say no.  I knew it was going to get messy but I didn't care.

I'm sooo glad I agreed because they had a blast! My dad doesn't know how to say no to them and they painted ALL OVER him.  He laughed in a way that I don't think I have ever seen him before.  It was this kind of laugh that comes with JOY.  Even my nephew got to pain him and the job was mostly done by him and Mimi.

Here is a picture with my girls and daddy...

After we got home, and after a major shower because of the paint, they got into their pj's and got the cookies and milk ready for Santa.

And here you can see Santa's lefovers and message to the girls... He even arranged some of the tags that the girls got on each one of their gifts... So thoughtful of him.
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It has been a tradition in our house to wear something special to receive Santa.  It may be the only tradition that we have never broken.

This year I wanted to have the girls do something and decided to try some Arts and Crafts project.

I purchased plain white shirts and Glitter Glue in different colors.  Not only was fun, but it was also very inexpensive.

They wanted a Christmas Tree on their shirts so I draw them myself and they did all the decor to the trees.  I even did one for myself.

They were SO PROUD of their finished shirts!!

A friend of mine was babysitting them in the morning when I went to purchase the supplies and she was BEAT after just two hours with them.  And of course, Gigi needed to be in the picture too.
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... visiting Mia this time.

The first visit to Mia was back in February.  I'm proud to say that this is not an stressful situation at my house.  Gaby has been taken off all her teeth by herself.  She did an awesome job teaching Mia how to do it, and she has been following her older sister's instructions to the T.

She really looks adorable with her window!
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Each one of the girls had a different performance even though they were asked to wear the same outfit.  They sang Christmas songs.

They have been practicing for weeks and they were all really excited especially Gaby.  She was nervous but was really looking forward to it.

Mimi and Gaby both got great spots and I was able to get lots of pictures of each while performing, however Mia was on the second row and it was hard to see her.

My mom was there with us and she also enjoyed herself very much.  We were on the first row, or let's say my mom was in the first row because I was going around all the time taking pictures.

There was a bonfire at the end of the show and it was impressive for the girls.  They have never seen before... On the picture below, you can see all three girls on the right side... Mimi's face (hard to see because of the size of the picture) is because she just couldn't believe how I was at the other side of the FIRE!
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