... That's today!

The way it works is that God decides who you children are, and you are supposed to love them.

However, when God gives you the opportunity to CHOOSE to be a daddy to someone else's children, and you take that role because of love... THAT is taking love to a whole new level.

Big bro, thanks for taking over the role of loving and caring for my daughters as if they were your own. They love you with all their heart, not just because they have to, but because you earn it every single of their life!

Happy Father's Day!

I also think this is a great day to post this picture. It should be almost 30 years old. I can't really tell my age, I may need to ask my mom... This is me with my daddy!
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Today I was feeling under the weather... It hurts all over, and I needed some pampering. I am not really a fan of cooking, but today I decided to get adventurous and here it is the end result: "Mini Pizza a la Anelys".

Took me under 15 minutes to have it ready to eat. It is just whole wheat Pita with tomato sauce (made by me from scratch), mozzarella cheese and turkey ham... It was SUPER yummy!
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I have been working as an interpreter for 2 years already, and each day I love it more.

There are many different types of interpreters for different lines of service, and each one brings a different type of satisfaction.

It's nice to help people to communicate with their utilities provider, or their insurance company, or even government assistance agencies... But nothing compares to the feeling of fulfillment of being the voice of a non English speaker with their health care provider. 911 also brings a "rush feeling" and there are calls that touches you more than others.

However, nothing can be perfect. The commuting is awful. The place is sooooo far that it takes me way over an hour to get there.

I recently learned about another interpreting company that is just 15-20 minutes away from home and today I started working with them!! I'm really excited, and I can't wait to see how it goes!
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... but still, sooooooooo much left do!

Makes me feel very PROUD... I guess it's time to give mself a Pat on my Back!
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My girls and oldest nephew have been attending a Summer Camp for the last couple of weeks. They get to do sooo many stuff, and it has been really fun for them. It has many sports, including swimming and they just can't get enough of it.

Today, I decided to pay them a visit to be able to take pictures, and I was able to see them in several activities.

My nephew is not a picture person, but for some reason, he cooperates with me. Maybe he does it because he sees my girls cooperates, or maybe because he loves me... whatever reason, he smiles for me!

They are divided by teams, and that's how they do the activities. Mia and Gaby are together and they were jumping the rope...

Mimi was in a different team... She was playing Tennis... She was doing an awesome job!

My nephew was playing soccer... They were not in the actual field, so they were just kicking penalties...

Next, it was pool time! They ALL love the water, and they have progressed a lot in their swimming skills.

All four together!
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I posted last week about my 15th years anniversary of graduation school, and we had the second part of the celebration today.

We decided to do it at the school itself, because it was going to be the only place where we can have such a large group without non related people. We decided to do it like a "field day" and we had many attractions for the kids.

As my school is a Catholic School, first thing we did was to celebrate a Mass. The oldest kids present were selected to do the bible readings. Gaby was one of them (picture on the right). Every child did the reading with their parents and siblings.

Not everybody was present at the Mass, but during the day, lots and lots of people were coming and going and I took pictures of every family.  This picture was taken with the group that was at the Mass, and it is in the place where the principal and teachers are standing when they do the Flag Ceremony every morning before the school starts.

One of the things we had was an inflatable batting cage... All three girls did great, even though Mia didn't lose her "diva" attitude...

Face painting! Gaby said she was too old for that... too cute!

The biggest hit of the day was an Inflatable Climbing Wall... It was very high, so not all kids dared to do it... As Mimi is not any kid, she went up and down, over and over again! Gaby and Mia "tried", but that was about it.

And of course, they dared ME to do it... I couldn't say no to it. When I was on top, all I was able to think was in the amazing feeling that Mimi feels when she is all the way at the top.,,

And of course, a picture with my blooming buds...

Having OUR kids in the same grounds where WE ran around as kids ourselves was amazing, and we all look forward to do something like this again.
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I have been doing the juices that the nutritionist included on my diet, but there are days like today, that I feel more adventurous and wanted to try something different.

I tried another recipe I found online and I learned that I have to use less celery because it killed the sweetness... The best way to describe the taste is that "it tasted like a sweet juice with a #$%* thing that killed the yummy flavor"... But it was still good!!

Can't wait to try more recipes!
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... since my school years reached to an end!

It's really crazy to think that I have been an adult for THAT long.

We were a total of 125 at our senior year, and most of us were together since preschool. There were different classes, but every school year, they used to mix us in order for each one of us to have at least one school year together. At the end, all 125 of us are very close and we know each other well.

For our 15 years anniversary, we decided to do two different celebrations. One night out with just us, and a "field day" with our families. A few of us got together several times before the events to plan everything, and it was a total success.

I made an invitation (both events in one card) and here is the English version (some fake info for posting purposes)...

There are many out of the country, but almost a 75% of the ones in the country, were present at the first event. There are also many people that were part of our class at some point while growing up, but that didn't graduate with us. Some of them were present too. It was an unforgettable night and we look forward to the second event.
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Today I was due for my mid program evaluation at the gym. I was very nervous, but looking forward to see if my hard work has paid off... even if just a little bit.

People say that I look less chubby, but I really can't tell much in the mirror.

Well... According to the measurements and the complete evaluation, I already reached 33% of my goal!!

I cannot put into words how happy it makes me.  I just know that I can't stop... I need more and more!!

Dear Goal... Here I go!!
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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