I have been trying to convice Camila's *preschool* that she is ready to start potty trainning. She has been waking up with a dry diaper mostly every night since 4 weeks ago, and she has even slept without diapers sometimes.

She is showing she is ready in every way. I read a great article about readiness, and she complies with everything. The teacher was saying that it was too soon to start as she just have been in the school for 2 months and she needed more time to adjust... I know that is true with most kids, but Camila has showed that she is adjusted since the very beginning... She never cries, she does what she is suppose to do, she follows instructions, she says good-bye to me at the door since day four, and so on and so on.

They finally gave it a try on Wednesday and she has been peeing on the toilet in school since then. She doesnt like the big toilet at home, so I need to buy another potty seat for her as ours got lost (stolen from the old maid). Big YAAAAY to Camila for peeing 3 days in a row in school in the toilet!! Im so ready to stop diapering her!!

Yesterday, we got her ready as she was going to spent some quality time with her grandma, and I tried to get her to say a few words to record her... They are in Spanish, but Im sure you all can tell that she is *talking*.

And here is a picture of Mimi... Just because she looked too cute not to post it....
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Gaby's school had her play for Mother's Day today. They had a gorgeous set up in the school's amphitheater. There is a long outdoor walk to get there, and the rain ruined it! They had to improvise and do the performances in the Library. The kids were disappointed, but they did a great job.

I got there 10 mintutes late, but thank God it was just starting when I got there. Gaby was so excited when she saw me and she couldnt stop laughing. She had this "embarrased laugh" and it was so cute.

I didnt took many pictures, but I did recorded the songs where Gaby participated... Here is a picture where you can see Gaby's embarrased reaction when she saw me (she was trying to hide herself with her hands... too cute)... If you cant find her she is in the front row, the second one from left to right:
They sang a song along with the first graders, and as I was a bit far you can hardly see Gaby. So, in the next song, which was only the PreK and K kids, I came a bit closer to Gaby, and here it is:

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"La Famosa" is a caribbean brand very similar to Goya. The owners of Gaby's school are also owners of "La Famosa", and hubby got a basket of "La Famosa" products two days ago. We were food shopping and when we got back, we put the bags in the dinning room (right next to the basket), and we started freshing up before putting everything away in the kitchen.

Looks like Camila thought that we put them there so she could play "Food shopping", and she went uptairs to look for her shopping cart, and started having the blast of her life.
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I dont know if you guys remember the last time my girls were playing with powder.... Well, today we had the same game with a different player:
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I posted a thread in a board that I frequent asking for moms who makes grosgrain bowbands, and a few girls answered. I decided to go with Missy Prissy Bow Boutique, even though her style is really different to mine. She is more into lots of fluff and Im more into plain stuff, but she assured me that she was going to make something that I was going to love, and she was just right!!

Im in love with what she did, and even though I misunderstood the color that Laura told me to tell her, the bowband looks just perfect... The colors may not be a perfect match, but they are part of the "same family of colors"... Missy Prissy's owner, Abigail, wanted to change it with the exact colors, but Im really in love with the one that she did just as it is, and I just told her to leave it like that. I will be a returning customer for sure!
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A couple of months ago, I ordered a custom outfit from Blueberry Daisy, for Mia's Flip Flop Party. I was so pleased with Laura (the owner) and I knew I had to order from her again.

The theme for Mimi's party is going to be Hugs and Stitches, and I wanted something related to the theme. Our first idea was to have a ginham dress to match the borders of the theme, but I wasnt completely happy about it, especially we were not sure about which embroidery to choose. Laura wanted to make her initials, but Im not a big fan of cloth personalization. So, I was googling around and I found the most gorgeous flower, showed to her and she got it right away!

The next step was to decide the colors and after lots of thinking we decided on having a "Turquoise" dress (as the butterfly), and keeping the flower hot pink (just as the flower in the theme). The turquoise of the dress ended up being a bit darker, but just perfect. Here is the picture that she sent me (I cant wait to get it on the mail).
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Today was Mother's Day in Dominican Republic, and I spent a beautiful day. I actually took the day off from work (yaay me), and spent the whole "family day" and enjoy it to the maximum!!! After a day with just us, we went to my mom's for dinner and I got to share some time with my mommy, too.

We didnt had time to stop by my grandma's house and take our generational picture (as we normally do every Mother's Day), but we will do it in the next couple of weeks.

Here are some pictures of us having some fun in the front garden:
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I've been tagged once again.... This time by Justi and Andrea.

Here is what I have to do, followed by my lucky 7 bloggers that I will be tagging too.

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog .

So, 7 facts about me:
1 - I get to celebrate Mother's Day two times, and I got pampered both times!!
2 - I want to go back to college badly, and I cant decide if I should go for Graphic Design or Early Education.... (as I want to do both things.....)
3 - I hate taking medicines.... Even Tylenol.
4 - I have low tolerance for pain, but I dont even notice when they insert a needle for a blood work.
5 - I talk to my mom everyday, and I cant imagine how would my life be without her.
6 - If I have to get up in the middle of the night, I cant go back to sleep!
7 - I love walking barefoot, but I cant stand the ground if is hot (like in the beach), or with little rocks, or anything (Mia and hubby will walk over a cactus if they have to).

I will tag:
- Kelly, Lanna, Susan, Naiya, Michelle, Nicole and Danielle.
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We are planning on making Mimi's Baptism and birthday party in 2 more weeks, but yesterday we did a small celebration.... Just us.

The theme for her Birthday Party is Hugs and Stitches, but as she loves Elmo, we decided to put something together for her. Hubby and I planned on making her an Elmo "cupcake" cake that we saw online, and even though we are amateurs in baking, we wanted to try. Hubby was mostly who did it, even though I help him here and there. This was our first time trying to actually *decorate* a cake, and it was fun (especially since we didnt had all the ingredients for the decoration and we had to improvise a lot).

My mom came and we all had a lot of fun!! It was so much fun that we actually fogot to give her the present that we had for her!! How silly!! We may give it to her today. Mimi also ate her cupcake like a pro!!! She was not shy at all!!!
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As I was being checked for high blood pressure after my pre-eclampsia with Mia in April 2006, I was not allowed to use a birth control method other than condoms. At my 6 months postpartum check up, I was suppose to be checked to see if I was able to get on another type of birth control. I was late for my checkup, but I was also late for the period!!

December 2006

I found out that I was pregnant and I was almost over with the first trimester. My period is very irregular, so I wasnt "missing" much, and it was impossible to be pregnant as for the FIRST TIME in my life, I was actually using birth control (a condom, that by the way, never broke!!).
January 2006

At this point I was over 12 weeks pregnant with no medical attention so far, overweight, and with a history of pre-eclampsia 5 months before I got pregnant. Three doctors refused to take my case, and one even suggest me a termination for medical reasons. It was risky, we were not ready, I had no medical attention, BUT there was NO WAY I was going to abort my baby.

I found an OB, that not just accept my case, but that also was very optimistic. He was very young, but we got the feeling that he was the one that was going to make this possible (along with God's hands, of course). He was in my mom's town almost 3 hours away, but we were going to work it out.... He asked me to go every 2 weeks and gave me his cell phone humber for any emergency.


February 2006

As Mia was already over 20 pounds, and I was feeling pain while holding her, my OB asked me not to hold her. I was home alone with her until 6pm everyday and she was a VERY high needs baby, so it was impossible not to hold her. My OB asked me not to do chores at home, no sex, and very low activity. My mom, hubby and I had a talk, and we decided it was the best for Mia to stay at my mom's house. I was *living* at my mom's house for 2 weeks, and then 2 weeks at my house... That way Mia was having her mom for two weeks at my mom's house, and then Gaby will have her mom for the next two weeks at our house. It has been one of the most difficult decision that I have made in my life, and it still hurts when I think about it. But we were doing what it felt it was the right thing. (Notice on the picture, how I look with the same shirt 5 weeks later).


March 2006

I was having the most unevenful pregnancy of all three, and I was loving it. The traveling back and forth was driving me crazy, but my baby was fine, and that was the most important thing. In this month I started taking L-carnitine, which (among others) is a medication that is usually prescribed to children and seniors with lack of body fat. He wanted to start giving "the baby" something, because he wanted to wait at least until I was 28 weeks to give me 3 doses of steroids.


April 2006
Contractions started at some point, but I always get them early, so it was not a big deal. As I was taking my blood pressure at home 2 times a day everyday per doctors orders, I was also checking the beats per minute (as it shows in the blood pressure monitor), so I noticed that I was getting tachycardia. As the blood pressure was fine so far, and I was also with tachycardia, the OB wanted to wait more for the
steroids shots.


May 2006

At 32 weeks, my OB wanted to see me every week. He also asked me not to travel anymore to my house, so I *moved* to my mom's house. Gaby and hubby were going every weekend to see us.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Since around 1:00am, I was feeling this awful pain in my lower back... I really couldn’t sleep in the whole night. I was also feeling a lot of pressure in my pelvis, but I also was feeling like that in my Friday appt with my OB, and everything was fine. So, I tried to ignore the pain. Also, my mom's maid wasnt home, so going to the ER in the middle of the night for a false alarm wasnt an option... I mean, I had nobody else but my mom to drive me to the ER, and that would mean to wake up poor Camila. I needed to avoid that as long as it was possible.

I kept complaining about the pain in the morning and I called my OB. He told me to go to the ER to check if I was dilating. By noon I was in the ER alone, because babies were not allowed inside, so my mom stayed outside with Camila. The OB (thank God there are OBs 24/7 in that hospital) said: “Four contractions in 10 minutes...you are getting admitted!!”. We asked Camila’s godfather to stay with her for a couple of hours, and he and his wife offer to take care of her until the next day at 6am (as they had to go to work).

They gave me meds for the contractions right away. A few hours later they were really far apart, but one of the side effects of that med is tachycardia, and as I already had some, I was feeling that my heart was going to get out of my body!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

My mom left at 6am to pick up Camila, and I stayed alone. I was starving but breakfast wasnt until 8am. The last thing I had to eat was at 8pm, so I was about to pass out. For some reason, my breakfast NEVER got there, and it didnt matter how many times I called for it, my breakfast never made it. By 10am I wasn’t able to open my eyes... everything was black, and I couldnt even move my arms... It was an horrible feeling... Everybody though my blood pressure went down, but it was fine. They called the lab and one lady came and did a fast glucose test and it came out 210 (when the normal levels were from 70 to 100)... That was REALLY high, especially since I had nothing in my stomach to affect the result!!! They called my OB and he asked for blood glucose test and for breakfast!!

When he went to see me I told him that Amelia wasn’t moving, and that the only time she moved that morning was during a contraction. He asked for a biophysical profile (BPP), also called level 3 ultrasound, but the person that does them wasnt there until the morning. He asked me to write every time that she moved and for how long. She moved for 1 or 2 second a few times ONLY during contractions. To me that meant that she suffering during each contractions and she was reacting. That night, the glucose test came out 103, so it was closer to the normal value.

Tuesday, May 22nd

At 8am, they took me for the BPP. That ultraound is more detailed than the regular ultrasound, and everythings gets a score (like an apgar test when the baby is born)... The good score is 8, a regular score is 6, and a bad score is 4 or less. The test last 30 minutes, because the babies in utero don’t sleep for longer periods than that. The first thing that the tech told me was that the amniotic fluid was in 7. The normal value is between 8 and around 16, but for a 34 weeks baby it should be at least 13, so it was low. Then, she told me that there’s some calcification in the placenta, and that it looked it mature for the gestational age. She also told me that the umbilical cord was around her neck. When we already had 28 minutes, she told me that she needed 3 full movements of the baby so she can give the 2 points for movement, and that so far there was not movement at all. At minute 31 (a minute extra), Amelia moved, and I though she was going to give her the score (or at least half of it).

My OB came at 2pm and told me that Amelia got ZERO in movement, and that means that the baby is asking us to take her out of there. He asked me if I ate something, and I told him that I ate broccoli and chicken an hour before. He told that because of that, he was going to come back at around 6:30pm to do the c-section. I was really scared, but I had faith that everything was going to be just fine. I called hubby (who was 3 hours away), and he told me he was going to run to be able to cut the umbilical cord.

At around 3:45pm, my friend Luz (who spent most of the time with me in the hospital, noticed that Amelia’s heartbeat started to drop, but she didnt tell me anything. The nurses called my OB and he said that he was going to go to do the c-section right away. A few minutes later, my OB get into the room and tell me that he got a surgery room, and that he was going to do the c-section already (but nobody told me about the heartbeat!!). Neither my mom or hubby made it. When we were about to start, my OB ask me about calling my mom to let her know that we were going to start, and we did the phone call from his cell phone (he’s so sweet)... I also called hubby, and even though he was sad he was not going to make it, he was supportive and wish me good luck.

Everything went fine. At 5:23pm Amelia Isabele was born. She cried right away. Then, my OB asked me 3 more times if I was sure about the tubal, and he went ahead and did it. They show her to me after her one minute apgar and took her to the NICU... Minutes later the NICU doctor came in and told me that she had some respiratory distress (as expected), and that she was 4 pounds, 6 ounces.
ednesday, May 23 – Monday, May 28, 2007
Amelia had pneumonia and anemia, and needed blood transfusions. She had help to breathe until Friday night, and then she was transfer to a isolatte with free oxygen. She ate for the first time on Saturday, and that's when I held her for the first time. She was released on Monday. She was still with a little bit of low temperature, but she was fine!!
May 22, 2008
A whole year has passed since Mimi's birth. I still cant believe it. She went throught so much and she is the sweetest and happiest baby of all. I know that she is not a baby anymore, she is suppose to be "my youngest toddler", but she still is and will always be my baby.
Happy Birthday my sweet little flower!

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As Mother's Day in this country is next Sunday, the schools have been celebrating Mother's Day around these days....

Mimi's school celebrated it yesterday, but by mistake I didnt got the memo. Anyway, it is not a biggie as she didnt participated. She did made me a gift, and I received it when I picked her up:
Today was the celebration in Mia's school, which as you guys know, it is the same school that I work for, BUT it's 2 blocks away (my office is located in the Elementary/Middle School's building). The presentations were from Nursery II up to K. Mia's grade is Nursery I, and they are too little to go on stage, so all the moms from that class got to take a Music Class with the kids. Mia was not cooperating much, but it was a great experience. At the end, they gave us a little gift, too.


The text says: "Leaving footprints on my mom's life".
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Despite the biting, hitting, fights over toys: Their love doesnt need words!!!
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Today was Luz' birthday, and we stopped by her house... She is one of Mimi's godmother-to-be and she lives in Saudi Arabia. She is here for a month, and we are really happy!!! The girls had a blast, but we run out of diapers and had to leave. We are looking forward doing this again pretty soon!!!

We took several pictures, but I dont have them yet, so I will update this post when I get them....

Luz: It was great spending time with you, some of your friends, and family. Im happy to have you in my life, and I hope to be able to spend many more birthdays with you.
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The weekend was really fun!!! The girls got to be in the pool and play a lot in the backyard.... My mom stopped by today, and the girls love spending time with grandma.

The girls having fun in the pool....
The girls with my mom....
Mimi walking....
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Jessica "Book Tagged" me.

The Rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages).
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence.
4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog, along with a link to the person who tagged you.
5. Tag 5 people.

Page 123 of "Dreamweaver CS3 for Dummies", Sentence 5~ "You can enter or edit tags in the Quick Tag Editor just as you would in a code view, without having to switch back and forth between the code view and design view."

I'm Tagging: Yira, Angy, Laurin, Kim and Brenda.
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There is no words to describe how thankful we are that you guys have been checking on the girls constantly, and showing how much you guys care about them.
To all of you... THANKS!
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As she already let me see her, now she wont stop walking!! It is amazing, how every kid will learn to walk so differently... I think the personality, body complexion, gross motor skills, and maturity, plays an important role on this.

Gaby walked when she was 9+ months old almost 10. She had this clumsy walking, and she was falling down a lot!! She used to open her legs wide open, and she had "middle ground frustation (she will get upset sometimes, and some others she will be persistent).

Then it was Mia... She was pushing around toys, chairs, tables, everything at 7 or 8 months old, and we thought she was going to walk as early as Gaby, but it took her until she was 13+ months old to figure out that she didnt need "something" to push in order to walk. She was confident, but easily frustrated with falls. She never did the "bull" looking walking.... her legs were straight, and she was running right away.

Mimi started walking at 10+ months almost 11. She has strong steps, and she will do all the balancing possible not to fall... It is so funny how she will keep giving steps even if she lose balance and her butt is about to touch the floor... She will keep walking and then put her body straight again without using any help to pull herself up. She is very confident, and she doesnt care if she falls... She will simply get up and keep walking like nothing happened!
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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