She was suppossedly hairless, but she was not that bald anymore. The thing was that she wasnt losing her baby hair, so she was full of "frizzy" hair and I knew it was just easier to take care of that now...

I remember that Gaby had the same problem, but I refused to cut her hair really short, and now I regret it... Her hair is still not strong. So, I went ahead and she ended up BALD!!! Hubby says that she looks like she is getting ready for the Navy or Marines, but I KNOW that the hair will grow really soon, and it will be stronger and healthier!!!

Her "frizzy" hair (you really cant tell much by the pictures, but I swear it was really ugly in person).
While they were cutting her hair.... She behave REALLY good!
After she was done with her prize from the lady
Showing off her bald head:
Posted by Anelys Perez On 12:15 AM 4 comments

4 Lovely comments :

Erica said...

hahaha she looks adorable ...I have been waiting for Fifis nasty ugly frizz to come out but its still there and DH WONT let me cut it! :(

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Erica: Talk to him NOW... Later on it will be more difficult, bc then the hair will be so long and it would be a crime to cut it....

Hubby wasnt into it, but he understands ut was the best thing to do right now...

nicole said...

She is so cute.

We have to cut Soren's hair soon, too. (Schnief)

Heather said...

Good job mama, you did what I could never do, lol!



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