2009 was a year full of strong emotions: good and bad ones, and Im completely sure it is a year that I will never forget. It actually marked so many things in our lives and I dare to say that it may have been the year where I learned and grew more in my whole life. It was a year with lots of tears, but a the year that made me as strong as I feel now.

Here are the girls enjoying the fireworks from their bedroom at my mom's house when the clock marked 12!

Gotta say that it was the first year since the last 6 Christmas that I didnt have a child crying being scared with fireworks! Big milestone for our household!
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This year I was too busy helping the girls to open their presents, that I couldnt get as many pictures as I normally get. The also got other stuff but here are the stuff they got from me and Auntie Cara.

They choose what they wanted to leave for Santa, so he got: Strawberry milk, a banana, baby carrots and cookies (those cookies were they ons that kept me awake while I was wrapping them ALL NIGHT long! LOL)... I have to practice my Santa's handwriting for next year, and I think I will also purchase a notebook for years to come. This year Santa used "the napkin":

First off, when they walked out their bedroom, they found some clothes from Santa. I purchased a white shirt, made a Christmas tree and their name with glue, and threw some glitter on it. They loved them!

Here are their gifts:

Before tearing them apart...

Because the dolls are never enough!

Camila's favorite gift:

My favorite gift from all....They have toys of each color inside of each "crayon"... LOVED it! .. In the back, Gaby's favorite gift: A Barbie Register!

They all got crowns, wands, earrings and bracelets:
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This year I made plans with our holiday cards and how early I was get them out and yada yada yada, however it didnt happen. I made our Holiday Cards WAY LATE and I didnt even mail them out. I decided to stick to online this year, because of the time it was. Anyway, here it is!
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Last night after the show, we went to visit my grandmother. I hardly get to visit her and it was sooo nice for the girls to spend some time with her. My grandma was surprised with all the bananas they were eating (Mimi actually ate 2 and a half, Camila 3 and Gaby 3)... Gotta love my piggies!!

All 3 girls ready to leave:

Arent they just gorgeous?

Mia being cute (how I miss her long hair!!)

My grandma, mom and the girls:

Mimi chatting with my gradma. She will be 92 years old next year....
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Today we went to a play about Jesus Birth. It was awesome and the girls had a blast. I took tons of pictures of the play, but I wont bore you all with them. Here are just a few...

The camels:

Here you can see Maria, Joseph, Baby Jesus and the 3 Wise Kings:

The angels:

The cast at the end of the show:
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To be honest, we cant remember for the live of us the name of the song that Gaby and her classmates represented on their presentation. We think it was Christmas in the Caribbean, but we are just not sure. That is what happens when you are a lousy blogger and dont post on time!

Anyway, enjoy these few pictures. I have lots more, however I prefer not to post many pictures with the other kids in it as my blog is public. Looking back at the pictures, I see that Gaby already had a "flower bow" like the one on these pictures (wonder where it is! LOL).

That night I had the Christmas Party for my job at Hard Rock Cafe and I had a blast! Oh, memories!
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Cant even remember when was the last time that I did something for my look. I believe the last time I got highlights was after Gaby was born in 2003!!!!

When I started loosing weight a few months ago I decided it was time to let my hair grow and anybody who has done that can relate on how difficult it is. I have been wanting to get highlights since several months ago, however I wanted to wait until my hair was long enough to blow dry it, instead of keeping it wet with gel or leave in.

So, the time had come and my hair was long enough to be blow dried which means highlights were in order! The "before" picture was taken a week or so before the highlights (please, ignore my poor smiling skills for the camera..ugh), and the "after picture" was taken a month after it (on my birthday party) because it was the only picture I could find that actually shows my hair. The hair was also longer and for some reason it looks a bit reddish, however the base is brownish and the highlights are blondish.
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I bring a camera from work yesterday, and the girls were thrilled for getting to go outside for some pictures. I have sooo much to learn about photography but I promise to get better with the time. I really need to learn how to use manual settings, especially for days like there when auto mode is giving me a hard time!

Take a look at their faces cause these pictures does say a lot about their personalities!

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We have been sleeping at my mom's house simply trying to keep the girls away from the unpacking process, however not being able to unpack at night is making things way slower. I know we will get it done at some point!

Here are some pics from today! Gaby and Mimi just being naughty:

Gaby begging for a picture:

Camila getting to bed (I remember she was sick that day):

Mimi being spoiled by her grandma: Being rocked to sleep (something that she actually hated when she was a baby, and it is now loving!):

Even Lupita (my mom's chihuahua) got her picture taken!
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We actually rented the new place 2 weeks ago, however today is when we officially emptied the old house and finished moving all the furniture and boxes to the new place. Im not really sure how I will make fit a 2 floor house into this small apartment, but we will manage.

It also has 3 bedrooms plus a little bedroom next to the laundry room (used for maids in this country), however each room is way smaller and now we dont have space for the outdoor toys. We have also given away a lot stuff, and we will be giving away more once we finish unpacking.

Note from June 2010: Over 6 months in the new place and I have to admit that LOTS of boxes are still packed. We have been working hard to unpack those boxes in the last few days, and we wont stop until we finish! Being without "those things" for some many months made me realize that I can actually LIVE without so many things, so we will be getting rid of LOTS and LOTS of stuff that we actually dont need.
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Working outside of the house turned out to be better than I thought. I didnt know how I was going to manage to be away from the girls for so many hours and how I was still going to be able to keep on with 3 Little Flowers, but it worked out just fine.

Being able to interact with other adults and actually talk about something different than poopy diapers and potty training, it was really nice. I also got to play with different cameras which made it very fun.

I also got to meet new people and hang out with them, which was a bit weird, as mostly all of my actual friends have kids and husbands (or wives), and the majority of these new people are not even close to get married, much less to have kids.

Anyway, we'll see what this new adventure brings!
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When the decision of getting a smaller place was done, we knew one of the most difficult things was going to be giving Sassy away. She was still a puppy, however we knew she was going to grow into a huge dog and it was an impossible thing to think we were gonna be able to keep it in an apartment.

One of my mom's employees offer to take her home and raise her and it was a blessing, because she was going to be able to stay in a place where we can actually go and visit her. They came to pick her up and I felt they were taking away a part of me. We weren't sleeping at the house already, and we were only coming to pack and feed her, which made it easier for the girls. A few months after that, even when they knew she wasnt living there, the girls will continue saying that Sassy was at the old house.

Then, when the girls found out that she was preggo and delivered 3 puppies: they were thrilled!! But that is a whole new post.

*(Post written a few months after it actually happened. Posted on the correct day)
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Im sorry I havent been updating my blog... It has been soooooo HECTIC that it is not even a way to explain it.

I just posted a few posts on the correct day... They are:

Thanks for reading!
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I have been wanting to get some sport looking Mary Jane shoes for me to wear in the everyday basis and I FINALLY did it!!!

The ones that I really wanted were not available in my size, so I decided just to get these ones and Im IN LOVE with them!!

They are sooo comfty and they look perfectly fine with casual pants to wear to job, and also with jeans. I sPhotobuckettill plan to buy a pair of brown ones for everyday use, but Payless doesnt have the buy the second pair for half price here, so I will get the other pair later on...
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Today was mismatch day at Gaby's school, and it seems she had a blast... There are some photos that Ernest took, and I promise to post them as soon as he send them to me!!
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I wont be making the Purple Lunchbox post for a few weeks, until I settle down in a new place that Im planning to move to... Everything is a whole mess, plus I have been getting out of the house at 6:30pm for training.

They continue to eat healthy, however Im not even taking photos!

If somebody wants to do it while I dont do it, just post your links on this or any previous post about it!
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Photobucket I did it!!

Today was my first day training as a support professional for Nikon... As you all know I LOVE photography and I think this is something that I can really enjoy and will give me the chance to grow up in the photography business and even become a pro.... Mixing my graphic design business with pro photography is like a dream come true to me...

Also, there are a lot of my customers that owns Nikon cameras (mostly the D40 and D60) and being able to play with them, and even bring them home, will let me to help my customers to achieve the best shots possible out of their equipments!
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I decided to dress the girls as Powerpuff girls this year... I simply ordered a pillow dress from here, and Im beyong pleased! Im sad that I didnt got a single photo showing off the dresses or even the right things they were suppose on their hair, but I promise I will take a photo as soon as I get a chance...

We went to a Halloween party at a local mall, and the girls had a blast... Gaby even won a contest...

Luis Enrique and his mom went with us and we had a blast!
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The Purple LunchboxI got to make lunches the whole week this week!! How fun!! The girls continue to eat most of their lunch, especially Mia and Mimi. Gaby sometimes doesnt eat everything but she normally does it after school.

Mia does very good with fruits, while Mimi does better with carbs, and Gaby does better with proteins... It is funny how they can be sisters and be so much alike, and at the same time be so different with the things they like.

I really want more ideas to change things a bit... I feel like they are eating the same ALL THE TIME... It would be just easier if I could just design the lunch in Photoshop, right?

Here is what they got this week:

- Chicken sausages
- Banana Yogurt
- Apple slices
- A cupcake

- A cheese sandwich
- Ham rolls
- Peas and carrots with blue sprinkles

- A ham and cheese wrap
- Baby corn
- Mandarines
- A cupcake

- Chicken sausages
- Cheese sandwich
- Apple slices

If played along this week, share your link here:

Dont forget to leave your comment, even if you didnt participate!! You guys know how much I love comments!!!!
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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