My dad called early to invite us to eat pizza. I haven't break my diet in the last couple of months, but I was not going to keep my girls from spending quality time with their grandpa.

He showed up with my nephew and took us to a pizzeria that is close by. To be honest, my girls hardly ever go to a pizzeria. Why? Because when we want to order something in the house, pizza is always the way to go. So, if we go out to eat, I normally try to get something else.

Needless to say, they were thrilled. They ate their pizza with pizza and all.

My dad's eyes were sparkling, just as every time he is with my girls... It's a delight to see.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic... Even my nephew is smiling which he hardly ever does on a picture. Wish my other nephew were in this picture, but I will make that happen sooner than later...
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As I mentioned before, I organized a joined party for Mia and Mimi as they were both too crazy about Frozen.  My original plan was to celebrate it in the middle of both birthdays (at some point in May), but the girls and the other kids were in the middle of exams and all the rush to end the school year, so I decided to celebrate it after the school year was over.

The girls couldn't wait and when the day came, they were so excited that it was funny to see.

I always try to keep the amount of kids to an amount that I can handle. This time I had 11 kids (including the girls), and I got some adults too. I got a "snow" look all around. This is how the goodies corned looked...

Of course, they wanted to watch Frozen... On the first picture below, you can see Luca's face... He was sooo into the movie, LMAO!!

Each one got to blow their own cnadles...

Here is the thank you note I made to thank everyone!

I haven't post the designs I made for this party on my business blog.  Once I do, I will update this post with the link.
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All the exams and last minute rush are over... The school year ended and it's time for summer!

The girls received their final grades today and I am VERY proud. All did great, however special kuddos to Mimi who got (once again) the Certificate of Excellence as she got the highest grades of her entire class. Her teacher even wrote a letter for her were she wrote that she is her best student and a lot of other beautiful things.

Mia is also, once again, in the honor roll as she got all her grades over 95. Gaby also did great with all her grades over 81, however she promised she will work harder next year to have her final grades in the honor roll too. I'm really proud of my girls and also very proud of my mom who works very hard to help us to make this possible!

Im officially the mom of a 2nd, 3rd and 6th graders!! Here is a card I made with the girls and their teachers. I made individual ones to give out to the teachers with a present and they were very thankful. For posting purposes, I put a fake logo... The real one had the actual school logo.
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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