Im really happy to announce that my web site for my photo cards is done!! It still has some things that needs to be done, but the most important things are working!! Im also offering a new product: Mommy Cards!! So, ORDER AWAY!!!

The link is: _______________ , so tell it to the world!!! Spread the word!!!

I did a mini banner to post on blogs if somebody wanted to do it, but I will make some changes to it, and I will post it tomorrow.

Edited because my link changed to
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This is what happens when you are focus working on something and your almost 2 year old manage to open a drawer and decides to share her experiences with your 9 months old.
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Mia has a big "earrings" problem. She cant keep them on for more than 2 or 3 days. The last earrings that she lost, we decided we were going to leave her without any earrings for a bit. Today my mom came home with new earrings for her, and we decided to give it a try. After 30 minutes of screaming, hubby managed to get them on, and she couldnt kept her hands out of them.

It was night, so we tried to keep her hands out of her ears, hoping that she is going to forget about them tomorrow...

Here is how she looks with her new earrings....
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We had a good weekend, even though all I did was WORK on my web page!! I hardly played with the girls, but hubby did a great job with them...

Anyway, I think it was a gret weekend because I got to finish the most difficult part of my site, and I will be launching it by the end of this week!!!

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February is the month of the Dominican Heritage. Gaby's school prepared a play from Pre-K to Fifth grade, and I invited my mom to go with us. Hubby was the DJ of the play so he was not going to be able to help me with the girls, so my mom was a lot of help.

The school has a Mini Amphitheatre, and it was during school hours, so not many parents were able to attend. But, in overall, I think it was cute, even though they just started practicing this week. The asked us to dress them with the same cloth they used for the Christmas play, and thank God the shirt was still alive.

Here is Gaby when she was leaving the house in the morning:
Here is my mom staying with the girls while I went down to record the play:
Here is the view of the amphitheatre after the kids were done....
And here is a video of the play:

At the end they were mentioning all the teachers that were involved with the play... The students were clapping at them, and when they mentioned hubby's name the clapped and cheered louder!! I was so proud of hubby... you can tell the kids love him very much.
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You may have notice that we added a new section in the right side with our "Wish Lists" from Amazon. I call them our "Dream List", because there are things that I may never get the chance to buy, but I use them as a way to keep in one place the things that I currently want for us (those are things that if I were millionary, I will buy right now).

I get asked a lot what are the things that the girls want or need, so next timem somebody asks me that, I just direct them to my blog!!

It may also serve as an idea for things to buy to your own kids, and maybe you can even make your own list to put it on your blog!!!
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This is Camila... She is the daughter of one of my school friends, and she was born 2 months before Mimi. Her birthday party is one day after my Camila's party, and she will be doing it in the Club of the Marine Corps. So, it's a Nautical Theme.... Here is the invitation I made her:
Veronica's DD: Camila
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Warning: This post is about something that happened in my house today, but it's kinda nasty. Dont read it if you are too sensitive.

I most confess there was nothing funny about my morning. I was feeling way better, but Mimi and Mia decided it was time to make a "poopy party". They both have the bad habit of taking their diapers off, but this has never been as bad as today.

Mimi was playing in her crib, and I was hearing how happy she was over the monitor. The time was passing and she was so happy that I decided to go and check on her. When I started walking down the hall, I notice there was a huge poopy smell, and I started thinking that probably Mimi took her diaper off, but I never imagined, I was going to find what I found!! Mimi was naked and full of poppy!!! She has poopy in her arm, chest, tummy, back, legs, hair, everywhere!!!! The boppy was full of poppy, all the toys, the crib bars, the sheet, everything!! The cleanest thing in the crib was THE INSIDE OF THE DIAPER!!! The outside of the diaper was as dirty as everything else, but the inside was mighty clean, which means that she actually poop without the diaper on.

If you are asking yourself if you are going to see pictures of this, the answer is no, you wont. I normally take pictures of everything, but this time I was seriously scared that Mimi could have swallowed some poop, that I just pick her up and bathe her. After I bathe her and get her with clean cloth, I put her on the floor, while I was trying to clean the mess. I took everything to the washer machine (boppy included), and clean the crib bars, mattress, wall next to it, with chlorine.

After everything was clean, I pick Mimi up to put her on the swing in the playroom. When I get in there, I smelled poopy too. I though I didnt clean her well, when I notice that Mia didnt had her pants or diaper on. Needless to say, I look to the left to find that Mia pilled up a bunch of BOOKS and actually poop AND peep on top of them!!! Apparently she didnt want to do it on the floor, so she took the books to do it. Of course, I cant throw the books to the washer machine, so they are gone!

Why is it that pants and diapers dont come with a safety lock with combination????
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The only thing scarier than my fever, was staying home alone with Mia and Mimi while being this sick!!! Hubby cant call off from work, and my mom fired her maid on Saturday, so it was just me and the girls!!

Thank God my body wasnt aching that much, but my head was about to explode. My poor girls were attached to the "tube" mostly all morning. Mia is not a big fan of the TV, but if you give her enough to snack, she will stay wathching it. I gave them both (out of desperation) things that I normally dont give them, but a sick mom gotta do, what a sick mom gotta do, right?

Mia ate candy and cheese sticks, and Mimi ate captain crunch and crackers!! I let Mimi eats crackers normally but just a little bit, this time I gave her all she wanted.

Here are two happy kids eating and watching Elmo:
Mimi eating crackers and watching Elmo
Camila eating palito de queso
Noon and afternoon were a bit more difficult than the morning, and I dont think I have ever been more happy of hearing hubby's car getting in the garage!
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Today we didnt do much.... I was SUPER SICK!! My fever last night was sky rocket, and it was as high as 41.5C/106F (had to substract a bit bc it was an underarm reading... it was 42C/107F). I was already disoriented, and I was hallucinating. It was weird, and I really dont even want to think about it.

My friend Heather told me that I could have brain damage, and Medline Plus, too. I will be trying to get a Cranial CT Scan, but I will be calling my OB to see what he thinks.

On a good note, my mom took Gaby and me "shoe shopping". Gaby outgrow her school shoes, and my SIL bought her a new one. Those shoes are on its way from Jersey to over here, but Gaby needed sneakers for tomorrow, so my mom offered herself to buy a new pair for Gaby. School sneakers most be white, but we got this beautiful brown/pink Barbie sneakers, and she will use that while the ones my SIL bought get here. Then, Gaby will use her brown sneakers for other places (not school). And OF COURSE, my mom cant go to the store and buy something for Gaby, and forget about Mia.... So, she got her a pretty cute pair of sneakers, and Mia got all excited when we showed them to her... She made me try them on right away!!!
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One of the things that I miss about Higuey/Punta Cana is my neighbor. We were such a good friends. We are still friends, of course, but it is just not the same. She was my dialy comfort, and was there for me always. Mia has been always high maintenance, and I really dont know how I will have done it without her. Even if it was to sit on her couch while she kept doing her chores, or simply just looking at our kids playing, but it was great to have her there.

She called me last night to tell me that her hubby had a workshop in Santo Domingo, so she was coming with the kids to spend the day in my house!!

Words cant describe how happy I was to have her home, and to have her kids playing with the girls. She has a 9 year old boy named Gabriel, who adores Gaby, a 4 year old girl named Laura (who is just 3 weeks younger than Gaby), and a 2 and half year old girl named Ester.

I didnt care how sick I was, and by the time they left I was already in 39C/102.2F of fever, but I was a happy camper. She helped me out with everything, and even clean a mess that the kids did in the bathroom. The playroom ended up like a war zone, but what else can happen with a 2.5 years old, two 4 years olds and a 9 years old... Even Mimi spent some time with them... Here are some of the pictures:

Best Buddies Always!
First fighting over the scooter, until I gave them another one:
Going up the door!!!
Mia chilling in her favorite place in the backyard!
Group picture!!
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Sore throat, headache... I was just hoping it was not going to get any worse!
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Hubby and I dont exchange gifts on V-Day because we think it's a day that "goes around" the girls, not us. We think our day is our Anniversary, and that is certainly not today!

So, I went to sleep at 3:30am last night (or should I say this morning?), getting ready Gaby's goody bags to school. We were not suppose to do this, but we were going to give the card plus some heart shapped candies, and a little bags, and they were so empty... So, we decided to put a bit more of candies, and we also added some heart shapped bubbles that we quicly bought yesterday.

Hubby and Gaby were mighty late, I couldnt take good pictures, but here are the goodie bags, and then one of Gaby proudly showing them to the camera!
In this country, the main food is lunch, and normally people just eat something light for dinner. But, today I wanted to cook something special. I went to the kitchen and there were not much to do, so when hubby got home he offered to go food shopping while I was making the rice, and getting everything to make a "Sweet Plantain Cake" (Pastelón de Platanos Maduros) [If anyone is interested in the recipe, just let me know].

Anyway, he left with the THREE GIRLS cause they all started crying when he was leaving, and he just took them. After one hour and a half, he came home, tired, and angry because Gaby misbehaved just to find me sitting down in the computer saying: Hun, we run out of GAS!!

He made some "Tuna Sandwiches", and even though it may not sounds as an especial San Valentine's Dinner, we ate it TOGETHER, wacthing a movie TOGETHER, and it was mad yummyy!!! That's all that matters to us!!!!
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I put Mia on her highchair (with a shirt on) and went to change Mimi's diaper and I put her on her crib to have her milk. Around 5 minutes later when I come back to make sure everything was fine with Mia, here is what I found:
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I will pay US$50 bucks for whoever wants to come to do the laundry for the school cloth, and to bath Gaby after school. The shirt has to be SPOTLESS, and Gaby too. Here is a sample of the cleaning that you will be doing... Please notice that the pictures makes it look WAY cleaner!!! In person looks 10 times worst... You also cant look at her "neck maps", and the other side of the arms..... And of course, you cant see the black SOCKS, that were white just before school!!!!

Ps: Just in case (who knows what lurker is going to stalk me for the money, right?)... Im joking with the 50 bucks.
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Mimi is getting ready to walk!!!! You read right!! Mimi has been crusing for quite a bit already, going from from side to the other holding onto something, but yesterday she actually took a step!!!!!! She felt right after that, but she can last several seconds standing up without support. She is 8 and half months, but her medical adjusted age is 7 months old.

I also have been trying to get her "crawling" on video, but every time I take the camera out she freezes. For this video she actually kept "crawling" even though she was interrupted by an ANT at the beginning!! She was actually following an ant!!!

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I have some catch up to do, and a few things to post about Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but Im finishing a project that Im doing and that I need to have ready for tomorrow. Please, keep us in your prayer this week!! This week may bring NEW THINGS that may change our lives!!! Im not ready to announce anything yet, especially since I dont want to jinx it, but please pray for us.

Thanks in advance!!!
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We promised Gaby that we were going to let her use the pool as a reward for her good behavior from yesterday at school. I put some diapers in the washer machine and hubby was supposed to hang them in the sun. So, while the machine was washing he set up the girls outside. Gaby came upstairs to ask for the bathing suits, so I put her one, and sent the other one downstairs WITH the camera, of course. I was going to miss it, but I wanted to see pictures AND videos!! All I could hear was their laughs and I could tell that they had a great time. Mimi didn’t got in, but she was looking from her stroller, and having fun too!!

Mia was so excited when we let her in
Mimi was watching them and smiling
Mimi looking at the flowers too
Just having fun
This picture is for you guys to have an idea of my mini-backyard
Splashing in the water
Eating some fruit loops in the tent
Gaby was freezing at the end!
Hubby got the hang the diapers!!
Now some videos…

Mimi reaching for some Froot Loops in her stroller

Gaby freezing... Mia kicking.... And Gaby saying Cheese to the camera (cause she thought hubby was just taking a picture).

Mimi stealing the camera!! Hubby couldn’t take it away for a bit…
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That's exactly how Mia looks: Ready for the party! But, where is the party?? I have no idea!! Maybe in the playroom, her bed (considering it's 11pm), or maybe just downstairs.... But the lady got some makeup! Can you tell??? She even has her eyebrows done!!
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Gaby went back to school today, and the teacher said that she behaved pretty good. Gaby did told me that they put her name in the board (when your name is on the board you are like in time out), but she told me that the teacher delete her later on. So, normal behavior for an spirited 4 years old. After school, she stayed with Daddy calmed, but they had to run home earlier than normal, so today is not the day to judge.

Thanks for the emails, messages, and for all the signs of affection that we have received from you guys.
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She behaved good at home today.... This has a lot to do with Mia waking up at 11am, so she had nobody to tease her the whole morning.

Hubby talked to the principal and she is willing to give Gaby another chance. She will be allowed to stay over school hours with hubby, but she has to behave. If she does something like this again, we know it can be fatal for her.

We really dont want to be in the need to pay for transportation because we think is ridiculously expensive especially since we live 7 minutes away from school. Also, I cant stay with the car to pick her up because it will mean that we will have to take them to school (and with we I mean Mia, Mimi and me), and then we will all have to pick Gaby up, come back, and then go back again to pick hubby up.

Thank you for all the comments and emails offering your support. You guys are great! Let's just trust and hope that Gaby is going to behave!
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Disappointed, sad, I dont even know what to call what I feel... Actually what WE feel (Im including hubby in that statement). Some of you may remember how proud I was of Gaby when I received her evaluation last month. It was great, and I remember how the teacher couldnt stop saying how well she was behaving. Also, the day that we went to the Botanical Garden, they told me that she was a bit "jumpy" but that everything was fine.

A few days later I received a note that says that Gaby has been refusing to work in class, and that she has been staying without going to the playground because she have been staying to do her work. We talked with Gaby, and she said that she was going to make her work when she is told and she promise that she was going to behave, but this Monday, hubby comes home telling me that Gaby screamed to the teacher's aid, and that they told him that she is behaving pretty bad. We talked to her again, and she said that she apologized to her and that she was not going to do it again. At the next day, we had the playdate with my cousins, and even though hubby told me that she behaved bad at school again, we took her because it wasnt fair to punish Mia and it was a one-time oportunity to get together with my two cousins at the same time. So, we talked to her and told her that we are taking her JUST because she promised she was going to behave better.

The window that is right next to me while Im here is on top of the garage, so when hubby gets here, he calls me in a low voice and asks if somebody is sleeping. Not today. He just said: "Come down that I need to tell you something". By the tone of his voice, I knew it was something huge, and I honestly thought he was going to tell me that he crashed the car (yes, that bad was his tone). Ten thousand things went through to my mind in those seconds that it took me to go down the stairs.

He was red, teary eyed, and I could tell his heart was pumping pretty fast. Today Gaby crossed the lines, and she couldnt choose a better person to do it that with one of hubby's BOSS!!!! Gaby stays with hubby after class while his working hours are over. She was on the hallway making too much noise and the Elementary Principal told her to low her voice. Gaby refused to it and the principal told her just to go with hubby. She again refused to it and was screaming to the principal, and kept going like nobody was talking to her. Next thing hubby receives AN URGENT phone call saying that he needs to go downstairs to the principal! He thought something big happened to a computer and he run. He listens to what Gaby did accompanied to all her screaming and even KICKING the principal when she tried to get her inside the office.

Hubby was upset, but NOTHING compared with how upset was the principal. Hubby says that he has never seen her so upset (which is a big thing to say of an Elementary Principal who has to deal with so many things from kids), and she is prohibing Gaby to stay after school anymore. They tried to keep talking about it, but Gaby wasnt even listening to hubby and embarrasing him more, so they decided it was better to keep the conversation tomorrow.

Hubby and I have no idea how we are going to get Gaby home from school earlier, because the school transportation costs US$1300 and we cant afford that. In the meantime, Gaby wont be going back to school the rest of the week, and we have no idea what we are going to do. Hubby just hope this doesnt gets him in trouble, and if Gaby's behavior continues we will have to take her out of the school, because hubby cant risk his job.
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I "met" Gianna while she was in her mom's belly when I did her Baby Shower invitations back in October. Her best friend ordered them from me:
Here is Gianna's Birth announcement:


She also made me a very unusual but sweet order. Her oldest daughter was born in 2002 and she never got to make her a birth announcement, so she actually order it too!!! She wanted to have ballerines from Precious Moments and this is what she got:
Im also looking around for a cute outfit for Mia's "Water Party" which theme mostly have Flip Flops... Somebody referred me a lady who does custom dresses and outfits and I contact her (I will go more in deep with this on another post). She recently had a baby, and she ordered his birth announcements with me... She wanted blue and brown, and wanted polka dots or strippes. Here is what I came up with:
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And for us too!!

Today we went to my cousin's house for the girls to play with her 2 year old daughter Isabella. Also one of my cousins that was living in Venezuela and now it's moving to Houston is in the country, and also went with her 3 year old daughter Anabella and her 3 months old son Javier. The girls had a blast and we really had a good time.

Here are some pictures of the girls.... Too bad that Javier was not in the pictures, but my camera run out of batteries with the FIRST picture that I tried to take, so this as just a couple of pictures that my cousin took.

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Fifi is a beautiful little girl that I have been working with since she was born. She is almost 5 months old and it's a total cutie. I just did a Valentine's Card for her and I cant believe how much she has grown. I mean, it looks like it was yesterday that I did her birth announcement.

I wanted to share the cards that I have made for her so you guys can see how much she has grown (and of course, for you guys to see what I have been designing).

Here is her birth announcement:
Her Christmas Cards:
And now, her Valentine's cards:
I cant wait for Easter cards.... Maybe she will be sitting down already!!! If you want to keep following her growth, you can check out her mommy's blog here.
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I needed to share this:

I don't do windows because ...
I love birds and
don't want one to run into a clean window
and get hurt.
I don't wax floors because ...
I am terrified a guest will slip and get hurt
then I'll feel terrible
( plus they may sue me.)
I don't mind the dust bunnies because ...
They are very good company,
I have named most of them,
and they agree with everything I say.
I don't disturb cobwebs because .
I want every creature to have a home of their own.
I don't Spring Clean because .
I love all the seasons
and don't want the others to get jealous
I don't pull weeds
in the garden because ..
I don't want to get
in God's way,
HE is an excellent designer!
I don't put things away because
My husband
will never be able to find them again.
I don't do gourmet meals
when I entertain because
I don't want my guests to
stress out over what to make when
they invite me
over for dinner.
I don't iron because ...
I choose to believe them
when they say "Permanent Press".
I don't stress much on anything because ...
"A Type" personalities die young and
I want to stick around
and become a wrinkled up crusty ol' woman!!!!
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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