Today was Gaby's evaluation from her first semester. Her teacher have been telling us that she is behaving extra great since the classes started again a couple of weeks ago, and that she is very proud of her. Gaby was so excited showing us all her hard work, and al the things that she have done since her last monthly evalation. This is a looooooong post but east to read.... I appreciate to those that are going to take the time to read it in full.
Here are the list of objetives that says that Gaby already ACCOMPLISHED. Have in mind that all this is evaulated in English, while her first language is Spanish.

- Waits patiently for her turn in class
- Takes part of informal conversations
- Is getting along with classmates

- Accepts responsability for cleaning and picking up
- Participates in class
- Works independently
- Shows appropiate attention spam
- Takes care of personal and school property
- Listen when other talks

- Follow lines when cutting
- Respect limits when coloring
- Is able to draw a line from left to right
- Is able to draw a line from top to bottom
- Is able to draw a slant line
- Traces over lines, letters, numbers
- Creates detailed pictures
- Handles the pencil correctly
- Handles crayons and brushes correctly
- Has adequate coordination

- Speaks clearly
- Retains and applies new vacabulary
- Undestands and follows directions
- Enjoys literature
- Retells stories in sequence
- Recognize and names the following colors: Red, Pink, Purple, Brown, Black, White
- Recognizes and names shapes
- Able to listen a short story
- Draws conclusion through observation of details

- Identifies numbers 1 to 5
- Writes numbers 1 to 5
- Counts up to 10 (and it says that she actually counts up to 12)
- Recognizes patterns
- Recognizes position of objects
- Recognizes similarities
- Recognizes differences

Here are the list of objectives that it says that are IN PROCESS:
- Undestands and follows safety rules
- Shows self-control
- Shares and take turns
- Adapts to new situations

- Works without disturbing others
- Works neatly
- Completes work in reasonable time

- Writes first name (She does it sometimes but sometimes she needs reminders)

- Uses complete senteces in English

- None

Here are the list of objectives that it says that MOST BE ACCOMPLISHED. This is the things that she is suppose to know by now, but she still needs to work on:

- None

- None

- None

- Identifies letters (it says that she only identifies F and S)
- Recognizes and names colors: Green, Blue, Orange and Yellow
- Recognizes lower case letters

- None

Im not 100% satisfied with some things that she havent accomplished. I will be having a meeting with her teacher next week (God willing), to discuss those things, because she does recognizes some lower case letters, and she identifies way more letters than F and S. Im surprised that her teacher didnt even put letter G, because I have to hear her saying ten thousand times a day: Look!! My letter G!! Along with: Daddy's letter E, and lots of others that she relationates with the first name of her classmates (like: Look: There is Daniella's letter D).

With the colors, I know she gets confused a lot with green and blue, but this is just in English. Another thing that says that is in process is counting. She counts up to 50 in English but she misses some numbers, so she really counts up to 12 in their correct order.

On the recomendations from the teacher, she recommended to work with her at home with her fine motor skills, especially modeling with clay. I must confess we hardly let her play with clay because of Mia. Mia wants to eat it, and this just starts a battle. We will start working that out. We will be working more with the letters too.

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11 Lovely comments :

nicole said...

Anelys, Gaby is doing great especially since she got evaluated in her 2nd language.

Erica said...

So these are her grades for these things in English ? Thats really awesome for someone her age....way to go Gaby!!!! My friends daughter Manuela also just tunred 4 but she is really struggling with her English ...then again she didnt want to talk at all until 2 yrs old.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Nicole: Thanks!!

Erica: Her school is in English. They are teaching English as first language, so she wont get Spanish until she goes to first grade. She didnt talked until she was 2 years old, but when she started, it was difficult to make her stay shut!! LOL

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Sounds like she is ding great!

My3Ro's said...

Great job Gaby! You are flourishing into a very bright woman and you will make mama very proud one day! I hope the progress only continues to improve

Erica said...

Oh I see .....Do you speak english and spanish to her at home or just english ? just spanish? Alberto is making me talk only spanish to sofia saying that she will learn enlish in school but i think we should do both....what is you opinion on that?

Heather said...

congrats, you have so much to be proud of and are such a fantastic mother!!!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Pauline, Susan and Heather: Thank you mamas!!

Erica: IMO, I think your main focus should be Spanish, but some English is important too. I know some parents says that they will learn in school after 2 months of struggling, but I just dont see the need of making a kid suffer for those 2 months... kwim?? .... We really should be talking more English to them, but as DH focus so much on leaning Spanish, and now we speak lots of Spanish at home. They just watch TV in English, and all of the books we read are in English.

chuipi said...

Congrats to Gaby... that was great! Hope you can both enjoy some clay time.. that will be fun for her. Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

I happened upon this site by accident while exploring subjects on how to evaluate pre-school children. My own thoughts on English...if you live in America and are going to send your child to American schools, by all means let them learn to speak English! They should heard Spanish, of course, and maybe you and your child could be useful in teaching the teacher and other students Spanish...but if America is to be her primary home...English is a must. Susan

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Susan: Im not sure if you will ever read my answer, but I just wanted to tell you that America (assuming that you are refering to United States) it is not her primary home.... She was born there, but has lived most of her life here, and we are not even sure to what Country we will move in some years... English is really important to me, and it is what worries me the most, as Spanish is a given in this country... But, Spanish it is also important as the only two people that are important in her life that speak English are my sister in law, hubby, and I.... her grandparents, uncles, and all her other family only speaks Spanish... Anyway, Im rooting for her, and my other two girls to learn both: English and Spanish fluently. :)


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