Most baby girls in this country (myself included) actually leave the hospital with their ears pierced. Gaby was born in New Jersey (view Hospital) and as she was transferred back and forth from her Hospital to Saint Joseph Childrens Hospital, we didnt got to do it there even though they told me that it was Ok for them to do it. So, at her 2 months old check, she got her ears pierced by her pediatrician. Then Mia, was born preemie too, and they didnt wanted to pierce her earlobes were a bit bigger, so we did it when she was 3 months old.

Now, Mimi at 7 and half months didnt had her ears pierced. Why? I really dont know why. We were always told it was at least 30 bucks to do it (when we just paid 2.27 bucks to do Mia's). I know we paid $80 dollars to do it to Gaby, but I guess as a mom, I did had to learn that the peditrician and the pharmacy guy can do exactly the same thing.

I know that it doesnt matter how much pink your daughter is wearing, she needs to have her hear all the way to the waist and two big bows in the hair, for some people not to confuse a baby girl with a boy. But, the fact that she still didnt had her ears pierced (in a country that people mostly do that in the Hospital) seems weird, and I was getting so tired of people referring to her as a boy.

So, after her shots, we decided to take her to get her ears pierced in a pharmacy near the Hospital. She cried like she have never cried before when the guy did the second hole. I mean, she was sad wtih the first, cried a bit, but calmed down. But when the guy did the second one, her tears were all the way down to her cloth, and the boogers her running out of her nose.

Poor thing. This is one of the many times that she will cry for beauty. This is one way to udnerstand that Beauty hurts. And this will be the last time that I (as a mom) will cry over getting the ears pierced to a daughter.

So, here is MY GIRL!!! I hope people can say now: Que linda niña (what a beautiful girl), instead of Que lindo niño (what a beautiful boy).
Posted by Anelys Perez On 1:01 AM 2 comments

2 Lovely comments :

Heather said...

I love them, she was already a beauty, now she just shines beauty, lol!

Anonymous said...

oh yay Felicidades to Mimi!!!! I cant wait for FIFI to go ....FOR THE SAME REASON...even in pink people says she is a boy!!! AARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! i got mine pierced in the hospital too she is going in 2 weeks after her 4 months shots


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