I couldnt find Gaby's uniform last night, and I finally got it in my hands at 12am!! The shirt needed at least half hour of OxiClean, and I was too sleepy to wait for that. So, Gaby didnt went to school today. We are not worried about loosing classes, because there wont be classes today, just re-adjustment day.

As I took mostly all day off yesterday, I had a lot of catch up today, and I needed to work. Needless to say, Gaby was on one of her DAYS!!! She did exactly everything that she wasnt suppose to do.

Mimi got two accidents today. One was when Gaby got in the Playpen with her (when she knows she is not suppose to), and when Mimi grab her pants, she actually "hit" Mimi... Mimi didnt even cried, but she made me notice that something was going on. Then, a few minutes later I hear Mimi crying bloody murder, so I though it happened the same thing, when I notice that Mia figure out a way to get out from the Playroom, and she wanted to share a toy with Mimi, and she actually threw the toy INSIDE the Playpen!!!

I also couldnt cook because we didnt go food shopping yesterday, so there was nothing to cook. So the girls actually ate cereal for breakfast AND lunch!! They love it, though, but of course, I DONT. So, I was on an strict diet (mostly a forced diet, lol).

One of the things that happened today was that Mia felt againts a table and she cut herself on top of the chin (right under the lips).... She was bleeding a lot, but it was superficial. Even Gaby was really scared and cool off a bit.

Here is Mia before and after the cleaning and band-aid.


Cutest thing of the day: After I finished rocking and feeding Mimi, I took her to her crib because she felt asleep. When Im back I found Gaby sitting on her rocking chair, with Mia on top of her with Mimi's bottle in the mouth while Gaby was rocking her!!!
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2 Lovely comments :

nicole said...

Your girls are such cute copycats. LOL

(Nicole from BBC June 2007)

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

LOL Nicole!!! I'll be checking out your blog now!!!!


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