After 20 days of being a full time family of five the day arrived: Hubby got back to work!!! The worst things about long vacations is that one actually gets use to life during vacation and it's really difficult to accept the change again.

On top of that, Gaby doesnt start school today, so Im home alone with the three little flowers! Scary!! LOL

The way was better than what I though it was going to be, and the girls hardly smelled my "fear", so they behave pretty good (most of the time). I took a break from my work and actually spent most of the day just with them. It was great. We played indoor soccer in our living room (ssshh, dont tell hubby or grandma), we played V.Smile, some Leapster, and even Candy Land with Gaby (she actually won fairly), while Mia was watching the Sesame Street Counting DVD, which is one of the DVD's that she actually watches. She is not a big fan of the TV but she loves Sesame Street (especially Elmo), Dora, and she LOVES her Baby Can Read DVD....

Mia has been "trying" to eat by herself since the past few weeks, but she mostly ends up eating with her hands. So, as a new year resolution for Mia, she NEEDS to learn to eat properly with the spoon. So, she wont be eating lunch (that's the main food in this country, not dinner as in the states), on the table not in her high chair (which is actually more Mimi's high chair now).

So, here is a video of Mia eating by herself (of course, at the beginning she refuse when she saw I was going to video her, like a broken car when it goes to the mechanic).

And of course, here is one pic of Mimi...

Best thing of the day: Spending a whole day with my girls without working and just having fun with them
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