Today is my 27th birthday!!! Im not a birthday person when it comes to my own birthday, but I do love getting cards and birthday wishes. Thank you for all the cyber gifts!! You guys are an important part of my life!

Gaby "made" me a birthday cake out of bread, cookies and melted ice cream, and it was the sweetest thing:
I asked my hubby for two birthday gifts: A nap and a family picture. I took a 3 and half hours nap and it was GREAT!!! When I woke up he got the 3 girls sleeping, so we set up a movie to watch. We couldnt watch the movie, tho, cause my mom called that she was on her way to pick us up for dinner, so we had to get everything ready to go out.

We had a great time, and the girls got lots of fun. There were a kids area in the Restaurant and we sat right next to it, so the girls were able to play and we were able to actually sit on the table to watch them. Even Mimi was looking at them happily.
My mom also got me a new scale (Gaby broke the one we got 2 weeks ago), so we wont have to buy a new one after all. It's the perfect gift. I also ordered a pedometer two weeks ago as my own birthday present and I have to pick it up tomorrow. When we got home it was time for my family picture and even though Mia started crying like always, and Gaby started to complain, I did got a picture where AT LEAST, they are not crying!! LOL ... It turned out perfect for what we normally get!!
Thank you girls for all the birthday wishes, and I will be posting as comments three emails that I got from some family, just to keep them as a memory. And thank you to those who called me and that sent me messages by the messenger!
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18 Lovely comments :

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!Happy Happy Birthday!!!Happy Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUU!!! I hope that you have an awesome 27th year!!!!! Posts some pics of you on your bday!

Heather said...

Feliz Cumpleanos mi amiga!!!!!

Cara said...


I hope that you had a fab bday and atleast got to do something a bit special!!

You should always care about your bday its not many times in the year that its all about YOU!!

Love Cara

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you are having a GREAT day! Don't eat to much cake, or wait eat as much as you want its your day to do what you want!

Tio Dario said...

Querida sobrina y ahijada:
Que Dios siga mostrándote su auxilio es lo que pido para tí y tu familia; y que cada uno alcance a estar pendiente de la voluntad de Dios en sus vidas, es mi intercesión como regalo de cumpleaños.
Mi abrazo para Ernesto, con las bendiciones para todos.

Jose Eduardo said...

Muchas Felicidades Anelys!! Dios te bendiga junto a todos los tuyos.
Hoy pedimos a Dios una bendición especial para Su gracia te acompañe y te conduzca por siempre.
Un abrazo

Michel said...

Chica muchas felicidades, que papa Dios te de mucha salud para que tus tres tesoros y tu esposo te puedan disfrutar por largo tiempo.

Espero que la pases muy bien, cuidate, abrazos.

Chuipi said...

Happy Birthday!!! Happy 27! Glad you got all that you wanted and had fun!

Noratiqah a.k.a Nora said...


May u be blessed with good health and happiness. btw,your daughters are so pretty!


Noratiqah a.k.a Nora said...

btw your daughters are so pretty!


Erica said...

I wasnt online yesterday but i hope you had the most wonderful b-day hun!!!

Adrians Mama said...

Awwww love the family pic!! Also I love the cake Gaby made for you how sweet!!!!! SO glad you had a good birthday!

Jessica said...

HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY TO YOU :) Love your cake :)

BB Mama said...

happy belated birthday. yay on the scale.

My3Ro's said...

Happy belated birthday...glad it was a great one! May you be blessed with many many more!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

You and your girls are so pretty! Love those dresses too. How sweet for them to make you a cake. Mine would just want to eat it! Oh BTW: as far as I am concerned you should celebrate the whole week not just a day! So... happy birthweek!!!

Samy said...

Happy birthday Anelys like always you family looks amazing and that cake is yummy.

EthansMommy said...

Happy Birthday!! I am sorry that I am 2 days late! :(
That cake looks like the most precious thing! I love your family picture. You all look so pretty and happy!I am going to have to remember to ask for a "nap" as a present. What a great idea! I hope this year will be wonderful for you!


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