I was asked on an online forum to post some pictures of my girls with their lovies. Either Teddy bears, blankies, whole quilts, favorite pillows, random pairs of socks.

Even though I know I have hundreds of cute pictures of Gaby when she was a baby with a few of her favorite plush animals and blankies, I just submit a few of the latest pictures.....


Best thing of the day: I couldnt work much today (which is not a good thing, lol) because we got a long blackout, so I got to spend LOTS of time with the girls today. Just Mia and Mimi but we really had lots of fun today. And I swear Mimi is saying: Pamper!!

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Tara said...

Your girls are so beautiful! When did they pick "their" lovey? Grace is 7.5 months old, but she doesn't seem to enjoy any of them.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

My girls have been changing their lovies.... Mimi LOVES to chew on two different plush dolls, and she spend lots of time with both. Then Mia LOVE her pillow (which was suppose to be part of the rocking chair, but she stole it), and also 2 plush bears. Gaby loves her elephant pillow, even though is suppose to be Mia's. Maybe Grace wont have a lovey.

Erika said...

You have such a beautiful family and I really enjoy reading your blog...I like how you truly appreciate all the little things and enjoy each moment with your girls. It shows! Your photos are beautiful and show lots of love.


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