Today was Mimi's 8 months check up and she is doing great! Her ped is so proud of her, because she actually looks like a "real" 8 months old, and not like a preemie with adjusted age of 6 1/2 months old. And even though she looks tiny, she is actually average!! Im not use to have an average baby, because Mia and Gaby were always over 90% percentile after they catch up with their peers (Gaby at 2 monthsh old, and Mia at 4 months old), but Im soooo happy!!
So, her stats are: Her weight is 18 pounds & 8 ounces which is 54th percentile for her age; and her height is 27 inches long which is 41th percentile for her age

As a plus, the pediatrician discovered ANOTHER TOOTH!!!! So, she now has both bottom front teeth!!!

He asked me to keep trying solids with her, but she really just wants finger foods. For some reason my three girls LOVE finger foods right from the beginning and are not big fans of puree food (or maybe Im just a bad cooker, lol). Im all for homemade baby food, and I just use comercial baby food as a dessert after they have a regular eating pattern of regular food.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah Mimi!!!!!! What a big girl!


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