I took me 4 days to finish this, but here it is. And as always, I didnt proof read (gotta do it, lol)

1. I love the man I decided to have my children with
2. Im the mother of three beautiful girls (4 years old and under)
3. I love to dance but I havent done it in several years.
4. I don’t use makeup
5. I prefer Vanilla over chocolate
6. I super picky with food
7. I forgive and forget really easy (sometimes I even forget why I had an argument with somebody and what was it about)
8. I hate Bob Sponge
9. I talk a lot and Im loud
10. I have three stitches on my forehead and a burn in my right arm
11. I love dogs but I don’t want one in my house
12. I love to read
13. I still keep my childhood diaries together with all the letters and cards that I received while in school
14. I will love to finish college
15. I will love to speak several languages, but I don’t want to take classes to learn
16. I love music but I hardly listen to adult music
17. I love taking pictures and designing stuff with them
18. I have one full brother and two half brothers
19. My parents got divorced when I was 2 and half years old, after 5 and half years of marriage
20. I don’t have patience to take care of plants inside the house
21. I prefer to handwash in my bathroom than going to our laundry room downstairs
22. I think everything tastes good with keptchup (well, almost)
23. I love sweet plantains
24. Im overweight and Im working to be fit
25. I love to sing but I suck at it
26. I wont let myself drown but I cant swim
27. Im a scary chicken, and I cant be left alone
28. Im Aquarius
29. I prefer chicken over red meat
30. I love to help
31. I can watch Friends over and over again, and love it every time
32. I don’t have a tattoo
33. I will love to adopt kids someday
34. My mom suggested me to study Graphic Design when I started college but I always said I wasn’t good enough for it, and decided to study Psychology. Now, I wish I will have listen to my mom
35. I miss living in New Jersey
36. I don’t like alcohol
37. I don’t do drugs or smoke
38. My wedding band doesn’t fit me
39. I love purple... and the combination of pink and green for my girls
40. I hate my feet
41. I host a board for latino families in the states, but I don’t live in the states
42. I have 203 contacts on my messenger (and they are all people that I know)
43. My best friends are behind the computer
44. If somebody has a problem and needs me, I stop whatever Im doing to listen to that person
45. I think I have the most beautiful girls in the world
46. I also think that my nephew is the most beautiful boy in the world
47. I have weird dreams with people that I haven’t seen in years (especially Elementary school friends)
48. I cant stand straight
49. I love Coke
50. I love Passion Fruit with Carnation Milk
51. Im starting to use cloth diapers with my girls
52. I can work without sleeping for 24 hours
53. I can watch the same movie over and over and over again
54. I love cartoon movies (even before kids)
55. I love bread
56. I love to talk to myself
57. I always dreamed about being an actress
58. Im a work at home mom
59. I am a very outspoken and honest person,
60. I have had vaginal and c-section deliveries
61. I have given birth in two different countries
62. My husband, my oldest daughter and me have different nationalities (the youngest two have my nationality)
63. I had three difficult pregnancies, each one for a different reason (totally unrelated to the other pregnancies)
64. My blood is B+
65. I had pre-eclampsia with one of my pregnancies
66. I was just able to breastfeed my youngest daughter, who self wean at 4 months old
67. I will love to be able to play sports again
68. I love Amusements parks like Six Flags
69. I have never been to Disney
70. Im obsessed with “Birth Stories” from Discovery Health, and I will love to be a L&D Nurse for a few months in the future
71. My mom was a nun before meeting my father and marrying him.
72. I don’t have a passion for cooking, but my hubby loves anything that I cook
73. I moved overseas from New Jersey to Dominican Republic and we kept mostly everything
74. I have move 8 times in the last 5 years, including overseas movings and cross country movings
75. We haven’t connected the cable in our new house
76. I love to talk in groups on the messenger, so I don’t have so many open windows
77. I can do several things at the same time, and stay focus
78. Im obsessed with cleaning my ears
79. I love to walk barefoot
80. I cant stand a movie translate it to Spanish, even if is in a language that I cant understand
81. Im seriously jealous of all the people that can draw
82. I get nauseated with incense.
83. I admire Jennifer Lopez… I think she is a great woman, who can do several things, and it’s good in everything she does
84. I enjoy reading my friends blogs
85. I need to be wrapped in a comforter to sleep, doesn’t matter how hot it is
86. I was born a Tuesday at 4:30a.m., and I gave my mom a hard time with breastfeeding
87. In my teen years I did things that I don’t want my daughters to know or do
88. I bite my nails, and I have done it since I was a toddler
89. When I was a little girl, I was set that I was going to be a pediatrician or a veterinarian, and I did my mom to buy me weekly “Parents” and “Pets” magazines from the store (and I still have all of them)
90. Im suppose to use prescribed glasses since I was 9 years old, and I have always hate them
91. I used to go to a “Church Community” when I was 15 for 2 years. I still keep some of the friends that I made there. I will love to go back to Church, too.
92. I always thought I was overweight, even though I never was (until now)
93. We have 3 cordless phones and they are all disconnected
94. I wear jeans and shirts mostly everyday
95. My cell phone goes for days without charge, because I forget about him (and I always get the line: “you never pick up the phone”)
96. There is no one single person that knows everything about me
97. Even if I thought my mom was too strict with me, I have found myself doing the exact same things with my daughters
98. I don’t think I have ever seen my mom in a bathing suit
99. I used to love poetry and I have several poems that I wrote when I was a child
100. I wont first place in a National “Story Writing” competition when I was 12 years old for the 12 to 15 years old category and I was the youngest of the category.
Posted by Anelys Perez On 10:04 PM 8 comments

8 Lovely comments :

Melissa said...

Are you sure you didn't write # 95 bout me?? Lol! Nice list, now I feel like we are BFFs ha ha! I also checked out you other blog...good luck with that!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Melissa: Thank you hun!!! Take the time to write your own!! It's fun!

My3Ro's said...

I know more things about you now then I knew before. Good luck with the weight loss you have given me some things to think about

EthansMommy said...

Great post! I am totally going to copy it sometime. 24 hours without sleep??? I could never do it. Passion fruit w/ carnation milk sounds yummy! And I am obsessed with cleaning my ears, too! LOL

Tyler and Becky Rider said...

What a fun thing to do and its so great to get to know you better. I can definitly relate to lots of things on your list, even hating sponge bob. Today I got my new bumgeniuses too and can't wait to use them. I hope they are working for you. Keep me posted.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Come on girls!! I want to know 100 things about you guys too!!

Becky: I will make a post about the diapers soon.... So far, so good, but Im mostly doing it with my june baby bc they are kinda bulky for my 20 months old girl.

Kari-Anne said...

I have decided to do this also :o) thank you for the great idea - I think I may only find 50 things but I will try .. it will be my thing to do today . I also want to make a Bucket List ... hmmmm I will do that next .
I was watching your video with Annalisa and she was laughing out lour watching your baby .. wish you were closer so they could play - have a great day my friend

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Kari: I cant wait to read it!! I will do my bucket list also!! I also wish we were closer, you guys look like so much fun!!


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