If you have been following my blog, you may remember that my girls got the Sesame Beginnings DVD on Christmas. If you read the reviews there are a few people that didnt like it, but we decide to give it a try anyway. We dont regret!! We even had the other DVD's of the series on our Wish List, because we want them all!

Some parents look for DVD's to get a few things done, while the kid is hook to the TV (not that Im saying that I havent done it myself), but this DVD is not for that. The purpose of this DVD is that the parents actually sit with the baby to see it, and to spend some time with your baby. The author says: "Watch this with your child; then, turn it off and expand with him what you see".

The DVD is mostly like a board book, and that's what it actually is because a lady is actually reading the story to her 3 year old daughter. The songs are so cute and catchy that I found myself singing them frequenly during the day!

Even though is suppose to be for babies, Gaby is 4 years old and she actually asks for his DVD everyday!! She loves the songs and she loves to play the games suggested on the DVD with Mimi, especially Peek-a-boo, and the baby in the mirror.

Here is a sneak peak of the DVD, and this is how Mia learned to say HI. I apologize that my hands are moving so much while recording, but this was my third try and I already had Mimi on top of me. In the first two tries, Mia was screaming happily!! LOL

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