One online friend (from Mia's birth board) after 10 months of battling cancer passed away on Monday. Words cant express how sad I feel. She had two boys, a loving husband, and she was an amazing woman.

Here is what she wrote to her online friends just two months ago, after receiving lots of donations:

Hello to many of my dear friends from BBC!

First, a special thank you to all of you who participated in sending me the donation! A little while ago learned of it through Trey and was in shock and disbelief at the amount of you who participated! So many of you ladies have opened your hearts to me as I've battled through this awful cancer and I've cried many tears knowing that my "invisible friends" care so much about me. If you care this much for me, I can only imagine how caring you all are to your friends and families! So thank you, from the bottom of my and my family's heart! A special thank you to Trey for arranging it and getting the money to me - what a great host she really is!

Secondly, to let you know where I am at......
I think Trey let many of you know that over a month ago, I learned that my cancer was incurable. Well, I haven't let that get me down. At first, it was devastating, but I decided that it was my will power that was going to decide ultimately how I would live my life so I decided to give it all that I've got. I am on a pain pump, which has helped loads with the pain. I basically don't have any! The only pain I have is in my right leg - one, because I have a blood clot there and two, I have had pain in my right hip for months - probably cancer related, but I'm working through it. The pump is annoying though - it goes through a "pick line" in my arm and I wear a kind of fanny pack where the the pump is around my waist. I think it's part of what's holding me back - I just don't feel the same having to wear it, but I'm trying to get used to it. It's better than being in pain! My ultimate goal is to not need it anymore! I am working on getting a new doctor - the one I have is a complete jerk. He's basically written me off, so my hospice nurse is working hard on getting him replaced. He is toxic for my healing, so he's got to get the boot! My Mom and Mother in Law take turns coming during the week to help me out with Griffin - he is 35 lbs now and while I still help in taking care of him, I can't handle everything, so they help me with him and some of the housework. It's nice to have there company! My mom is succumbing to her depression though, so I am currently working on getting her replaced with a nanny. It's hard, but it needs to be done, so my mom can focus on feeling better. Beyond that, I don't get out much, but I am enjoying each and every day that I have! I would like to start writing letters to everyone that is important in my life - a big undertaking, but I wan't to do it while I still feel well. I also have a goal of writing birthday cards for my sons for each birthday from now to their 18th. My mom's BF went out and purchased the cards for me - I just need to do it.
Well, if you got this far - thanks for reading my novel. Many blessings to you all again, I've really missed being on baby center and hope to get on here on a regular basis again. Thank you once again to those of you meant the world to me!
Much love,


Here is a picture of her and her family from her siggy:

Jill: I never met you in person, but you will be truly missed!!

Posted by Anelys Perez On 4:06 PM 11 comments

11 Lovely comments :

My3Ro's said...

I know anelys. My heart is broken also! It hardly seems fair that god could call back an angel who has only gotten to enjoy part of life with her babies. I will keep her family in my prayers and continue to pray that I will be blessed life with mine. Love ya sis.

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

I am so sorry for you and her family!! I could not read what she wrote. I would cry and I am not going through that tonight I'd get sick. I just could not imagine. I will pray for her family to include her bbc friends.

nicole said...

I am so sorry. I read her letter and she sounds like an amazing person, I am sure she will be missed everywhere.

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh. It's been such an emotional day. Reading this really made my heart ache. I will be praying for her family and especially her children. That breaks my heart knowing those babies lost their mommy. BBC has really done such a wonderful thing for women everywhere.

Chuipi said...

I am so sorry. I could never imagine this situation happening to a friend of mine or a family. Feel for her family and friends. God bless her kids and husband.

Erica said...

Wow I am very sorry for this loss ...i have tears reading this.....from her letter she seems like a wonderful woman and her boy have an angel to care for them !

Melissa said...

OMG, this is soooo sad. To be so young and have such young children. I will be praying for her family tonight!

Melissa said...

OMg, that is so sad.

I will pray for her family.

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

How sad! Her family will be in my prayers.

Heather said...

Sounds like an amazing woman!!! Beautiful boys to carry on with her great personality.


Christy said...

I only hope to have half the will power in living my life as she had in the last days of hers.
It really is amazing how friendships form online and how close you can become to someone that can be so far away and you have never met before but still it can have such an impact on our lives.
God bless her family in these hard times and give this father the strength he will need for even harder days to come.


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