Since Gaby was around 8 months old we started trying to keep her happy during our trips to the Supermarket.... We tried everything possible but nothing worked like Grissinis. They are generally pencil-sized sticks of crispy and dry bread (quoting from Wikipedia).

Every time we got in to the Supermarket, the first stop after setting Gaby up in the shopping cart was to get Grissinis. She is almost 5 years old, and Grissinis are still her "tranquilizer" at the Supermarket...

I dont know if this works for all kids, but I gotta say that Mia and Mimi acquired the "Supermarket Grissini Fever", as they all sit happily to eat Grissinis while we shop... Mimi would scream every time she finishes one, and asks for another one.... Same thing for Mia.

There are low fat, with cheese, with garlic, natural, and they have tried them all... I cant say they have a preference, as they love them all!!!

We went to the Supermarket today, and as always they ate grissinis like there was no tomorrow... so, it got me thinking that I needed to blog about it because, after all, Grissinis are the ones that makes our food shopping possible!

If you have no idea what Im talking about, here is a picture of grissinis that look exactly like the ones we buy:
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The girls had a "Crazy Hair Day" at Summer Camp today. They had to do something crazy with their hair and they were going to have prizes for the craziest one. I didnt had much resources at home, and I did the best I could.

Mimi didnt had the activity, but Mia refused to take a picture until I made Mimi's hair go crazy!
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This Blog Should Be Blue

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You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant.
From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

What Color Should Your Blog Be?
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After I ordered Mia's backpack and lunchbox, I started looking for towels to match. The school asked for a Hand Towel and a regular size Towel. The hand towel is for the backpack and the regular towel is to be kept in her locker (they will use it if she has an accident and they need to bathe her or something for that matter).

Here are the backpack and lunchbox (arent they the cutest?):
I contacted Kelley from Kakie Creations, and I was pleased with all the ideas and suggestions that she had for the towels, and I have to say that the finished products are awesome!! I still havent used the towels, so I dont know how good they are "quality speaking", but they sure are CUTE and they feel very soft (especially the big one).

I also have to say that the prices are awesome!!! I think I got a pretty good deal with the combo that they gave me.

Here are the towels I got:

If you want to know what other people are saying about Cari or Kelley from Kakie Creations, just click here for their feedback page.

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Today was Father's Day in this country, and we had a great day!! We got together with my dad in a park, as all he wanted was to play around with the girls... Hubby also had a great day, and I invite him Chinese Food as a treat (we hardly ever order food, and he is a big fan of chinese)....

Gaby was asking when was Grandpa and Grandma's day as she know we celebrated Mother's Day and now Father's Day, so when is "Dia del abuelito y de la abuelita?" (grandpa and grandma's day), she asked. We got to explain her again that the grandparents are Mom and Dad's parents, but Im not really sure that she is open to sharing her grandparents.... She feels like she owns them, and when we say things like "That is mom's dad, or that is dad's mom", she gets jelaous... (So cute) LOL.

I didnt took much pictures, as I had Mimi on top of me, but here are a few....

Feeding the doves.... They all love it, especially Mia
Mimi with grandpa:
On the train going around the park
Back home with the best dad they could ever dream for:

So, I want to say Happy Father's Day to the best fathers in the whole world: Hubby, my dad, my grandpa, my brother, and my Father in law!!! We love you bunches!!!!!!
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Would I stop talking about Back to School?? Uhmmm... Not any time soon!! :) School starts August 18th, so maybe by then I would be able to talk about something else!!

I gotta admit it: I love shopping!! I may not be a maniac or impulsive, but I do love to shop for my daughters, and I love to hunt for good deals. I dont know if you guys notice that I added Gaby's and Mimi's back to school list to the right size of my blog together with Mia's list.

So, after googling around like crazy, finding some coupons and doing lots of research, I have manage to buy a 50% of the things at Gaby's list, almost a 60% of Mia's list and around a 40% of Mimi's list. I really cant wait to buy it all, but as money is not growing on trees, I have to be patient.... And of course, I cant wait for the things that I ordered online get here ASAP!

I will be doing reviews of the products that I get, especially those from Mom Shops, as I love to support other Mom Shops (but I bet you guys knew that)......

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Mia has her follow up appointment with the pediatrician to take out the stitches. Apparently the stitches were untied and the pediatrician is almost sure that the cut closed by itself, and not because of the stitches. The only thing about that is that is doesnt look as good as it would have look when it is closed by stitches, but I dont think it actually matters much as you cant see it... It took me like 3 minutes to find it to take a picture of it as she has lots of her.

She does complaints and says that it hurts, but she gets better with Tylenol.... I was ready to post a picture of it, but hubby said that it still looks too graphic for the blog.
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Maybe not his home, but out of the hospital and at my mom's home. He was released this morning and even though he cant talk, we just knew how happy he was. We are not sure how much he is aware of the whole situation, or even that he got to my mom's house, but when the ambulance dropped him off at my mom's house, he wouldnt stop smiling. Im also really happy that we were there to receive him. And he got all excited when she saw Mimi. He was touching her and trying to talk to her.

I also got another reminder of what a great husband I have. He has been taking care of my grandpa as many times as he has been needed, and he even stayed overnight last Friday. Also, they got my grandpa an Stretcher, and Ernesto did a great job putting it together... It was not an easy task, but he did it with love. I could see in his eyes how happy he was of being able to help my side of the family in someway.

The family will continue to make "shifts" to take care of my grandpa, and he will have a nurse with him until 6pm. One thing Im sure of: "My mom would have full house" for as long as he is there.

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There are big changes coming up in the Flowers Household that we can been "cooking" for a couple of months already. It cant be published online yet, but I just wanted to post about how happy I am, and how lucky I think we are.

Even though I cant say what the changes are, I can say that we are hoping it will bring more stability to the whole family: Emotionally and even economically. I cant wait to share it!!!!!!!!!
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You Have a Choleric Temperament

You are a person of great enthusiasm - easily excited by many things. Unsatisfied by the ordinary, you are reaching for an epic, extraordinary life.

You want the best. The best life. The best love. The best reputation. You posses a sharp and keen intellect. Your mind is your primary weapon.

Strong willed, nothing can keep you down. Your energy can break down any wall. You're an instantly passionate person - and this passion gives you an intoxicating power over others.

At your worst, you are a narcissist. Full of yourself and even proud of your faults. Stubborn and opinionated, you know what you think is right. End of discussion. A bit of a misanthrope, you often see others as weak, ignorant, and inferior.
Personal comment: I may not agree with everything that is said, but hey, I didnt made the quiz myself!
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Mia and Gaby spent the morning from park to park with Daddy... They has a blast. I think the picture will talk for themselves!!!

Sisters fun:
Camila having fun with the swings... Thank God she is not afraid to them after what happened to her... (Isnt that a cute garbage can at the back?)
The girls at the swings:
Gaby being silly, and then the girls looking at the doves:
The doves were so high and so fun to look at:
Mia running after some of them on that were on the floor
More sisters fun:
Discovering what was this "house" about:
Playing that they were selling ice cream:
I almost had attack with this picture before finding out somebody else took the picture and daddy was on the back on that big thing:
Freshing up with some apple ice cream:
Giving some love to the tree:
Running with daddy and then at the slides with him
The just couldnt stop laughing:
Mia exploring:
Gaby doing a "victory dance" after she made all the "swings to swing"
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Our pool was "out of service" for the past couple of weeks because the girls (especially Gaby) had a cold, and I wasnt looking forward them getting worse. Gaby is still a bit sick, but it was so hot that we just let them.... Mia was not suppose to get her head wet for a day, but we have been scared of getting her wet and she had her head dirty ever since the stitches.
As always they had a blast, and Mimi was splashing the water like there was no tomorrow!
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I think each person has a thing. My "thing" is designing stuff, and hubby's "thing" is computers in general. My mom's "thing" is "Spanish Grammar" and she LOVES doing spelling checks for books and stuff. My older brother's "thing" is Golf, and every time I see something golf related, I think about him. This list could go on and on.
My girls are too little to have a "thing" for life, but they definetily have a "thing". When I was Gaby's age and up to my teen years I wanted to be a Pediatrician or a Veterinarian..... I remember making my mom buying me parenting and veterinarian magazines and books, and all I could do was to read about it... So, my "things" were "babies and animals". When hubby was Gaby's age and up to a few years ago his "thing" was swimming.... He had been in something related to swimming, lifeguarding, pool maintenance, swimming instructor, and so on, since he was a little kid until we moved to this Country a few years ago.
So, we know the girls' *thing* can change, but we do now that it may take a while. Since Gaby was around 6 months old, we knew her love for animals was not usual. We know kids loves animals, but Gaby's love was/is more than what she can handle. Animals around were "tantrum" magnets as she wanted the animal to "peacefully" sit with her, and dont move. She used to lose control over it, and still does. She cries and begs for a dog at least 2 times a week, and I promised her that I was going to get her one when she turns 10 years old. By that time, they will be 7, 8 and 10 and it will be easier for me to handle another "mess maker" on the house. It breaks my heart, but I just cant afford "physically, mentally or even economically" a pet in the house.
Last summer she went to New Jersey to my in-law's and she was in heaven. They have hubby's old dog "Pucky" who is a Black lab mixed with German Shepard, and my sister in law has a Golden Retriever named "Amber". Gaby was happier than ever and every time we talked over the phone while she was there, she would talk about Pucky and Amber... Now, when my in-laws call, Gaby ask them to get the dogs on the phone to say hello to them. So, Gaby's "thing" is *Animals*! I think that if a veterinarian is born with a special feeling for animals and a special call, then Gaby has all the potential to be a veterinarian. I recollected pictures of Gaby with animals since she was a little baby and up to now... As they were so many, I made a montage... It has around 50 pictures, but I hope you guys can take the time to take a look at it....

--- UPDATE: The people from ONE TRUE MEDIA, where I made this montage, closed down their website, so you cant see the montage anymore :( 

By the way, the post is called Part I, as I dont want this post to go so long, so I will be posting Mia and Mimi's thing in Part II and Part III.
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As there is only one month before school starts again, I started a countdown already.... I just posted her list in the right bar of the blog, and I will be checking off items from it as soon as Hubby or me buys something from the list.... Whoever knows me or whoever read my "Things I love" list knows how much I LOVE making lists and checking items off!!!!

I cant wait to get Gaby's list so we can start getting things little by little during this whole month!
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After seeing what Mia went through today, I want to say that this was her worst day ever. Then, I remember how much she suffered in my belly when my blood pressure was affecting her for so many weeks, or when she needed one or two blood works per day to check her Platelets when she had Dengue, or when she was hospitalized for a few days a month ago.

We left all together this morning... We took the girls to the Summer Camp close to home where I can pay per day when I need it, Mimi went to her school, I went to work, and Hubby went to take care of my grandpa. Everything was going just fine, and hubby also had a very important meeting at 2:00pm. My phone rang, and I got the call that Im sure every mom who has kids somewhere else, is afraid to receive. Mia was playing with the swings in the backyard, felt on the floor and it looks like a little rock spot her head and she cracked her head open!! The nurse managed to stop the blood, she was conscious, and it didnt look that bad when the blood stopped, but I needed to pick her up ASAP. They even had to get her a new shirt from the ones that they are selling for the Summber Camp as the shirt was full of blood. So, I got out of work and took her to the ER myself, so hubby were able to stay with my grandpa.

I gotta say that one of the reasons why Im married to a EMT is to be able to avoid needing to handle this situations by myself (I will have married him either way, but you guys get the point). Of course I could have switched with hubby and take care of my grandpa while he was taking Mia to the ER, but there was no way I was going to leave my baby's side.

After the traumic situation of actually falling at school, my poor thing had to handle TWO stitches, a tetanus shot, and X-Rays!! For the X-Rays, she was refussing so much, and with so much strenght that I had to literally get on top of the X-Ray table and hold her hands and body from any movement, while another person was holding her head. She cried, scream, and cried a bit more.... I was heartbroken, and just so sorry for my poor little thing.

She is acting mostly normal, but it does hurts when she seats on her booster seat, the high chair or lay down in the bed, and it is in the exact middle on the back of the head. I got pictures of it, but I didnt want to post them as I dont want anybody to get scared... If somebody wants to see a picture, just email me. Here are pictures of her at my office while she was waiting for daddy to pick her up. I got her a bed from preschool, and a little chair from the first graders (the only classroom open), and she was very happy.




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I dont know if Im doing/thinking/feeling right, but my grandpa's situation (check on today's update on that post) is simply overwhelming.... I have this thought in my mind that if he doesnt make it, and this will be the last time I see him alive, I just dont want to remember him like that.... I want to remember him as how he was when he was just just a few days ago... That's the grandpa I want in my head, and not the new one....

Am I being selfish?? Am I a bad grandchild because I dont want to see him?? or be around him?? Or even take pictures of him?? Being there today really broke my heart, and I just dont want to be years and years just remembering how he was trying to convince me with his eyes and hands (as he cant talk) to let him out.... I dont want to remember that I had to hold his hands really tight a few times because he was strongly trying to take the nebulizer out.

My grandpa has always been one of those people that can talk to you about anything... You simply pick the subject, and he will tell you things that you didnt even know. If you say your name one day, a month later he will still remember your name: Both names and both last names (people use two last names in this country: Father's last name, and maiden name). His "thing" is talking, and that is the one thing that was taken away. Im sure he would have preferred to lose something else, and not his ability to talk.

Hubby will be spending the morning with him, and that will make me feel like "I am" helping somehow, even if Im not there, but I just really dont know what to do/think/feel. We will keep praying, and just hoping for a miracle if God understands if has to be done.

If your grandpa is alive and can talk, call him and let him know how much you love him, and make sure he answers back... And if you can, visit him and hold him tight.
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Being overweight and being 8 months pregnant gives you the right to buy the most fun outfits.... Here is a gown that I got when I was hugely preggo with Mia, and even with my big belly it was huge for me... Gaby found it today, and though it was the most hillarious thing to realized that they BOTH fit in there!!!!!!
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I got a really bad news today... My grandpa (my mom's dad) is very very sick. He had a Brain ischemia, and his condition is not very good. He cant talk and they are not even sure how much he can undertand, and he is being fed by a tube on his nose, which makes him very angry. He is having lots of tantrums, which makes things worst, especially since his blood pressure is sky rocket. He has always been very robust and he is very independent event though he is 94 years old.
Thank God he has 6 kids in town (he has two more, one in another town a bit far, and the other one in Heaven), and also lots of grandkids who loves him and takes care of him very much. My grandma is still around and rocking, but they are "separated" since I can remember, even though they never got a divorce. My mom and one of my uncle's wife are sleeping over tognight.
Tuesday Update: He is stable today, and he can nod his head to say yes, even though not all the time... I will continue praying for him, and I hope everything goes for the best.
Wednesday Update: He is not getting better.... He now has a very bad pneumonia and that could be fatal at 94 years old... I spent a few hours there in the afternoon and it just breaks my heart to see him in that condition... They even had to restrain his hand because he was taking all the cables out and trying to get up.... My uncles, aunt and mom got had a meeting today to talk about his situation... I will have an update from that tomorrow... Also, hubby will spent the morning with him tomorrow... Hope that goes just fine. Thank you for all the prayers!
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Gaby and Mia loves makeup, even though I hardly use any. They just love it. Today, an old friend of mine started working at the school with me (which Im really happy for), and she sent the girls two little makeup sets.

When I got home, I asked hubby how they behaved, and even though they had their moments minutes before I got there, he told me that they behave fine, so mom gave them the surprise!!
Mia was a bit "possesive", but we manged to have a really great time... I also learned about how girls are supposed to get some color in the nose and forehead, and thank God I manage to take out everything I had in my face (even though Mia got some leftovers...)... Even Mimi got some makeup too!!... I just have to wait and see when they get a bit older and this game will be just the best!
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Oh boy, oh boy!!! How fun!!! Our car was due for a wash since the last couple of days, and hubby decided to invite the girls to wash the car with him.... They where thrilled and felt so important.... They were mostly getting wet (themselves and the car), but if you ask Gaby she will say that she was the one that worked the most (Im sure if Mia could talk, she would say the same thing... She did seem very proud, though!)
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I dont think there are many people in the world that has the privilege of having a friendship like the one I have with my friend Noelia. We have been friends since we were 1 year old (here is a picture to prove it), and we are still friends at 27 years old (I hope you all can tell which baby is who!)
In addtion to the time we have been together, we have managed to have 26 years of friendship without any struggles, except for a little misunderstanding in 6th Grade (which Im sure she hardly remebers) that lasted a couple of days. During my whole 4 years of high school and a couple of years after that, we spent mostly the whole week together, and not even with that much interaction we had a situation that we couldn’t talk or being mad at each other for more than 5 minutes. If you have that, Congratulations, because I feel honored and grateful to have it.

During the last 5 years, my life have turned around motherhood, and her life turned around her college, and even though we keep talking and communicating, being together or just hang out has been a bit difficult. Today, she accomplished something that means to me more than what she can imaging. Today, after a very hard beginning and after several years of struggling, Noelia graduated college and received her Bachelor in Architectonic Design and Decoration.

When her name was called and she walked to get her certificate, my heart was full of pride, and my heart started racing of truly happiness! I didn’t had a good view, so I had to record her from a projector, but here is a video of her while receiving her certificate..

Here is a picture of us after the ceremony…
Noelia: Im very proud of you, and I hope to be by your side while you keep succeeding in life!! Way to go!!! We love you very much!
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I was due for a new calendar in my office as the one that I had in my wall just expired last month. So, I decided to design one... I made a fake logo and wrote a fake name to post it here, but I wanted to show you guys what I have hanging up at the wall in front of me:
From the top pictures, Mia is on the right with one of the teachers. In the bottom row, the little girl from the left is the niece of one dear friend who used to be my sister in Church, and one of the little boys from the right (the one in the middle) is the son of a co-worker.
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No more bottles in the Flowers Household!!!!! Mimi is officially a pro drinking her milk from a sippy cup... She has no problem at all, and will drink her milk in it as fast as she used to do it with a bottle. She is not drinking 5 times anymore, but she is drinking at least 4 times a day, which is fine by me as she drinks 8 ounces in each bottle. I have the feeling that doesnt matter how much she eats, she will always be a skinny girl. She is not picky and will eat mostly everything and as much as we offer her. She never says no to food. I keep saying that she is going to be the smartest Flower, as I think the food has to be going to her brain, as there is no aparent place where all those food is going (as she doesnt grow or gain weight!!!).
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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