I think each person has a thing. My "thing" is designing stuff, and hubby's "thing" is computers in general. My mom's "thing" is "Spanish Grammar" and she LOVES doing spelling checks for books and stuff. My older brother's "thing" is Golf, and every time I see something golf related, I think about him. This list could go on and on.
My girls are too little to have a "thing" for life, but they definetily have a "thing". When I was Gaby's age and up to my teen years I wanted to be a Pediatrician or a Veterinarian..... I remember making my mom buying me parenting and veterinarian magazines and books, and all I could do was to read about it... So, my "things" were "babies and animals". When hubby was Gaby's age and up to a few years ago his "thing" was swimming.... He had been in something related to swimming, lifeguarding, pool maintenance, swimming instructor, and so on, since he was a little kid until we moved to this Country a few years ago.
So, we know the girls' *thing* can change, but we do now that it may take a while. Since Gaby was around 6 months old, we knew her love for animals was not usual. We know kids loves animals, but Gaby's love was/is more than what she can handle. Animals around were "tantrum" magnets as she wanted the animal to "peacefully" sit with her, and dont move. She used to lose control over it, and still does. She cries and begs for a dog at least 2 times a week, and I promised her that I was going to get her one when she turns 10 years old. By that time, they will be 7, 8 and 10 and it will be easier for me to handle another "mess maker" on the house. It breaks my heart, but I just cant afford "physically, mentally or even economically" a pet in the house.
Last summer she went to New Jersey to my in-law's and she was in heaven. They have hubby's old dog "Pucky" who is a Black lab mixed with German Shepard, and my sister in law has a Golden Retriever named "Amber". Gaby was happier than ever and every time we talked over the phone while she was there, she would talk about Pucky and Amber... Now, when my in-laws call, Gaby ask them to get the dogs on the phone to say hello to them. So, Gaby's "thing" is *Animals*! I think that if a veterinarian is born with a special feeling for animals and a special call, then Gaby has all the potential to be a veterinarian. I recollected pictures of Gaby with animals since she was a little baby and up to now... As they were so many, I made a montage... It has around 50 pictures, but I hope you guys can take the time to take a look at it....

--- UPDATE: The people from ONE TRUE MEDIA, where I made this montage, closed down their website, so you cant see the montage anymore :( 

By the way, the post is called Part I, as I dont want this post to go so long, so I will be posting Mia and Mimi's thing in Part II and Part III.
Posted by Anelys Perez On 6:21 PM 5 comments

5 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a lot of animals!! Can't wait to see what the other girls "things" are . . .
It has made me think what my "thing" is . . .

Anonymous said...

awwww i was the same way with animals when i was a kid and i still have a "thing" for animals :)

Heather said...

very cute!

My3Ro's said...

Gaby seems to have a knack for them. She is so cute with them too.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Cara: Im working on Mia and Mimi's but they dont have as many pictures with their thing, though.

Erica: That's nice!

H and Sus: Yes, she is!


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