For the past few Sundays, we have been going to have lunch at my mom's house. The cooking lady used to leave home on Saturday afternoons and come back Monday mornings, but now she is leaving Monday morning and coming back on Wednesdays, which means that she is at my mom's house over the weekend. She is a great cooker and we love to eat her food. Besides we love to have somebody to cook for us for a change. The girls also loves spending time at grandma's, even though, my mom's poor little dog wishes we were not there at all.

There is a park near my mom's house. It's one of the few public parks in the city, and even though they dont give it much maintenance, we go from now and then as the girls find it "beautiful" anyways. As always the girls had a blast, especially Mimi. We took a ball and Mimi was happily playing with it... Mia and Gaby had lots of fun in the swings, and even Mimi got some swinging with my mom (there are no swings for babies, so my mom had to sit her on her lap). The girls loved going after every single dog and Gaby felt in love wtih a mini Chihuahua that the owner let her hold.

Here is Mimi playing with the ball
Here is Gaby kicking at the ball (and getting in trouble with Mia)

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Heather said...

Happy to see you all outside having family time together. You know Tiago would take Gaby in a game any day, jk!


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

H: I bet he can take her, but I bet he cant take Mia... She will think they are playing Football, and will take him down somehow!! LOL


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