Besides of the small cloth and shoes, two things that say that I have a baby (babies) in my house are the bottles and diapers. Mia is doing very good with Potty Training, but there are still accidents, and Mimi is not even close to potty training yet.

So, today we started the Sippy cup training!! This is the first time that the training wont be made 100% because Mimi stays until after lunch in her "little school". I was afraid to start it, as I didnt want them to let her starve as she HATES Sippy cup with passion, but they actually suggested it last week. The nipples of her bottle where due for a replacement, and we (the nurse and I) decided that it was the best to buy her Sippy cups and simply train her.

As of today, Mimi wont be using a bottle outside of the house anymore. We will continue to give her the night bottle, but all the other milks (she drinks milk 3-4 times during the day) will be in a Sippy cup.

When I picked her up, the nurse told me that they had a hard time with it.... She was crying and complaining and she wasnt able to suck hard enough for the milk to come out. She told me that they had to take the "non-spill valve" out, for her to be able to suck. Growing up is so difficult, but I know she will learn in no time. She only had milk one time, and the other one was still there... They gave her an extra snack, so at least she was not starving.. My poor thing.

I know she will slow down on the milk, and I dont have any problems with it, unless she starts losing weight. I doubt it, as I think she eats too much, even though she is hardly gaining any weight. I really havent figure out where she fits all the eats... Here is what she has everyday (Have in mind that in this country the main food is lunch, not dinner):
6:30 am: Bottle of milk
9:00 am: Breakfast (normally cereal) + Bottle of milk
10:30am: Snack (a fruit or something like that)
12:30 pm: Lunch (Normally rice, beans with meat or pasta with meat) + Bottle of milk
3:00 - 3:30 pm: Bottle of milk
4:30 pm: Snack (normally hard cereal)
6:30 : Dinner (Something like mashed potato with cheese)
7:30 : Bottle of milk

This means that she is on 5 bottles of milk a day, which I will love to be just 3. Today she had 4 instead of 5. Im sure she will cut down as the Sippy cup is harder for her, so let's see.

And of course, I cant finish the post without a picture of my little rascal:
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