The question is not only how expensive is to be a 2 year old, but how expensive is to send a 2 year old to school. We are lucky enough that Camila has a scholarship in the school that I work with, but we only have to pay Registration fee, uniforms, supplies and books.

As I have mentioned before, buying online is cheaper to me so I got in Amazon everything that Camila has in her list of supplies and it's simply amazing how expensive is it. So, besides uniforms, backpack, lunchbox, accesories for the lunchbox, towels, and some other things that they ask, here is what her supplies list is worth:
  • 3 Eight-Pack of Washable Crayola markers: $4.93 x 3 = $14.79
  • 3 Eight-Pack of Jumbo Crayola Crayons: $2.69 x 3 = $8.07
  • 2 24-Pack of Regular Crayola Crayongs: $2.19 x 2 = $4.38
  • 4 Paint Brushes two different sizes (Im getting a pack that she will be able to share with Gaby): $2.78
  • Art Smock $7.49
  • 3 Ten-Pack 2 ounces Crayola Paint: $7.30 x 3 = $21.9
  • 2 Packs of 4 colors of Playdoh (Im getting one package with 8 colors): $5.49
  • 2 School Glue Elmer, Britt or UHU: $1.22 x 2 = 2.44
  • 2 Blue sticks: $5.70
  • 2 Plastic scissors: $4.59
  • 4 pack of Construction paper (Im getting 2 packs of a bigger package): $8.51 x 2 = $17.02
  • Clean and Go Baby Wipes (Im getting a big box to share with Gaby): $6.99
  • One gallon Ziploc $2.82
  • 2 reams of paper (Will buy them here as it weights too much): $ 7.50 x 2 = $15.00
  • 5 units of different colors of posted board (will get that here): $ 7.50
  • 4 different colors of crepe paper packs (will get that here): $12.00

For a grand total (before shipping) of: $138.96

I dont think shipping will be much as I try to pick things will low shipping (sadly things didnt qualified for Amazon Prime), but I do know for sure that I will be spending at least the half of what would everything costs int his country......

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nicole said...

OMG - And I thought I was spending much on school supplies for mine with two school age, but I am a bargain shopper and always stock up when it gets on clearance after school started for during the year and the following.

But even we have to bring all the supplies to school here in Texas, at our previous duty station in Massachusetts everything was provided by the school (Kindergarten) even free breakfast. I miss that.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Nicole: Public schools do get supplies and even breakfast, but not private schools... They give us the option to buy it and we paying them but it is way cheaper for me to buy it on my own....

And I also stuck up too, but the problem is that the school is asking for specific brands, which makes things harder.... Know what I mean??

Im just waiting to get Gaby's list... That's going to be mad!!!

cul-ture-queen said...

That's almost half of the things I need to get for Laila to start in Pre-K. Looks like you got some good deals though.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Culturequeen: I bet.... I will post Gaby's list when I get it to compare it...
As for the deals, click on Mia's wish list on the right, and everything is there if you want to get something for Laila at those prices....

The Mouse House said...

Wow! I had NO idea that kids needed that much stuff!! Yikes! I guess I should start saving up for Ethan now. Isn't there a way you could get it near you? Have you signed up for the Amazon Credit Card? We have it and we get gift certificates all the time... that might help!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe its sooo much !!!!! That is crazy......cant someone from the usa just buy the stuff and ship it cheaper?

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Hayley: They need so many stuff because the 2 year old class is part of the curriculum of this country.... Most kids starts school at 2, even if the mom is a SAHM. So, maybe it wont be that much in the states, though....

Erica: My MIL can buy some stuff, but shipping will be more expensive, plus she may get "lost" with the brands, and if you notice, the school is asking for specific brands... They do that because there are so many cheap brands in this country with really bad quality, and then things start falling apart... kwim??

Heather said...

Lame you have to buy it all yourself but of course i understand, but its still lame, lol!


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

H: There are good and bad things about it... The bad thing is, of course, that I have to pay for it, but the good thing is that I get to choose them, and I get to see what they are going to use, and all that.... KWIM?


We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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