Another not so wordless Wednesday in honor of Gaby's birthday (coming soon)... Cant believe almost 6 years ago I had this baby in my arms, and now she is a first grader about to turn SIX!
Side note: This wasnt her real birth announcement.. I made this one as a sample when I first started my business... Her real birth announcement was done with the big photo of this announcement and I paid over 150 bucks for it!! OUCH!!!!!!! Thanks God people have my shop now (hint, hint) so they dont have to pay that much! :)

For more Wordless (and not so wordless) Wednesdays, go here and to 5 Minutes for Mom.
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My girls never stop to amaze me, but in the last few weeks I have been able to see them growing in front of my eyes in a way I cant even explain.

As I have mentioned before, bedtime has never been a real issue in this house. The only challenge we had once was kicking Mia out of our bed, but we did it and she sleeps happily in her bed every night. There are a few days where she would try to sneak in our bed, but we send her back to hers, and she will walk back to it.

Anyway, I was a bit hesitant about moving Mimi out of her crib, however, she haven’t stop to amaze us since day 1. She actually walks in to her bed, asks for a kiss and a hug, and then she gets comfortable and falls asleep. Even when Mia tries to sneak in our bed, Mimi will follow her to find out if we would allow her in our bed… When she sees that we are not going to allow her, she actually runs back to her bed, no questions asked.

The only situation is that they all want to sleep together, so we had to put the beds right next to each other, but I truly don’t mind for now. I plan to get each one of them a new comforter with their favorite characters, still haven’t decide which ones are those… Probably for Gaby can be My Little Pony, for Mia can be Mickey and Minnie, and for Mimi can be Dora…. We’ll see. Maybe, after each one has their new comforter, they will want to sleep in their own bed.. Who knows? Or maybe I could get somebody on Etsy to make me comforters with their flower color: Purple Flower for Gaby, Red Flower for Mia and Pink Flower for Mimi... Who knows? That is part of my 101 tasks (#4 to be exact), so I need to get into that...

As Im still camera-less, I have no new pics for this post, so the pic Im adding is from last month when I was trying to get a photo for a sample card for a Sesame Street set for my shop.
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The delivery guy knocks on the door.... I wasnt properly dressed to receive a guy on the door, so I wanted to grab something fast to wear... The first that I could grab was one of hubby's shirt...

First reaction:
Mimi: Noooooooo... that belongs to Daddy
Me: Yes, but he is borrowing it to Mommy
Mimi: Nooooo.. That belongs to daddy, and instanly runs to hubby to tell him (he was already cracking up)...

So, Im going down the stairs and..
Mia: Mommy, that belongs to daddy
Me: Yes, but he is borrowing it to Mommy
Mia: No, give it back.... Nooooooooooooooooooow.

As I go to the door, Gaby comes to me and gives me a hug... I guess she is the only loyal to mommy around here! LOL :)
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I read this on another blog, and just a few days ago I was reading the rules at the meme's home. As my readers should know by now, I LOVE checking off completed tasks, so I think this project would be AWESOME for me... So far, the most difficult thing has been to come up with 101 things that I want to complete in 2.75 years. The idea is that "tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined". As I complete each one, I will be making a post of it with the number of the task Im completing and photos and what not, about the task! Feel free to join me and let me know if you do!

I think this is a big challenge and Im merging in it some lists that I have made in the past for New Years solutions, the Blooming Buds strategy, as well as the Working on Healthy buds posts.

Here are my 101 tasks that I will have done by: June 23, 2012
#1 : Come up with 101 tasks to complete in 1001 days - That is another 100 tasks besides this one (Completed by 9-26-2009)
#2 : Potty train Mimi [In progress]
#3 : Pay off credit card [In progress]
#4 : Redecorate the girls room {including a new bed for Mimi, and comforters for all three girls} [In progress... Already got a new bed for Mimi]
#5 : Make a will
#6 : Get a family portrait taken for my new website having the girls wearing their colors: Purple, red and pink [In progress: already got Gaby's purple outfit]
#7 : For 2010, buy the holiday outfits from Prairie Mama and hair bows from Fifi's Closet, for the holiday card photo, take the photo and make the card by the first week of November at the latest (0/3) [Changed the year on this one as it didnt happen on 2009]
#8 : Burn a CD of my customers per year
#9 : Continue burning CDs with our photos per month [Done from Gaby's birth up to June 2006]
#10 : Clean up my Gmail [In progress ... Im already down from 99% full to 96%]
#11 : Clean up my MSN Email
#12 : Recuperate photos from Mia’s 2nd birthday and Mimi’s baptism with the photographer
#13 : Paint the house inside
#14 : Get my eyes checked again and get my prescription lens and frame (2/2) (Completed by 01/08/10).
#15: Get a sewing machine
#16 : Get a laminator
#17 : Get a bike for me
#18 : Move to a new and smaller place (Completed by Dec. 1, 2009)
#19 : Organize bookmarks on computer - Explorer and Firefox (0/2)
#20 : Get new dishes
#21 : Get the girls at least 15 new bows each and buy a nice bow holder to put them in their bedroom (Bows: 1/45, Holders: 0/3)
#22 : To have a Thanksgiving dinner and set up the Christmas Tree that same day [Changed the year on this one as it didnt happen on 2009]
#23 : Give life to my unused Etsy shop
#24 : Launch 3LF Creative Media blog
#25 : Launch 3LF Creative Media site
#26 : Launch the new version for 3 Little Flowers [In progress. Already purchased new hosting, just need to finish designing the site]
#27 : Put together printed party supplies designed by me for a photo for my new site [In progress]
#28 : Buy a new small camera for daily use (to replace the stolen ones)
#29 : Buy a DSLR camera (Nikon D90)
#30 : Reach my weight goal: 135 pounds [In progress... Already lost 40 pounds]
#31 : Have a breast reduction
#32 : Go to Ocean World with the girls
#33 : Get a binder for each girl and organize all their papers -medical, school, identification, etc.- (0/3) [In process: Already bought the one for Gaby and I still need to decorate it]
#34 : Finish my blog books from 2007 to 2010 (0/4)
#35: Invite for a sleepover my two nephews at my house for a weekend
#36 : Make and implement new reward system for the girls
#37 : Make at home the gifts for the teachers for Christmas 2010 by the first week of December [Changed the year on this one as it didnt happen on 2009]
#38 : Redecorate the playroom [In progress]
#39 : Get rid of all the toys from 0-2 years old [In progress]
#40 : Get rid of unused clothes of the girls and us (including maternity clothes) [In progress]
#41 : Get a new ironing board
#42 : Fix our car completely or buy a new one [In progress]
#43 : Tint the car windows
#44 : Give the car a makeover
#45 : Open a new Paypal account and back account (0/2)
#46 : Make a simply recipe book
#47 : Make a new budget
#48 : Make an standard shopping list to go food shopping
#49 : Get a new do - highlights (Completed by Dec. 15, 2009)
#50 : Buy a new pair of shoes for the day to day use {this one in Tribal brown or this one in chocolate or another similar one that I find at the moment} (Completed by Nov. 17, 2009)
#51 : To get new clothes for my new weight when I reach my weight goal
#52 : Read 10 books that are NOT mom related (4/10) [In progress... Read so far: Succubus Blues, Succubus on top, Succubus Dreams, Succubus Heat, now reading Succubus Shadows]
#53 : aGo out alone with my friends at least once per month for six months (6/6) (Completed... Will have to make a post about it soon)
#54 : Plan something for my mom's 60th birthday on 2011
#55 : Decorate a wall with photos
#56 : Buy makeup [In progress]
#57 : Give a creative use to the bedroom next to the laundry room (called the maid's room in this country)
#58 : Redecorate my bedroom
#59 : Make playdates with 5 different high school friends with kids (0/5)
#60 : Plan a nice joined birthday party for Mia and Mimi for 2011 - 4th and 5th Birthday
#61 : Plan something nice for my 29th birthday on January - which is something that I NEVER do - [Completed by January 29th... Post to come]
#62 : Make an alphabet book
#63 : Learn how to make bows
#64 : Learn how to sew
#65 : Buy a Blackberry for me (Completed by Nov. 28, 2009... Also updated it by May 5th)
#66 : Get a power generator (Completed by Nov. 21, 2009)
#67 : Take care of my blood pressure issue
#68 : Sponsor a child
#69 : Make 10 blinkies at no charge to other blogs in exchange for them to have my blinkie on their blogs
#70 : Visit our old neighbors in our old town
#71 : To get Gaby to get checked by an orthopedist for a second opinion on her bull legs
#72 : Get Gaby the neurologic tests done - EEG, Head MRI, plus some blood work with several tests. (0/3)
#73 : Work on my business mailing list and start it
#74 : Take the girls to the dentist (0/3)
#75 : Perform "surgery" to all books in need and protect them all with contact paper to the ones that need it
#76 : Find 5 things on the house that can be sold and sell them
#77 : Get a dentist check up for me
#78 : Make a cute card to 10 people just because (0/10)
#79 : Find a new home for Sassy once I found the new place (Completed by Nov. 29, 2009)
#80 : Learn how to make jam
#81 : Learn how to make bread
#82 : Get together with my cousins for a coffee and chat a bit (just the girls)
#83 : Organize all the medications and label them and buy an ear thermometer
#84 : Get hampers for each girl and a separate hamper for the uniforms (0/4)
#85 : Update the About us page on my blog and the photos of the girls faces on the top right (Completed by October 12th.. Click here to view ... Second update made 06/14/2010)
#86 : Plan or help plan a new get together with all my cousins and their kids for 2011
#87 : Host a get together at our house
#88 : Get an extra income of at least $500 bucks (Completed by Nov. 2, 2009)
#89 : Get Gaby to participate in some kinda of sport
#90 : Go to the movies with the girls
#91 : Get a Wii and Wii Fit
#92 : Convert one friend or family to cloth diaper
#93 : Pay off loan #1
#94 : Pay off loan #2
#95 : Go back college again
#96 : Get passports for Camila and Amelia (0/2)
#97 : Complete 2 courses related to design and/or photography (0/2)
#98 : Plan a sleepover with some of Gaby's friends or cousins
#99 : Get a comfortable chair for my computer
#100 : Get a cute case for my headsets
#101 : Buy a lunchbox for my job

Facts about us in 1001 days:
- Completition date is June 23, 2012 (Just added a countdown at the blog's bottom)
- Gaby is going to be out of 3rd grade, Mia is going to be out of Kinder and Mimi is going to be out of Pre-K. All 3 of them are going to be getting ready for summer and looking forward to 4th Grade, 1st Grade and Kinder.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
October 11, 2009 - Marked several as in progress
November 19, 2009 - Made a lot of changes due to some changes in my household
June 17, 2010 - Marked several as in progress and completed (big update for the blog to come in the next few days)
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The Purple Lunchbox

This week we had a day off Thursday, so Gaby only had 4 lunchboxes... I was only able to get the Cauliflower done one day, and Gaby said it was yucky, and I honestly dont want to push it... Cant understand how something that is so yummy for me, it is so yucky for her, but oh well... I think we will moving on to another veggie...

I plan to make next week "MAGIC GREEN"... I will try a variety of green veggies... We'll see how that goes... If you guys want to play along, Im open to any ideas or suggestions...

This week I didnt had my dad's camera with me, so while I get my new camera, I think we will be getting nasty cell phone photos.... Here is what Gaby got this week:


- Chicken sausages
- 1 mozarella stick (cut in half)
- Peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich
- A banana
Comments: She had an issue in school and she didnt had time to eat her whole lunch... She only ate the sausages and cheese... She adores bananas, but she didnt had enough time.


- Cauliflower puree (boiled cauliflowers, then made puree in the chopper with some skim milk and butter).. I also put cheese on top, which is all you guys can see..
- Salty crackers
- 3 rolls of Ham with olives
Comments: She ate everything except for the cauliflower..


- Spinach wrap with Ham and cheese with mayo (cut in 4 due to space)
- A handful of olives
- Mixed of berries yogurt
Comments: She ate everything except for 2 or 3 olives...


FRIDAY: No photo
- Low Fat Cookies and Cream Granola Bar
- Mozarella cheese stick
- Sandwich of Cheese and Ham with olives
Comments: She ate everything as I was expencting.. LOL.

If played along this week, share your link here:

Dont forget to leave your comment, even if you didnt participate!! You guys know how much I love comments!!!!
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Today was a local holiday and we got to spend the whole day together... My brother, sister in law and nephew were in town, and we went to Happyland (remember the place?)... This time we went to a new Happyland they opened last week in the same place where I got together with my friend last week. My mom also went with us.

I didnt had the camera with us, and my brother only takes photos with his Blackberry, so there are no photos to post... That makes me really sad, but oh well, there will be other chances to take photos...

Here are some photos property on Bonchecitos, so you guys can have an idea of how it looks... This is the main entrance:

The similar atraction in the other Happyland is a ship.. In the new one it is a plane!

The similar to this one is the trains... Here they have Safari jeeps:

The bumper cars... I got in with Gaby (she was doing all the driving) and hubby got in with Mia.. It was really fun...

When we got home, we took care of a few homeworks that Gaby had for tomorrow... How fun was to find out that she can practice her lessons ONLINE!!!!!! One of the math homeworks was to go and play an addition game in the Harcourt website, and we found tons of games for math and spelling and Gaby is in love with them... I will be doing a separate post about this!
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Today's post cant be totally wordless.. The shirt Mia is wearing was originally made for Mimi as a dress (see photos here.... notice they have matching dresses, but the one for Mimi is the one with the pink ribbon).... By the way, the pillow dress (now shirt) was made by Prairie Mama... Not only they are cute, but will last A LOT and they are super cheap!

For more Wordless Wednesday go here and 5 minutes for mom.
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For years I have known a lady under her online screen name, and as the mom of two gorgeous boys... We "met" on the Latino Families board on Baby Center and we kinda lose contact after the boards changed (I think it was a year ago... or is it two years already??)...

Anyway, she is married to a dominican man, and they came to the country to visit his family... On the very last day of her visit, I got to meet, not only her, her husband and kids, but also her husband's whole family!!

We got together in a big department store that is kinda like a shopping plaza, just after I picked Gaby up from school, and we talked and talked and talked. The kids ran around like crazy, and my girls also ate some chocolates and junk food that they "stole" from her older son.. LOL...

Her younger son was at home, because he was sleeping, so we decided to go to their house and we had an awesome time... As soon as we got there, there were tons of arms to hold the girls and play with them... They live in a very small street and mostly all the neighbors are from the same family... My girls felt at home..

After a while, we went to my mom's house so Gaby could do her homework and to get together with hubby (I had my mom's car, so hubby drove my mom to her house and was waiting for me over there)... Then, we came back to my friend's house so hubby could also meet her and her family...
We truly had an awesome time, and it makes me sad that we got to meet in her very last day in the country... Im sure our friendship will grow up more, and they do visit the country as frequent as they can, so there will be more and more chances to see each other. Their family is very nice and treated us like queen, king and princesses...
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Today is my nephew's Ariel 3rd birthday and we plan to celebrate it next weekend... It is also the third anniversary of the birth of Marcos, the angel baby that grew wings too soon to become Ariel's angel (for those who doesnt know who he is, he is the son of my friend Luz, who was born at 26 weeks and grew wings a few hours later on Sept. 22, 2006).

I plan to update this post as soon as we can get the photos on Marcos' gifts... In the meantime, you guys can read last year's post.
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The last 2 or 3 weeks have been very rough on Gaby, and last Thursday she was actually shaking of how tired she was... It was scary, but I just knew what she was feeling...

There are days where I dont go to sleep until 3-4am and then I wake up at 5:30am.. If I do that 2 or 3 days in a row, there is a moment where I start shaking... I feel little ants running all over my body and I cant keep myself on a chair a second longer...

I think that is how Gaby was feeling... Of course, not with so little sleep, but Im 28 and she is 5 (HUGE age difference)..

Anyway, I first talked to hubby and then with my mom and we all agree that it was better for Gaby to spend the weekend at my mom's house... The idea was to keep her in a noise free enviroment where she could sleep naps during the day, and simply veggie around... On Saturday she actually took TWO naps!!!

My mom gave her some tutoring in Spanish, and it is amazing how my mom got her reading Spanish in just two days... She was reading and writing happily...

Anyway, I have to confess that I miss her... It feels weird not to have her around, especially since hubby was here... On Saturday, we took Mia and Mimi to a park and they had a blast... Then, we went for Ice Cream... It was weird to do all that without Gaby, however it was fun for the two little ones to have an one in one atention...

I hate that we didnt had a camera to take photos as my dad and his wife are using their camera this weekend... I really need to buy a new small camera... It's been several months since the last time my camera was mugged!
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The Purple Lunchbox

This week was a very good, but not in the way I planned for it... We had issues with our gas provider and we are still waiting for them to come and fill out our gas (who has been out since Monday after I finished making breakfast)... We are fine cooking everything else in our electric oven and microwave and rice electric pot, however, I had no way to boil the broccoli.. Soooo, we couldnt make the Magic Broccoli week... Instead, I decided to avoid veggies most of the days to see how much Gaby was going to improve her eating...

Im amazed to say that almost everyday (except one day that I sent in veggies), she ate EVERYTHING!!!!! And I mean EVERYTHING, even the fruits that sometimes she will leave untouched!!!!

As I also got cauliflower, and assuming my gas situation will be sort out tomorrow at the latest, I plan to make next week "MAGIC CAULIFLOWER", with 5 different ways to eat Cauliflower... If you guys want to play along, Im open to any ideas or suggestions...

Here is what Gaby got this week:

- Cheese and mayo dressing in a tomato wrap
- Ham with olives rolls
- Laughing cow cream cheese
- Blueberry Yogurt
Comments: Container came home EMPTY EMPTY!


- Peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich in whole wheat bread
- Chicken sausages
- Apple wedges (a full apple)
Comments: Container also came home EMPTY EMPTY!


- Cheese and dressing in a tomato wrap
- Apple wedges (a full apple)
- Carrots in circle with melted cheese
Comments: Carrots were almost all there and at least half of the apples...


- Ham with olive and cheese rolls
- Tuna salad sandwich in whole wheat bread
- Strawberry yougurt
Comments: She ate EVERYTHING.


- Crackers with dressing
- Pears with chocolate sprinkles
- Cheese and Ham with olives rolls
Comments: None yet.

On Monday (just before my gas decided to die), I made a sandwich for hubby to take to work that looked very good... The photo is not good and it doesnt show it as cute as it was in real person, though... It is a sandwich in whole wheat bread with Ham with olives, cheese, tomato, eggs and mayo.

If played along this week, share your link here:

Dont forget to leave your comment, even if you didnt participate!! You guys know how much I love comments!!!!
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I cant believe how difficult has been for me to keep up with this meme... There has been some fun new themes and I havent been able to participate... I promise to take photos this weekend and catch up with "Photos of my Stash", "My cloth wipes system" and "Daddy's point of view", VERY SOON!!!
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For more Wordless Wednesday go here and 5 Minutes for Mom.
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The Purple Lunchbox

This week was way better than the previous week... It was MAGIC CARROT week and it worked perfectly.... She still didnt eat some of the other stuff that I sent (some of the fruits were untouched), however she did ATE all the things with carrots that I sent for her.. WOO HOO!!!

To keep up with "hide the veggies" idea, this week we will play MAGIC BROCCOLI. We will come up with 5 different ways to eat broccoli... If you guys want to play along, Im open to any ideas or suggestions... I know I can make Puree Broccoli (I used to make puree Cauliflower with a South Beach Recipe), so I hope it tastes as good with Broccoli.

Here is what Gaby got this week:
- Cheese in shapes (you guys can hardly notice, but there are hearts, circles, triangles, among others)
- Crackers with mayo dressing
- 2 slices of Ham
- Apple Wedges
- Apple and Carrot Juice
Comments: Even though I sent juice everyday, I never take photos of it... Today, Im including it in the photo, because there is where the magic carrot is... My mom has a Power Juicer, so we stopped by her house the night before to make the juice with it... It has TONS of carrots and Gaby LOVED it... When I picked her up I asked her if she knew what kind of juice it was, and she was happily surprised when I told her what it was. She hardly touch the apples, but that is Ok as she still got her fruit with the juice.

- Ham and Cheese Sandwich with a homemade carrot dressing
- Strawberry yogurt (with Strawberry chuncks)
- 4 slices of ham
Comments: She ate EVERYTHING... She loved the sandwich and when I asked her if she knew what the dressing was she said YES. She told me that she opened it before eating it and that the carrot dressing was really good.

- Crackers sandwiches with the same carrot dressing from yesterday
- Rounded pieces of carrots
- 1 triangle of the Laughing Cow
- 2 slices of cheese
- Peach wedges with chocolate sprinkles
Comments: She didnt eat the peach because "she didnt know what it was" (I have gotten that excuse several times already) and the pieces of carrots were almost untouched... However, she ate the carrots from the dressing on the crackers, and everything else.

- Breadsticks with tomato sauce
- Chocolate pudding
- Orange Juice
Comments: Hubby had to buy her brunch at school today, because I went to sleep at 4am and I just couldnt get up to make her something... I still cant believe what he gave her, but of course, she ate it all.. LOL

- Carrot cupcakes
- Strawberries with a little bit of vanilla frosting
- Crackers with mayo dressing
Comments: We ran out of bread and tortillas so I had to send her crackers again... They are low fat and still tummy fillers, so Im Ok with that. I still have no idea if she will eat everything, but I bet she will love the carrot cupcakes!

If played along this week, share your link here:

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Today was the birthday party of one of Gaby's classmates... His name is Mario, and his mom and I get along very well... She invited all 3 girls, and even though it was a Monday, we all went.

It was so funny because the girls ate like there was no tomorrow, and they seriously had a blast... They are normally shy at parties, but they were all having fun and participating in the activities....

Mimi even let them paint her face for the first time... They all got cat faces! Here is Gaby participating in one of the activities:
My 3 kitties:
Eating some more:
Mia running around:
Then, they ate pizza and then Ice Cream:
We didnt got a good shot of the cake, but at least we know the girls were there, right? LOL
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The Purple LunchboxThis was the worst week since I started the Purple Lunchbox! First of all Im late doing this post… Why? Cause Im having Internet issues at home since the beginning of the week, and Im driving myself crazy! Second, because Gaby is hardly eating what Im sending her!… and third, because it got very difficult to take the photos; and on Thursday I couldn’t even pack her lunch!!! That is just A LOT of issues for one week! (Yeah, Yeah, I know it is not the end of the world, but bare with me here).

The main reason why Gaby stopped eating her lunch is because she just doesn’t want carrots or baby corn when her friends are having Cheetos and Oreos. Also, she prefers to eat the tummy filler (the wrap, sandwich or whatever carbs I sent that day), and then go and play. So, as I had spot the problem, I need to focus in a solution for next week.

The plan is to HIDE the veggies. I honestly wasn’t looking forward to do this, especially since she actually likes some veggies. But, if she doesn’t want to eat them in school because she is embarrassed (some kids actually make fun of her healthy lunch, and some even ask her: “Are you going to eat THAT? Why?”.

I know there are other solutions, but in the meantime, at least for a few weeks I will hide the veggies… I have no idea HOW I will do that, but I will do my homework (Thanks God for Google) and I will come up with a few things to do.

So, if you want to try something different this new week, why don’t we all try: “5 WAYS TO COVER UP: CARROTS”… I will try a different thing EACH day of the week with CARROTS.

Here are this week’s lunchboxes:
MONDAY: (No photo because the camera was a no show)
- Ham and cheese Sandwich
- Apple Wedges (a full apple)
- Cherrie Tomatoes
RESULTS: She ate the sandwich and some apple. Tomatoes came home untouched: She just wont eat them.

- Spinach Wrap with Ham and Cheese (2 pieces)
- Peach wedges
- Baby Corn
RESULTS: She eat one and half wrap and leave EVERYTHING else! The funny thing is that she loves those wraps so much that she always complains that I don’t send more… So, today, she didn’t even finish those. Peach and corn were untouched. She complained that the corn had no dipping and asked me to send them again tomorrow with dipping.

PhotobucketToday I also sent hubby some lunch:
- Rice
- Boiled Egg
- Cherrie Tomatoes
- 1 mozzarella stick (cut in 2)
- Pineapple slices
RESULTS: He didn’t got full and was starving 3 hours later! I don’t plan to send him more food than that, instead Im going to teach him to get full with that amount because it is just enough for him.

- Crackers sandwiches with a homemade dip made with Mayo
- 1 mozzarella stick (cut in 2)
- APhotobucketpple Wedges (a full apple)
- Baby Corn with melted cheese
RESULTS: She ate the crackers, the cheese, but she barely touched the apple and didn’t even look at the baby corn. They were actually swimming in cheese as she asked yesterday, however she told me that she didn’t know what it was and that is why she didn’t eat it. Sigh! Still not sure why she haven’t been eating the apples because she LOVES apples.

THURSDAY: (No photo)
Today I couldn’t pack lunch for her (I will talk about what happened Wednesday night in detail in another post). Anyway, I didn’t give her money. Instead, hubby bought the things for her. He got her a Ham and cheese Sandwich with a biscuit (plus the juice).
RESULTS: She ate everything and actually told me that she prefers that, instead of the veggies and fruits… How motivating she is to me! NOT!

FRIDAY: (No photo)
- Baby Carrots with melted cheese
- Pineapple slices
- 1 mozzarella stick (cut in 2)
RESULTS: Today I decided not to send carbs to see what she was going to do, and she still didn’t eat right. Baby carrots were untouched, and she drank the juice out of the pineapples and didn’t actually eat them. The only thing she actually ate was the mozzarella stick.

If played along this week, share your link here:
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My internet is out and I have hardly been able to get online since Tuesday... I have so much to post about, but I will catch up as soon as the Internet company decides that I deserve Internet again.... Sigh! :(
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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Awarded by Sara: Photobucket Awarded by Nicole and Erica: Photobucket Awarded by Denai: Photobucket Awarded by Kelly: Photobucket Awarded by Ali and Breanna: Honest Scrap Awarded by Andrea & Meaghan: Friends

Awarded by Priscila Photobucket