The delivery guy knocks on the door.... I wasnt properly dressed to receive a guy on the door, so I wanted to grab something fast to wear... The first that I could grab was one of hubby's shirt...

First reaction:
Mimi: Noooooooo... that belongs to Daddy
Me: Yes, but he is borrowing it to Mommy
Mimi: Nooooo.. That belongs to daddy, and instanly runs to hubby to tell him (he was already cracking up)...

So, Im going down the stairs and..
Mia: Mommy, that belongs to daddy
Me: Yes, but he is borrowing it to Mommy
Mia: No, give it back.... Nooooooooooooooooooow.

As I go to the door, Gaby comes to me and gives me a hug... I guess she is the only loyal to mommy around here! LOL :)
Posted by Anelys Perez On 10:55 PM 5 comments

5 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

jajajajajaj soooo funny ...Fifi did something similar Saturday night....but she actually cried........Daddy drank mommies juice and Fifi said "no Daddy mommies juice" ....i said "we are sharing it" Fifi says "Noooooooo mommy go get it!" and starts crying......These little girls are so funny !!!!

Familia Herrera Guerrero said...

Or maybe she thought it was Daddy coming down the stairs, hahahahahahahha

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Erica: LOL.. Yes, they are just very funny!! I could write about this EVERYDAY! LMAO!


Jenny said...

That's so cute! You can't switch things up on them!

Emily and Steve said...

Lol, that's s cute! My girls are the same way with borrowed clothes/shoes in instances like that!!


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