I FINALLY decided to go to a neurologist to try to put an end to my miserable headache that has been with me for several years with no answers... He sent me for a cat-scan, and did a full check up on his office.. We'll see.
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Today my grandpa turned 95 years old... What a great and long life he has lived so far... He is in the hospital, but receiving tons of love!

I got some tests done today, and saw the gastroenterologist... I wasnt too thrilled with her, and I will be looking for a second opinion...
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I wasnt feeling very good, and was feeling very weak... The girls stayed at my dad's house and hubby took me to the ER.. Tons of tests were done, and they are focusing in my liver and kidney... Gotta get an U/S done and see a gastroenterologist in the morning.

My grandpa was hospitalized today also... We were at the same hospital, so close, and so far at the same time.
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I have a headache since a week already, and today I decided to go to the ER and even though my blood pressure was fine when I got there, it went sky rocket while being there... I went to bed early.
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Hubby and I got another night out... It was an awesome night and even though I wont be posting details about it, I do wanted to remember when it happened! :)
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Today we had a huge scared with my grandpa... Some of you may remember that he had a Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy for him to be able to be fed by a tube on his stomach, instead of his nose... That was 7 months ago, and everything was working just fine...

I had a doctor appointment today, and my mom's maid was taking care of the girls for one hour while hubby picked them up... Hubby misunderstood, and picked me up first. That is one of the things that we are more thankful after what happened later.

We got to my mom's house and hubby was bathing the girls in case they got home sleeping... My mom also got there... It was 7pm already, and the nurse that takes care of my grandpa during the day was almost leaving (she is there from 8am to 8pm). I was on the phone talking to one of my cousins, and suddenly the nurse starts screaming frenetically for my mom. She was on the other bathroom with my grandpa and he pull out the tube... We were told that he could actually die if that happens...

All of us ran to the bathroom... My grandpa got very scared and confused and hubby grabbed him firmly while my nurse started to do what she had to do... My mom started giving her everything that she needed, and I was making the calls my mom was asking me to do...

There is something about my grandpa and hubby, but every time hubby talks to my grandpa he listens in a different way... He was there calming him and giving him comfort while they were all dripping in sweat as they were inside of the bathroom... After the nurse and my mom finished putting the sonda on and covering the wound (for a lack of a better word), my mom picked some clothes for him, and hubby and the nurse get him clothes, a clean diaper, socks and shoes... Then, I called the security guard from the building to help to get my grandpa down the stairs (my mom lives in a second floor)... They sat him down in a wheelchair and hubby and the security guard take him downstairs (I have no idea how big is my grandpa, but he could be 6 feet and there is no way my mom and the nurse would have been able to get him down the stairs by themselves)....

They all left and I stayed home with the girls... Im not sure of all the details of what happened over there, but my mom told me several times how happy she was with hubby... They did told me that when they got to the hospital, everybody was in "dreamland" and hubby was the one looking for a wheelchair and making the fast moves... My mom was also telling me that at one point she complained with the doctor (his surgeon got there ready for surgery just in case) about nobody helping them... Then, the doctor pointed out hubby and said: "What do you mean? This guy is taking care of you guys very good!"... I wasnt there, but I bet they just laughed cause the doctor simply assumed hubby was part of the hospital's staff the way he was taking care of the things the staff should be taking care of.

Needless to say, they wont be going to that hospital again, but Im very proud and happy that hubby was able to be there and help out... When they got home, my grandpa grabbed hubby by his shoulders, moved his mouth, made some sounds, and moved his hands... That was his way of saying "Thank you".
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... from our bed that is!

Words cant express how happy I am about this. For one reason or the other, Camila always ended up sleeping with us since a few months ago... We kinda let her because we didnt want her screaming in her bed and waking Mimi up...

So, even if we knew it was going to be CHAOTIC, we took the decision and last night was her first night from the rest of her sleeping in her own bed... She cried, Mimi cried, and Gaby complained, but at the end, everybody settle down and she spent the whole night over there (even though I had to drag her back a few times)...

Way to go Camila!!!
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We have been having a problem with the pipes in my house, and we are having a hard time with lack of water... Today, we had the idea to stop by my dad's house to do laundry... My second nephew Luis Enrique and his mom were there, and we had an awesome time...

We washed, play dominoes, watched TV, had lunch AND dinner, and chat A LOT... I have the impression that Mimi and my dad's wife are going to be very good friends.. Mimi eats like there is no more, and my dad's wife loves to cook. Mimi goes after her like a dog goes after his master... As Mimi is very shy, the only thing that my dad's wife has to do to get Mimi to go to her is to offer her to go to the kitchen!! She will just forget that Im there, and will go happily with her!!! LOL

How I love these days!!!!
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Ariel Enrique is in town and we planned a day with him and his mom (my bro had to spend the whole day taking final exams for the master he is doing)... My mom came along too, and it was an awesome day!!

We went to a place called Museo del Trampolin. This was Gaby's second time but it was like a first time, because she was only 2.5 years old the first time we went, so she doesnt remember it... At that moment my mother in law was visiting us from NJ, and Camila was a newborn and stayed home with my mom.

The kids had fun, even though they hardly understood anything. The musuem is REALLY projected for kids over 4 years old, so Gaby was the only one paying atenttion... Despite that, they all had fun, especially at the end in the backyard because they were running around like crazy playing with some balloons..

I didnt had my dad's camera with me, so we took photos with Ariel's mom cell. She will give them to me on the weekend, and in the meantime, Im going to post photos from the day that we went with Gaby when she was 2.5 years old as I didnt had a blog back then... These photos are from 2006:

Gaby and hubby before starting the tour:

Right next to the Earth:

Paying atenttion to the lady's explanations:

With a huge dinasour:

She was fascinated with this... I remember she kept saying those were big Cockroach:

More dinasours...Gotta love Gaby's face:

Gaby and me:

Everything looked sooo real:

Paying atention:

Oh my, look at that "chair":

The slide tongue:

The body parts playground:

Learning how a baby grows in the belly... She was fascinated by it, specially since this was a couple of months after I gave birth to Camila:

What is that daddy?:

In the area of "Things from the community"...

My mother in law, hubby and Gaby at the end of the tour:
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... do I need to say more??
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I got another award! This time is a Certified Queen of Blogs Award given by Priscila at Wannabe Beach Bum Mama. Thank you very much!!!!

I have no idea how many blogs I get to choose to give the award to, so I will be given it to ONE blog. Im giving it to:

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We were all due to see the eye doctor. Mimi needed to have her first check up mostly because we suspected she had the same problem that Gaby has. Also Mia needed to get checked as the preschool is worried that she cant tell the colors, and Gaby needed a follow up.

Why today? Since the last couple of days hubby had a swollen eye, and it was getting painful. This morning, his eye was so swollen that he actually call in sick to the school. So, to the eye doctor we all went. We didnt planned to check them all, but we knew that Gaby and hubby needed to be checked no matter what. As the timing was right, we just went ahead and check them all... I didnt had a check up myself, mostly because the eye doctor already prescribed me some tests and I just havent had the time to do them, so I dont need a check up, I just need to take the results of the tests.... Here are the diagnosis:

He has a Chalazion. The doctor prescribed him an eye ointment with antiobiotics plus the application of warm compresses a few times a day. She explained him that it could get bigger, but chances are that it wont. She explained him that if it doesnt respond to the treatment, he may need an injection of I-cant-remember-what or even surgery. Ouch!

She was diagnosed with Imbalance of Kappa Angle. Information online havent been very helpful, but here is what Angle Kappa is. It is the angle formed between 2 imaginary lines: the visual axis and the pupillary axis. In Mimi's case this line is not centered. This is often mistake by strabismus (which is what Gaby has)... What to do? NOTHING. Well, not as drastic as nothing, but she explained me that nothing needs to be done at this age. She wants me to take photos of her looking straight to the camera every 3 months until she is 4 years old. At that point, she wants me to take Mimi again for a check up. I will be posting those photos on the blog every 3 months for the record. I called the ped and she told me that she agreed that nothing needs to be done right now... so, nothing will be done.

All the eye doctor could see was that her vision is perfect. However, as she doesnt know her colors, the eye doctor suggested me to do a Color Blindness test. It is a test done by her in her office, as we will schedule it for next week when she is feeling better. The eye doctor explained me that she needs to be VERY happy to have a successful test, so it helps if we can buy her a new toy or treat her with an ice cream. I plan to keep her home that day, so she is not tired. Color Blindness is inherited and that only 1 in 10,000 cases is not. We dont know anybody from our families to have it (I even called my inlaws to ask them). I will keep you guys updated about this....

Gaby has been using the eye patch for almost 4 months, and we noticed that her "good eye" was being affected too. The eye doctor never planned for her to use the eye patch for so long without having a check up, but we just guess it was a misunderstading. Anyway, GOOD NEWS on Gaby's vision. Her left eye (which is her "good eye") has 20/20 vision. In her right eye her vision improved to 20/25 (cant remember how it was, but it was worse)... The eye doctor made my day as she told me that chances are that Gaby wont be needing the eyeglasses for much longer!!!!!!!!!!! Im thrilled about this, and I will pray hard for this happen. She thinks her vision problem will be solved, but most likely her strabismus will need more treatment, specially since she now has it in both eyes. She wants Gaby to continue wearing the eyepatch during school hours (M-F for 5 hours), and wearing her eyeglasses only when she needs them (school, TV time, computer time, homework, etc).

Ok, I REALLY need to get my butt to do the test!! Im making a PUBLIC PROMISE that I will take care of it within the next couple of months.
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My monkey had an awesome day... She is still sick, and still only having electrolytes, but she is fine, and was very happy as the got TONS of calls... As today was a working day in the school, even though the kids were not there, several of the teachers from the school call her. also, two of my cousins called her, my mom, my dad and his wife, her godfather, and even hubby called her because she was still sleeping when he left.

I think I mentioned before about the doll that Gaby got for the Three Wise Kings and the controversy it has caused in this house. All 3 of them were fighting over that doll 24/7, even though they are TONS of other dolls in this house... 3 months later the fight has continued, except that Gaby already stepped out the fight, and said that she will give the doll away to any of them (she literally got sick of fighting over the doll)... So, my mom wanted to buy a gift for Camila and I suggested her to buy her an identical doll, so Mimi could take over the other one...

So, we went to my mom's house so she could give the doll to her. We also got dinner at my mom's house, and poor Mia puke it all... We decided to get her jello with 3 candles to sign Happy Birthday to her, as I didnt want her to eat cake. She was not in the mood for photos, but she was thrilled with the doll and ate all of her jello (I didnt throw up)... We made the mistake of forgetting the other doll at home, and Mimi fight for the doll until she fall asleep!! I wonder what's up with that doll!!!

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTDAY MY SWEET LITTLE MONKEY!!! Mommy, Daddy and your sisters love you very much!!! It looks like it was yesterday when we bring you home weighting 4 pounds (you can read the story here), and now you are THREE YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mia has been puking all night long and we have no idea what is going on with her, so we didnt do anything special because of Easter. They decorated eggs in school (the last day of school before this week's vacations) and made some baskets in the art class, so they got their taste of Easter anyway.

After hubby and I worked for most part of the day, we left to my dad's house for dinner. Six hours later Im still FULL!!! Poor Mia is only having Gatorade, and even though she was puking the Gatorade last night, she is tolerating it now. She has been sleeping most of the day, and it just breaks my heart to see her so down.

Hubby is going back to work after being together for 9 days, and Im just not ready for it, specially since the girls have no class tomorrow, and I will be staying with ALL THREE girls at home. He has a swollen eye, and will be going to the eye doctor tomorrow (hopefully)...
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I was just asking the vet yesterday about it, and just today hubby noticed that she is spotting.. We are sure she started today, because they would have noticed at the vet.

The vet told us to give him a call 5 months after this happens (cause we need to let the first heat pass on), so he can get us a male pure breed Malamute to mate her. That should be interesting!
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Today we woke up at 10:30am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was like a dream come true!!! The girls were running around before that, but they actually let us sleep a little bit longer (how sweet)...

We packed, cleaned a bit, ate lunch and headed back home... We stopped by Santiago (the second capital of the country) and pay a visit to one of my aunts... The trip was long, mostly because it started rainning, and we got into our city by 7:00pm.

We called the vet, and he was waiting for us to pick up Sassy. He told me that she was an awesome guest, and that she played very nicely with small dogs and even with 2 cats. We talked about a lot of things, and he warned me that I needed to get ready for her period, because it was just around the corner.

It was nice to come back home, and even though we had forgotten about the mess we left behind, we loved being back home.
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Today we were suppose to go back home... However, we decided to stay one more day as somebody mention about a very nice water park that was VERY inexpensive ($10 bucks for the adults, and all the 3 girls were free as we could still pass Gaby for a 4 years old girl). Kimberly and Cristian were going with us (kids from 5 to 12 were 6 bucks, and they both fit that age..).

We packed the car and off we went! Suddenly hubby noticed that the car wouldnt move correctly after 40 km/hour, and was acting funny... It was already 11am, and we decided to look for a mechanic... Just in case.

FOUR HOURS later, we were still in the mechanic and the car was ready. It was the hottest day from the whole week, and you guys dont want to imagine what it is to deal with 5 kids in a mechanic. Dont even want to look back and remember.

After the mechanic, we decided to go to the local beach that we went on Monday, and I even left the camera in the car so I didnt had to worry about it, and freely be able to get in the water. We ate a bit when we got home, and then hubby and I took a nap while the girls were playing with some of the toys we took for them (mostly Little People). Here is a photo of my now brown little girls:

Then, the girls stayed for a bit with my friend while hubby, me and the two big kids went to the cyber cafe to get online.... I had a few things to take care of, and even though hubby wanted to stay until Saturday so we could go to the park tomorrow, the amount of work that I realized I have became scary (LOL), so we decided it was better to leave tomorrow.
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Caraberete is another town that belongs to Puerto Plata... The beach from Cabarete is known as one of the best surfing beaches from the American Continent, and has been the spot for Kitesurfing competitions with competitors from all over the world.

Two of hubby's coworkers were staying at a villa in the Bali Hai (they are twin sisters... and both work at the school) and we stopped by to spend some time with them.... My friend was waiting from some family that were coming to stay in with her for the rest of the week, so we took her kids with us again... They both behave very good with us, especially since hubby is Kimberly's teacher, and he was kidding all the time about lowering 5 points from her grade... LOL

The place was beautiful and the girls got to get into a pool (finally)... There are not many photos, cause I was inside of the water for a change, but here are some....

Gaby loved finding purple and pink flowers...

My friend meet us there after her family arrived, and then we all went to have a pizza by the beach.... Sadly, it started to rain, so we had to leave, but it was an awesome time... Hubby and I cant wait to come back again so we can get into the beach from Cabarete.
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Gaby got punished (I will talk about it in a future post), and we took away the trip to have an encounter with dolphins that was scheduled for today, so we needed to find something else to do… My friend still needed to run some errands, so hubby and I took 5 kids with us to a close by town called Sosua.

We had an early lunch, and then left. We spot a very nice place on the beach surrounded by high cliff walls.... We were in the beach area of one resort, and we were mostly the only that were not staying in the resort.... This is one side of the beach:

And this is the other side:

As you can tell it was a very small area, and hubby thought it was the best beach he has been so far in this country. The waves were a bit dangerous for young kids, but the beach was sooo clean, and the sand was also sooo clean and soft, that all you want to do is to lay down in there forever... Here is Mia enjoying the sand:

Gaby loved to watch the waves:

Here I am with Mimi, Kim and Cristian in the water:

All the girls playing in the sand:

Mimi being cute for the camera:

Gaby bringing water to build the sand castles:

More sand play:


Hubby getting ready to be burried in the sand:

Mimi and hubby burried in the sand:


More sand and water so he couldnt get up:

The sitter from the resort that was right there, was around with 2 little girls she was taking care of... The lady asked Gaby to join them:

They are suppose to be mermaids:

After a very fun day, we headed back to the villa. We had dinner, get the girls ready for bed, and then drop them off at my friend's villa because hubby and I were getting a night out!! Our second of the year (and also second in the last 5.5 years).

We have been in this country for so many years already, and hubby havent been to a movie theater since we got here... When we were living in New Jersey, we used to go to the movies SEVERAL times a week!! Sometimes we will go everyday!!

The movie theater was in the mall from Sunday, and it had three movies... Im very much into girly movies, but there werent many options, so we decided to watch "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" (by we decided I mean hubby pushed and I agreed.. LOL)... At home Im the one that normally gets to choose what we watch, so it was his turn...

It was fun as we were the ONLY ones watching that movie, as all the other people decided for a local movie that were playing. After we got out from there, the mall was mostly closed, and we decided to head out to the Casino. We spent less than an hour in the Casino, and we had two incidents!! Just when we were out of the money that we bring in, hubby made $30 dollars... It was suppose to be 30 coins of one dollar, but the machine didnt throw the coins... So, we had to call the people from there, and 15 minutes later, and 4 guys later, we got our $30 bucks... Hubby and I decided to go and cash the 30 coins, when we realized he left the cell phone somewhere... We called security and they started rolling back the camera from the machine we used, when I realized it was in a black spot of the machine, and it was impossible to see it, cause the cell is black...

So, we left $10 bucks richier (as we put $20 bucks to get in), and decided to stop by another Casino at spend those $10 bucks... We got out from there with $10 extra more, and then we left... It may seem like little money, but we cant afford to put money into gambling and we just did it for fun... At least, we left with the same $20 bucks we put in PLUS $20 bucks more!!!

When we got to the villas the girls were asleep, and we transfer them one by one to their bed in our villa... It was a great day and an awesome night!!!
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As today is a working day for tons of places, my friend had a few stuff to do, as she is trying to rent long term one of the villas… We took the time to go around the town and get to know it a bit.. We also needed to pay rent today, so we had to stop by the bank to make the transfer because that is not something that I dont like to do in a cyber cafe… We also went to 2 stores, and got a few things that we needed.

Then, we came back to the villa to have lunch, and then we left to the local beach that is 5 minutes away… Her kids went with us, and it was an awesome time… The beach wasnt as clean, and there were little rocks and shells all over the sand, but the kids loved it... Especially Gaby since she now started a shell collection.

We were laughing so hard at Mimi, cause there was this kid (looked German, but we are not sure) that came to her and wanted to take her sand toys away… She fought for her toys, and didn’t let him. She started saying very firmly: “No, Kid, No!” and then “Kid, go away”. Mia and Mimi would have come to me or hubby to tell them what was going on, but not Mimi.. She defended herself!!! And the kid was older than her…

Here is hubby and the girls in the car while I was in the bank:

Here is Kimberly, Mia and Cristian:

Mimi drinking soda:

Gaby and Cristian with a castle they made:

Gaby and Mia in the sand:

Hubby and Mia in the water:

The girls:

Mimi running around:

Hubby and the girls getting out of the water:

Gaby wrote her name on the sand:

Mimi playing with the shells that hubby and Gaby got from the water:

Mimi running... I LOVE how she moves her arms when she runs:

Time to get dry:

After we got dressed, and the beach was mostly empty, we started playing volley.. The girls were running around us, and the two older kids, hubby and me had a blast playing… It was around 7:30pm when we decided to head back to the villa. We had dinner, and then we went for an hour to a cyber cafĂ©… My friend’s daughter was checking her email, I was doing the same, and hubby and my friend’s son were getting online with the kid’s PSP. Mia and Gaby felt asleep while we were there, and then we headed back to the villa…

Hubby and I stayed up until very late just talking.. It was fun!
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