Today we had a huge scared with my grandpa... Some of you may remember that he had a Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy for him to be able to be fed by a tube on his stomach, instead of his nose... That was 7 months ago, and everything was working just fine...

I had a doctor appointment today, and my mom's maid was taking care of the girls for one hour while hubby picked them up... Hubby misunderstood, and picked me up first. That is one of the things that we are more thankful after what happened later.

We got to my mom's house and hubby was bathing the girls in case they got home sleeping... My mom also got there... It was 7pm already, and the nurse that takes care of my grandpa during the day was almost leaving (she is there from 8am to 8pm). I was on the phone talking to one of my cousins, and suddenly the nurse starts screaming frenetically for my mom. She was on the other bathroom with my grandpa and he pull out the tube... We were told that he could actually die if that happens...

All of us ran to the bathroom... My grandpa got very scared and confused and hubby grabbed him firmly while my nurse started to do what she had to do... My mom started giving her everything that she needed, and I was making the calls my mom was asking me to do...

There is something about my grandpa and hubby, but every time hubby talks to my grandpa he listens in a different way... He was there calming him and giving him comfort while they were all dripping in sweat as they were inside of the bathroom... After the nurse and my mom finished putting the sonda on and covering the wound (for a lack of a better word), my mom picked some clothes for him, and hubby and the nurse get him clothes, a clean diaper, socks and shoes... Then, I called the security guard from the building to help to get my grandpa down the stairs (my mom lives in a second floor)... They sat him down in a wheelchair and hubby and the security guard take him downstairs (I have no idea how big is my grandpa, but he could be 6 feet and there is no way my mom and the nurse would have been able to get him down the stairs by themselves)....

They all left and I stayed home with the girls... Im not sure of all the details of what happened over there, but my mom told me several times how happy she was with hubby... They did told me that when they got to the hospital, everybody was in "dreamland" and hubby was the one looking for a wheelchair and making the fast moves... My mom was also telling me that at one point she complained with the doctor (his surgeon got there ready for surgery just in case) about nobody helping them... Then, the doctor pointed out hubby and said: "What do you mean? This guy is taking care of you guys very good!"... I wasnt there, but I bet they just laughed cause the doctor simply assumed hubby was part of the hospital's staff the way he was taking care of the things the staff should be taking care of.

Needless to say, they wont be going to that hospital again, but Im very proud and happy that hubby was able to be there and help out... When they got home, my grandpa grabbed hubby by his shoulders, moved his mouth, made some sounds, and moved his hands... That was his way of saying "Thank you".
Posted by Anelys Perez On 8:45 PM 3 comments

3 Lovely comments :

Lizzi said...

Wow - how scary!!!! How awesome of your hubby to stay in control and take charge under such circumstances.

Heather said...

OMGosh thats freaky. Glad he was so clam and knew what to do, yeah ernesto!

Organized Nutrition said...

OH, I am so happy everything worked out wonderfully!
AND so glad your husband was there to talk your grandpa though everything! What a blessing!


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