We were all due to see the eye doctor. Mimi needed to have her first check up mostly because we suspected she had the same problem that Gaby has. Also Mia needed to get checked as the preschool is worried that she cant tell the colors, and Gaby needed a follow up.

Why today? Since the last couple of days hubby had a swollen eye, and it was getting painful. This morning, his eye was so swollen that he actually call in sick to the school. So, to the eye doctor we all went. We didnt planned to check them all, but we knew that Gaby and hubby needed to be checked no matter what. As the timing was right, we just went ahead and check them all... I didnt had a check up myself, mostly because the eye doctor already prescribed me some tests and I just havent had the time to do them, so I dont need a check up, I just need to take the results of the tests.... Here are the diagnosis:

He has a Chalazion. The doctor prescribed him an eye ointment with antiobiotics plus the application of warm compresses a few times a day. She explained him that it could get bigger, but chances are that it wont. She explained him that if it doesnt respond to the treatment, he may need an injection of I-cant-remember-what or even surgery. Ouch!

She was diagnosed with Imbalance of Kappa Angle. Information online havent been very helpful, but here is what Angle Kappa is. It is the angle formed between 2 imaginary lines: the visual axis and the pupillary axis. In Mimi's case this line is not centered. This is often mistake by strabismus (which is what Gaby has)... What to do? NOTHING. Well, not as drastic as nothing, but she explained me that nothing needs to be done at this age. She wants me to take photos of her looking straight to the camera every 3 months until she is 4 years old. At that point, she wants me to take Mimi again for a check up. I will be posting those photos on the blog every 3 months for the record. I called the ped and she told me that she agreed that nothing needs to be done right now... so, nothing will be done.

All the eye doctor could see was that her vision is perfect. However, as she doesnt know her colors, the eye doctor suggested me to do a Color Blindness test. It is a test done by her in her office, as we will schedule it for next week when she is feeling better. The eye doctor explained me that she needs to be VERY happy to have a successful test, so it helps if we can buy her a new toy or treat her with an ice cream. I plan to keep her home that day, so she is not tired. Color Blindness is inherited and that only 1 in 10,000 cases is not. We dont know anybody from our families to have it (I even called my inlaws to ask them). I will keep you guys updated about this....

Gaby has been using the eye patch for almost 4 months, and we noticed that her "good eye" was being affected too. The eye doctor never planned for her to use the eye patch for so long without having a check up, but we just guess it was a misunderstading. Anyway, GOOD NEWS on Gaby's vision. Her left eye (which is her "good eye") has 20/20 vision. In her right eye her vision improved to 20/25 (cant remember how it was, but it was worse)... The eye doctor made my day as she told me that chances are that Gaby wont be needing the eyeglasses for much longer!!!!!!!!!!! Im thrilled about this, and I will pray hard for this happen. She thinks her vision problem will be solved, but most likely her strabismus will need more treatment, specially since she now has it in both eyes. She wants Gaby to continue wearing the eyepatch during school hours (M-F for 5 hours), and wearing her eyeglasses only when she needs them (school, TV time, computer time, homework, etc).

Ok, I REALLY need to get my butt to do the test!! Im making a PUBLIC PROMISE that I will take care of it within the next couple of months.
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2 Lovely comments :

Nik said...

I'm sorry that your family is having so many eye problems. It sounds like there is some good news though. I hope everything gets better soon.

Heather said...

Good for you to get everyone checked up. Thais had an eye check up at her 3 yr appt 2 wks ago and i assume she passed but it was the 1st time ever. Now I have to find a dentist, oh wish me luck, lol!


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