I was just asking the vet yesterday about it, and just today hubby noticed that she is spotting.. We are sure she started today, because they would have noticed at the vet.

The vet told us to give him a call 5 months after this happens (cause we need to let the first heat pass on), so he can get us a male pure breed Malamute to mate her. That should be interesting!
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Anonymous said...

do you want to breed her??? is she also a pure breed malamute?

Heather said...

What? your mating her? just what you need a pregnant dog in you house, ahhhhhh this is going to be funny! I thought she was a mutt?

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

We are planning to mate her. We didnt think about it before but the vet thinks it is a great idea...

And yes, she is a mutt, but she has all the characteristics of a malamute, so if she is mated with a pure breed malamute, the puppies will come up gorgeous... She even has brown eyes, which is a sign of malamutes. I read that not having the brown eyes was the main reason why malamute gets disqualified in a competition.

Of course, the pups wont have papers, as they would still be mutts cause they have a mutt mother, and they would be sold as mutts too.

Gaby is passionated about pups being born and about pregnant dogs, so I think this could be an awesome experience for her. It will also happen around her birthday, so that will be a plus...

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Oooooh Sassy is gonna get lucky! LOL!


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