I decided to dress the girls as Powerpuff girls this year... I simply ordered a pillow dress from here, and Im beyong pleased! Im sad that I didnt got a single photo showing off the dresses or even the right things they were suppose on their hair, but I promise I will take a photo as soon as I get a chance...

We went to a Halloween party at a local mall, and the girls had a blast... Gaby even won a contest...

Luis Enrique and his mom went with us and we had a blast!
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The Purple LunchboxI got to make lunches the whole week this week!! How fun!! The girls continue to eat most of their lunch, especially Mia and Mimi. Gaby sometimes doesnt eat everything but she normally does it after school.

Mia does very good with fruits, while Mimi does better with carbs, and Gaby does better with proteins... It is funny how they can be sisters and be so much alike, and at the same time be so different with the things they like.

I really want more ideas to change things a bit... I feel like they are eating the same ALL THE TIME... It would be just easier if I could just design the lunch in Photoshop, right?

Here is what they got this week:

- Chicken sausages
- Banana Yogurt
- Apple slices
- A cupcake

- A cheese sandwich
- Ham rolls
- Peas and carrots with blue sprinkles

- A ham and cheese wrap
- Baby corn
- Mandarines
- A cupcake

- Chicken sausages
- Cheese sandwich
- Apple slices

If played along this week, share your link here:

Dont forget to leave your comment, even if you didnt participate!! You guys know how much I love comments!!!!
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Today hubby had the idea of doing a "picnic" outside... We were going to eat some sandwiches and we bought a a very unhealthy orange soda (it is a local brand and it is hubby's favorite... It is similar to Mirinda or Fanta.. very high in dyes). From all sodas in the world, my less favorite are the orange ones, cause to me they taste like medicine, but hubby loves it...

Anyway, we had a lof of fun, and after we ate, hubby started fixing a few things in the car and I started playing with the girls while laying down on the comforter we lay outside... Here is Gaby with "Pito".. He has being her favorite plush toy since she was 8 months old....

Even Sassy was playing with us:

Then, we got the bikes out... While hubby was still fixing the car...

At first it was only Gaby's bike and the other two were just looking at her (please, ignore the ugly looking front of the house...Our gardener is giving us a hard time, which is mostly why we want to get our own mower... )

It was a fine afternoon, and then we got inside for a bit because it was too hot... Then, we got out again, and we stayed outside until it was dark already! Fun!
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The Purple LunchboxI didnt got to make lunches AT ALL this week... Mia and Mimi were home all week, and even though Gaby went to school 3 days of this week, I was feeling too sick myself and asked hubby to get her something himself from the cafeteria... A few days of non-so-healthy lunch wont be so bad for her...

Anyway, I was thinking about this the other day, and I will be posting it today as I dont have lunchboxes to post... I was thinking what were my daughters favorite items in their lunchboxes. I will post their favorite food out of each category: Proteins, Carbs, Fruits and Veggies.

Mimi has always been a great eater... She is not the best weight gainer, and she hardly grows, but I know it has nothing to do with how she eats, because out of the 3 girls she is the one that eats the most. This is what she loves the most from each category:
- Protein: Ham rolls
- Carbs: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
- Fruits: Banana
- Veggie: Tomato
Camila was an awesome eater as a baby, however, she started eating less when she turned 2. Now, she is a very good eater and she loves to try new stuff if I tell her she will like them... Here is what she loves the most from each category:
- Protein: Yogurt
- Carb: Cracker sandwiches with mayo dressing
- Fruit: Apple
- Veggie: Baby Corn
Gaby was the biggest picky eater as baby and toddler... Then, at some point and after a lot of persistence on our part, she started eating better and better, and now she is a very good eater... She is still picky, but she eats, which at the end is the most important thing:
- Protein: Chicken sausages
- Carb: Spinach Wrap with ham and cheese
- Fruit: Pinneaple
- Veggie: Carrots

I feel blessed with my daughters appetite, and I LOVE to hear people saying and praising how good they eat... Especially if there is rice and beans!! THEY LOVE IT!!!

I would love to know everybody's children favorites... Care to share?

If played along this week, share your link here:

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I havent post much this week mostly because the girls have been sooo SICK that they have been home mostly all week... Mimi and Mia didnt go to school except for yesterday when I thought they were way better... However, I got a call at 10am that Mia had fever... After 6 days on antibiotics and 2 days without fever, she got fever again, so I went to pick her up... As of last night, Mimi was the one worst, and we had to run with her to the ER... She has a lung infiltration, which could mean she is on the verge of getting pneumonia... She got out of the ER after 3 shots (OUCH) : one for the blood work, one to lower the fever (it was 102.2 already), and the other one for antibiotics.. She also had X-Rays (hence how they know about the infiltrate), and they prescribed her 3 days of intramuscular antibiotics plus other meds... Not fun!

Gaby went to school everyday except for Monday, but I can tell how she is on her way to get really sick...

I just want them to get better ASAP... I knew they were going to get sick when they started preschool again, but I kinda forgot how bad it gets, especially at the beginning!! Mia and Mimi have cried today ALL DAY to go to school, but I wont take them until Monday (hopefully)...

UPDATED: Gaby stayed home from school today... She was really not feeling well since last night, and I didnt want to risk her more taking her out of the house. Anyway, she was playing with her sisters and she got a HUGE goose egg right next to her left eye! Poor thing!!!
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Im hosting at my shop's blog a contest for the chance to win a FULL YEAR of photo cards for 2010!!! A photo card for each holiday to make 2010 a year that you will NEVER forget!

It is fun, and very easy... All I need is a gorgeous photo of each one of your kids, along with their names and I will automacally enter them (go here to submit the photos)... Then, you just need to find people (friends and family) who think your kid is the cutest of all (easy pie, right?)... You guys can vote for your own child too... Everybody is entiled to vote ONE TIME PER DAY until the end of the contest!!!

I will have TWO WINNERS: A boy and a girl!! Each day you can vote for the boy AND the girl that you think it is the cutest!!!

So, what are you waiting for??
* To enter your child, just submit your photo here.
* To cast your vote, just go here.
* To read the rules of the contest, go here.

After you submit your photo, fill out a contact form here, to ask me for a blinkie to promote your child!!! You will be able to post the blinkie on your blog, site, Facebook and even send it by email for everybody to vote!! The blinkie will look just like this one on the right:

Of course, Camila is not participating... She is just the model for the example! Isnt she a total cutie??

And PLEASE, dont forget to read the rules...
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My sister in law's due date was October 27th (same due date I had with Gaby in 2003). Yesterday, I woke up after having a dream that she was going to give birth yesterday. I told hubby that we should call to find out if she was Ok. We call around noon and my mother in law tells us that she is on her way to the hospital because she has been having strong contractions all night long!! HOW FUN!!

After a very long labor at around 11:00pm: Jesse Daniel entered the world!! He weighted 6 pounds, 13 ounces and was 20 inches long... His dad told me he is breastfeeding like a champ and that my sister in law is doing great!

Im desperate to see a photo of him!!! CANT WAIT!!!

Im officially the mom of 3 little girls, and the auntie of 3 little boys!! How fun!
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We didnt plan another party, however my mom wanted to invite for a pizza to the daughters of two of her employees who recently had their birthdays. One of them turned 11 the same day of Gaby's birthday (the 5th), and the other one turned 9 on Thursday. So, her idea was to sing Happy Birthday to Gaby and those two other girls over a pizza.

As soon as I mentioned Gaby another birthday party she asked for her BIRTHDAY OUTFIT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Luckily, it was washed already and I only had to iron it.

When we were coordinating the time and such, I asked her if I should get cupcakes, and she told me to do whatever I think it was cute, so with less than three hours of preparation, I came up with this:

I took a few of leftovers things from Gaby's school party and then ran to the supermarket and this is what I got:
- 12 cupcakes (6 vanilla and 6 chocolate)
- 2 large boxes of Jello (one Grape, and the other strawberry)
- A can of whipped cream
- A large package of Oreo cookies
- 2 M&M's

Then, I ran to my mom's house to put everything together... I first made the jellos and put them in the fridge so they could be ready right away. This is how they looked after they were ready:

I used again my homemade cupcake tower, and this is how each floor looked... As it was so little cupcake, I put a little crystal bowl with M&M's for the balance:

Here are the three cupcakes for the birthday girls:

Here are the birthday girls:

Gaby blew her candle before we finish singing Happy Birthday and this is her mischievous face:

The one that was turning 9 had a baby brother (11 months old) and he had a lot of fun with some of the toys we have at my mom's house:

Here is the whole group of kids (ages 11 months old to 11 years old):

The Flowers:

Even though they just met they were having so much fun that it looked they have known each other since forever... The other two girls, even though they are older, were playing with them and having so much fun, that they didnt want to leave.

We promised to do something together again very soon!
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The Purple LunchboxI didnt got to make 3 lunches the whole week, because Gaby didnt had school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday due to the teachers taking some workshops. However, she got the same thing her sisters got, but in a plate at home.

This week the one that ate the most was Mia... Everyday she was excited to tell me that she ate EVERYTHING... She would open her lunchbox and show me the empty container so I can congratulate her.. Sooo cute.. Mimi got the hint, and by the third day started doing the same thing!!!

Here is their week....
- Handfull of olives
- Ham and cheese sandwich in a flower shape
- One laughing cow cream cheese
- Grissini

- Ham and cheese rolls
- Strawberry yogurt
- Crackers with mayo dressing
- A full banana for Gaby, and half banana for Mia and Mimi

- Cheese sandwich with mayo
- Chicken sausages
- Grissini

I didnt got a photo from this day, and I cant remember for the life of me what I sent... I know I sent a biscuit, but cant remember what else...

- Strawberry yougurt (they begged for it)
- Cheese sandwich with mayo
- Ham in rolls
- Half apple for each one in slices

If played along this week, share your link here:

Dont forget to leave your comment, even if you didnt participate!! You guys know how much I love comments!!!!
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Here are the photos that I promised from Gaby's school party...Here is how everything looked:
Flower shape sandwiches with carrot dressing:
Grape and strawberry jello with whipped cream... On the left, you can see the tray with cheese (mozarella and gooda), ham and salty crackers.
The cupcakes...
The pop cakes... I wish I had a better photo of them, but I dont... I still have two pop cakes decorated at my mom's house, and I plan to take a cute photo of those for my website (to promote the tags):
Blowing her candles:

All the kids upstairs in front of their classroom.. Even I got to be in this photo..
Gaby with her homeroom teacher and two aides:
Updating the post with a closeup of the cake pops as I know the top photo is kinda messy... It is not a good photo, and they werent even that cute because I really had a hard time melting the candy melt, but here they are:
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85I knew this was going to be the second task that I was going to complete... After all, it was the easiest.. I just needed a little reminder!

I honestly cant believe that the photos on our about us page and top banner where A YEAR OLD!!!

Anyway, I did it, as you can see on the right side of my top banner, and you can check out the updated About us page here. I didnt change much, and mostly what I did was to update all FIVE ages... Also, added the middle names, and changed that Mia was an Elmo freak to being a Dora and Diego freak.

Just for reference, here is how the top banner looked and then how it looks now... Amazing how much ALL of three of them have changed:


For a complete list of all tasks, go here.
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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