Today hubby had the idea of doing a "picnic" outside... We were going to eat some sandwiches and we bought a a very unhealthy orange soda (it is a local brand and it is hubby's favorite... It is similar to Mirinda or Fanta.. very high in dyes). From all sodas in the world, my less favorite are the orange ones, cause to me they taste like medicine, but hubby loves it...

Anyway, we had a lof of fun, and after we ate, hubby started fixing a few things in the car and I started playing with the girls while laying down on the comforter we lay outside... Here is Gaby with "Pito".. He has being her favorite plush toy since she was 8 months old....

Even Sassy was playing with us:

Then, we got the bikes out... While hubby was still fixing the car...

At first it was only Gaby's bike and the other two were just looking at her (please, ignore the ugly looking front of the house...Our gardener is giving us a hard time, which is mostly why we want to get our own mower... )

It was a fine afternoon, and then we got inside for a bit because it was too hot... Then, we got out again, and we stayed outside until it was dark already! Fun!
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Julie said...

Cute pics! and Sassy is getting so big. Tell hubby that the "comment approving maniac" LOVES Orange soda too! Yummy.

Priscila said...

oh my gosh your kids are sooooo cute!!!!!!!!! What a fun day you had!

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Priscila said...

soooooooo cute. love ur blog!!!!

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