Im hosting at my shop's blog a contest for the chance to win a FULL YEAR of photo cards for 2010!!! A photo card for each holiday to make 2010 a year that you will NEVER forget!

It is fun, and very easy... All I need is a gorgeous photo of each one of your kids, along with their names and I will automacally enter them (go here to submit the photos)... Then, you just need to find people (friends and family) who think your kid is the cutest of all (easy pie, right?)... You guys can vote for your own child too... Everybody is entiled to vote ONE TIME PER DAY until the end of the contest!!!

I will have TWO WINNERS: A boy and a girl!! Each day you can vote for the boy AND the girl that you think it is the cutest!!!

So, what are you waiting for??
* To enter your child, just submit your photo here.
* To cast your vote, just go here.
* To read the rules of the contest, go here.

After you submit your photo, fill out a contact form here, to ask me for a blinkie to promote your child!!! You will be able to post the blinkie on your blog, site, Facebook and even send it by email for everybody to vote!! The blinkie will look just like this one on the right:

Of course, Camila is not participating... She is just the model for the example! Isnt she a total cutie??

And PLEASE, dont forget to read the rules...
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