The debate has been on for 3 months and it is over now (at least that is the plan)... As I have mentioned before, there are 3 ages to start school in this country: The normal age, the suggested age and the mandatory age...

The normal age is 2 years old. There is a full curriculum for that age, and that is "normal" whether the mom works or not. Then, the suggested age is 3. It is normal for a child who goes to a new preschool at age 3 to be asked in the registration form the name of the previous school and even to evaluate them. Then, the mandatory age is 4. All kids are required to attend school by this age or else.

For my family and local friends it was a reason of concern that I was keeping Mia and Mimi at home in an attend to homeschool them this school year. There is no such thing as homeschooling here, so when I mention it, they dont even understand that there are actually recognized programs and even less how much homeschooling is an option that more people are considering these days... Not that this affected my decision of homeschooling, but just getting out was is going through my mind...

Anyway, Mia and Mimi have been begging to go to school since summer... Even though they were saying that they were happy with *teacher mom*, they wanted to have a lunchbox to carry to school, play with other kids, and ever wear their uniforms... Camila also has been saying that she was homework like Gaby, and that she wants to learn to write in the same place Gaby is learning...

THE DECISION? You may ask.... The girls are starting school next MONDAY!!! We got an awesome deal in a school close to home, and they will be there for a few hours every morning, and I will be picking them at noon. Camila had her evaluation on Tuesday, and my mom and I went with her... We had the chance to spend around 30 minutes inside the classroom where you will be attending and I confess Im impressed with how the kids are so well behaved but happy at the same time... Everything looks awesome, and I couldnt be happier... Mimi will be attending the 2 years old class called: Nido, and Mia will be attending the 3 years old class called: Maternal.

Among other things I will go back to walk with my mom in the mornings after I drop them off, and I will be able to go to my nutricionist by weekly appointment... Also, I will have almost 3 hours of non-stop time to focus in my work. That will allow me to have less stress by the time I get to do homework with Gaby in the afternoon, and will allow me to organize better my time with them.

We think this will work for our family and that we will all be happier, even if that means that I will become a taxi driver dropping them all in the mornings, then picking Mia and Mimi at noon, and then picking hubby and Gaby in the afternoon...
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Julie said...

How exciting! I look forward to my guys starting school but they can't start until 4 and not unless they're 4 by September, their birthday is October. So they can't start school for the free program until they're almost 5!

I bet you'll be sad to see them go. That marks a symbol that they're big girls and growing up so fast!

Guzzie said...

This is great news!! OMG I am so happy!! I am sure it will be great for all of you!!

Big hug loca


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