I havent post much this week mostly because the girls have been sooo SICK that they have been home mostly all week... Mimi and Mia didnt go to school except for yesterday when I thought they were way better... However, I got a call at 10am that Mia had fever... After 6 days on antibiotics and 2 days without fever, she got fever again, so I went to pick her up... As of last night, Mimi was the one worst, and we had to run with her to the ER... She has a lung infiltration, which could mean she is on the verge of getting pneumonia... She got out of the ER after 3 shots (OUCH) : one for the blood work, one to lower the fever (it was 102.2 already), and the other one for antibiotics.. She also had X-Rays (hence how they know about the infiltrate), and they prescribed her 3 days of intramuscular antibiotics plus other meds... Not fun!

Gaby went to school everyday except for Monday, but I can tell how she is on her way to get really sick...

I just want them to get better ASAP... I knew they were going to get sick when they started preschool again, but I kinda forgot how bad it gets, especially at the beginning!! Mia and Mimi have cried today ALL DAY to go to school, but I wont take them until Monday (hopefully)...

UPDATED: Gaby stayed home from school today... She was really not feeling well since last night, and I didnt want to risk her more taking her out of the house. Anyway, she was playing with her sisters and she got a HUGE goose egg right next to her left eye! Poor thing!!!
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