Hubby was in a lot of pain today. We were trying to get him with an orthopedic doctor, but in the place I wanted him to go it was full... I called my OB to see if he could get him a space, and he said that he thinks that he should go to an internist doctor, and wait for a referral... He thinks that the internist will decide if he needs to go to an orthopedic doctor OR maybe to a neurological surgeon because his problem is from a nerve.
So, we took his advice and he went to the Dr. he recommend us. He wasnt very happy with the dr. per se, but he is going to do what she asked... She wants him to have a X-Ray of the whole back (not just the fraction that he got it from the ER the other nigth). There is machine in that place that can make the whole X-Ray without the need of several specific ones.
He showed her the meds he is using, and she told him to keep using those. I just hope the X-Ray shows what he has, and that we can treat it... Then, it will be my turn, but for now, I need him to get better!!!
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Every now and then, I get comments about not having a boy, and even though I know I wanted to have my Sebastian, every time I think about how lucky I am about having all girls. Here is a list of things that pay off about having all girls:

* You will never be peed in the face during diaper changing...
* You get to do each other's hair...
* You wont have to worry about having pets with scales or shells...
* You can forget about Snips and snails, and puppy-dogs' tails...
* They can all share a room and decorate it all sassy...
* You will get to do tons of girly Arts and Crafts activities...
* You wont need to fake interest about NASCAR
* You will get a tree climbers but also cookie makers in the same package...
* You always can go to another closet to finish matching your outfit...
* You always have several partners to go shopping...
* You wont have to worry about explaining PMS, because they all do...
* You dont have to worry about being teased because you are crying over a movie, because they are all crying too...
* You will never have to worry about the toilet seat left up...
* You will enjoy manicures, pedicures and facials without nobody feeling left out...
* You will always get to be the mother of the bride...
* You will never be the mother in law of the mother of your grandkids...

... in all: Everything will be Sugar and spice and all things nice!!!
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Today was hubby's turn to get sick... He had a problem back in 1997 during a swimming competition, and got a pinched nerve... He was taking physical therapy back in the states, but stopped taking them long time ago. Sometimes the pain is strong, but today was unbearable. He wasnt able to move without feeling an horrible pain, and we ran to the ER...

They made an X-Ray and it shows his back is all swollen, and they sent him home with some meds for the pain, and a referral to go to an orthopedic doctor tomorrow. The pain didnt go away at all, and by night he still had the same pain... We had to go to the ER AGAIN at 10 something at night... I stood outside of the ER with my 3 sleeping little flowers for several hours, while they were checking him (as kids are not allowed in the ER).

They increased the meds, and we just need to hope for him to get better soon!
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I finally sat down and did the 3 column blog. It is funny how I was postponing it because I didnt want to lose my blog links and having to add them again.... Then, suddenly, I went to check my blog roll and it was ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankfully, I made myself a "follower" of all the blogs that were accepted by the gadget (private blogs and from some other blogging sites are not supported), so I was able to recuperate those. Sadly, there are one that are lost, that I have no idea how I will recuperate them...

PLEASE, if you know I read your blog, check on the blog lists, and if your blog is not there, let me know!!!!

So, as the blog list was gone, I decided to give it a try to the 3 column blog, and instead of 3 column, I made it 4 column (it has one main column plus a medium column plus two little ones)... There are a couple of details that Im still not happy about but I will continue to work on it when I get some time... I do LOVE how it looks in general!

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My parents marriage lasted around the same time of marriage that I have now... My brother was 4.5 years old and I was 2.5. Growing up I was pretty much used to it, because it happened when I was so little that I hardly suffered from it.
Then, my dad remarried, and had my two half brothers. His wife has always been great to us, and it always cracks me up when she tell stories about how jelaous I was with my dad when they got married. They say (which I cant remember) that I used to kick her out of his side, and was always sitting in the middle of them.
Honestly, my parents are SOOOO different that I cant even imagine it other way.
Even though I cant imagine my life without my dad's wife and my little brothers, there was always a little wonder inside of me of why I didnt had my daddy every day with me as all my friends had. My dad wasnt on top of us all the time, and was out of the pictures frequently and I really wanted a dad.
Little I knew that one day after 25 years of their divorce, I would find out WHY they got a divorce.
My grandpa had today a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (which I mentioned a month ago).. This surgery is for him to be fed by a tube in his stomach, not by the tube in his nose... I got to the Hospital to see him, and there was my mom, by his side, taking care of him. My mom has been taking care of him since several weeks already, but it was in that moment when I realized that this is the reason why my parents divorced. My grandpa needed somebody who take care of him during this last part of his life, and my mom wouldnt have been able to do this if she were married.
It is funny how my mom had memory problems. She used to easily forget about things, but now my grandpa has a very busy "schedule" and there is at least one thing that needs to be done hourly (either feed him, or a medicate him, or tap his back, or nebulize him, or empty the sonda, or to put him the machine to aspirate his saliva (due to his inability to swallow), or feed him again, or medicate him again and again and again... It is amazing, how my mom cant afford to forget anything now, and she doesnt forget anything, and it's never late... She does have a schedule in the door, but she doesnt even need a watch to realize that the time is coming to do certain thing. She is enterely dedicated to my grandpa, and even though sometimes I think it is just too much for her, Im thankful that she is being able to do this.
I know this is not the only life purpose why my parenst got a divorce, but Im pretty sure that Im happy this is working out the way is working out.
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The last hour is making me wonder how safe are we in this house?? We live almost in the outsides of the city, and there is still lots of places that doesnt have any kind of construction... Right next to us there is a lot that looks like a Forrest in a Harry Potter movie.

Hubby went downstairs to close the backyard door and here is the visitor that he found:
Cute, eh?

Hubby took this picture after he shot it with almost a whole can of Raid, and started to get dizzy (not hubby, the spider). Then, he kill it, and put it inside of a box (and then inside a bag).

Wondering what is that?? It's called The Hispaniola Giant Tarantula, and it is a VERY dangerous spider. Hubby called Gaby and Mia and showed the spider to them (through the window, of course), and at least Gaby knows that it is very dangerous and we explained her what to do if she sees a spider like that.

I just hope to be able to go to sleep without thinking about my unpleasant visitor.
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Mimi went for her check up a few days ago, but with all the things about Gaby and Mia's sickness, I didnt want Mimi to share a post so here is her very own post.... Here are the numbers:

* 19.5 pounds (with diaper AND cloth)... Which I will count as 19 pounds, if not less... But let's leave it at 19 pounds even. This means that she is in less than 3rd percentile for her age.
* 29.5 inches tall (no shoes), which puts her on 11th percentile for her age.

Im very happy that she is actually growing this time, even though her weight is still in "no-progress" mode (see her previous check up). The ped wants me to ask the old ped for a record of her growth and weight gain (I have it, but she wants an official one), so she can weight in the possibility of doing something special for her to gain weight, and also to find out why she is not gaining enough weight, especially since she eats so good.

She is also doing great in school, and every day that passes I can tell how much she loves her teachers. Here is a picture of her before going to school yesterday..... Dont mind her BIG shirt (that was the smallest available), and her "here-comes-the-camera-again" look....
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DAY ONE (Sept. 23, 2008)
1.. Im thankful that I married the man that I married. Im thankful that we made it back to each other after five years of not seeing each other and that we were able to see that we were meant for each other. We could have our differences but I wouldnt have it any other way. He makes my life complete as much cheesy that may sound.

DAY TWO (Sept. 24, 2008)
2.. Im thankful that even though we were not "socially" ready at that moment, we got pregnant with Gabriela, and Im thankful that she was born "healthy" regardless the time she had to spend in the NICU.

3.. Im thankful that when Gabriela was born my mom and husband were able to be at the delivery, and they "push" her with me.

DAY THREE (Sept. 25, 2008)
4.. Im thankful that I found the OB that did Mia's delivery when I found her, because I think God was working with her hands.

5.. Im thankful that I was able to notice that something wasnt right when my blood pressure went up the night before I had my emergency c-section with Mia.

6.. Im thankful that after all the complications that I had with Mia, she ended up being a healthy baby. Some NICU day, but healthy.

DAY FOUR (Sept. 26, 2008)
7.. Im thankful that my blood pressure have been fine after Mia's delivery, and even though it has gone up a few times, I think it has nothing to do with me having a medical situation, but a rush moment.

8.. Im thankful that even though we were using birth control, I got pregnant with Mimi, and now she is here lighting up my days.

9.. Im thankful that my mom had the opportunity to help me out with Mia during Mimi's pregnancy, while my OB didnt want me to hold Mia.

10.. Im thankful that even though Mimi had a rough welcome into the world, she manage to get healthy and leave all the complications that she had in the past.

- Im really sorry for the days without posting, but I will continue to do it soon....
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One mom (Tara) who’s daughter is very close in age with Mimi, started a post called 30 Days of Happiness. The idea is to keep a journal for 30 days and on the first day white down one thing that she is thankful for. On the second day, two more things, on the third day, three more things, and so on and on. I felt in love with the idea as soon as I saw it and she told me it was Ok for me to join her! So, I will start today and at the end I will have 465 reasons.

Every day, I will edit the post, and I will post one, two, three and so on reasons (depending which day is it) that Im thankful for. I added a link on the right size of my blog, so you don’t have to dig it every time. Hope you guys get a chance to check on it from time to time. If one of you guys wants to join me and do it on your blog, go ahead (and if you want a help with a link on your right side, let me know too). Things have been so rough around here, than having a reminder of what is really important will help me to get through this difficult times.
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Gaby had her follow up check up today. She still has some mild wheezing, but still there. The ped is not worried anymore, but she prescribed her some meds but stopped the nebulizations for now. She asked me to keep an eye on her and to keep her updated.
The last time she saw Gaby we talked about two concerns that I had about Gaby:
One: Gaby's feet look each other instead of facing forward (cant believe it took us so long to get on this... Gaby's old ped assured us that was going to solve by itself, and it kinda did by the time she was 2.... But, suddenly she is walking worse and worse.
Two: I have the feeling that Gaby crosses an eye. Sometimes I notice in the pictures, and the principal at school, told me that she has the feeling too...
The ped told me that she was going to walk us to an ortopedic doctor that was in the same floor, and also gave me a card for a very good children's eye doctor, who specializes in strabismus.
The ortopedic doctor asked several questions about her posture to sleep and sit down. He thinks Gaby's intoeing is severe, but he thinks that we can help her to solve this issue without using orthopedic shoes or braces. First, we cant let her sit in a W position, only in a yogga position. He also told me that she needs to sleep facing up (never facing down), and lasty, but most importantly he says that she needs to take BALLET classes until she is 15 years old. He wants me to enroll her at least 4 times a week during the first three months, and then to bring her in for a follow up and maybe lower it down to two times a week if there is improvement.
He also thinks that Gaby have some mild low muscle tone (or something for that matter as I cant remember for my life the medical term that he used).
I promise to update about this, and I also will be updating this post with a picture (or maybe even a video) of her walking.
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Two years ago, a perfect dark hair and blue eyed baby boy was born! He is my nephew and the most gorgeous little boy alive. He was born at 2:10am after a really difficult delivery. The mom was in labor for over 12 hours, 2 and a half hours of pushing, and they had to use the vacum four times to take him out!!!! He spent a bit in the NICU mostly for observation, and was nursing like a champ!! He was 7 pounds, 8 ounces and 19 inches long!
He was born in the states, and I was already living in this Country, and I missed his birth. One month later they came here, and words cant explain how I felt. The love I was feeling for him was so big that I couldnt believe I could feel that way for a child that is not my own. I love my brother to pieces, and probably because is his son, I felt in love with him.

A year later was his baptism, and his parents gave me the best gift of all... They made me his Godmother, and it was just huge. He was like a son to me, and now he was "My Son in God". I didnt need a reason to want to spoil him, but they gave me one.
He has grown into this wonderful little boy, and I cant wait for next week when we will be celebrating his second birthday.

I also wanted to share that my brother and godson were choosen as the Dad and Son to be in the cover of a very popular magazine in the Country for Father's Day. Later on, I will take the chance to translate the interview to English and blog about it, but in the meantime, here is one of the pictures the photographer took:
Ariel (or Rique as Mia calls him): Your godmother, Tio Ernesto and cousins Gaby, Mia and Mimi loves you VERY MUCH and are very happy to be part of your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

You also may wonder why my title says BOYS. Two years ago was born another adorable little boy named Marcos. He was born too soon at 26 weeks and 4 days of gestation due to PROM (early in the second trimester), and he grew winds just a few hours after he was born. This baby will always be special to me because he was born the same day as my beloved nephew, and I think God has big plans for us. His mom became the only non-family person to be godmother of one of my daughters, and she is really special to us.

I was just looking at his pictures just now, and he was just so perfect. Ariel is lucky to have him in Heaven taking care of him, because I know Marcos is Ariel's special Angel. From all the days he could have been born, he was born the exact same day as Ariel, just a few hours of difference, and Im sure this is way more than a simple coincidence.

(Also, please take a moment a light a candle for him on the right size of my blog... )

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We finally set a name for the dog. My dear friend Susan suggested it, and we all love it (Thanks Sis!)... Even Mimi can say it. We are still unsure of what to do with her as nobody is looking for a large dog, but in the meantime, we cant keep calling her: "la perra" (the female dog)...

Why Sassy? Even though I know what it means, I google the meaning of it and I learned about lots of meanings that it has... That's when I knew she really is Sassy!
* Lively and spirited, stylish or chic
* Fun, daring, sexy, multifaceted, someone you have to have! (of course, we dont know if she is sexy... We should ask the dog next door)....
* An adjective, typically used to describe a playful, flirty, saucy woman, particularly in reference to her verbal remarks. Occasionally, women will be *sassy* in order to get a spanking for causing trouble. The best way to tell is if her eyes are bright with mischief.
* When someone knows what they want and knows exactly knows how to get it
* Word to describe an extremely tall and goofy girl, like the female and human version of a Sasquatch (she will be very "tall" indeed).
* The adjective with an ambiguous yet positive meaning to be used as a compliment when describing someone when you can't think of any words to describe them with. It always works in making the person feel good.
* Used to describe a really bitchy and commanding girl

So, doesnt she look very Sassy?
(Got it from the Urban Dictionary)
As for Gaby, she has been only a bit better, and she has been needing the nebulizations... Gotta update the ped tomorrow morning, and I will let you guys know how it goes.
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If you have more than one child, chances are that you will ended up with the others sick too. Of course, you dont expect this to happen when you are dealing with Ashtma, but oh well, it happened to us!
I noticed that Gaby wasn't breathing right last night, but I blamed it to being TOO HOT. This morning at around 11am I got a call from preschool side. One of those calls with bad news that I hate so much. It was the Principal to let me know that Gaby was having fast deep breathing. I asked her to check is she had wheezing, and she had.
When I saw her she was so bad that I didnt need to put my head on her back to hear the wheezing.. I could actually hear it from her open mouth while trying to breathe!!! She was even having intercostal retractions, and she was turning blue.
She got to the ER and after 2 nebulizations she was better. I cant even being to explain how scary it was!! She got released with a prescription and a nebulization treatment, but as I had Mia's follow up, I just took her in to her ped in the afternoon.
The good news are the Mia is released and medicine-nebulization free. She says that she is just fine, but that I need to take care of her as she were with a crisis, because she get sick again as she is still not 100% fine. For Gaby the ped asked me to nebulize her every 8 hours until Sunday morning, and to give her a call and let her know how she is by then. She prescribed her another medicine for the nebulization and she wont need to drink anything besides that.
Im really sad, as I just want my daughters to be fine... Is that too much to ask?
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Yesterday I gave the camera to the preschool's secretary to take some pictures of the girls, and she took tons. Of course, I wont post them all, but here are some...

Gaby on recess playing with the sand:
Gaby with some of her friends:
Mia is feeling better today... The actually told me that she didnt cough at all and that she was breathing just fine... After I picked her up she was coughing a bit but just because Gaby was being rough with her and she was getting to excited...
Here is a picture of her cheating on her love... The secretary told me that he was actually giving her a kiss and she couldnt get it on the picture... Wonder what her crush think about this....
Mia and two of her girlfriends.... The one right next to her is her buddy buddy.
Mia had a "Brush your teeth" day and they asked the parents to send toothbrush and toothpaste, and they were teaching the kids how to brush their teeth:
Mimi is doing much better.... Here she is trying to hold the dog... She loves her very much, and the dog knows that she is the little one and that she cant be rough with her (she loves to bite Mia and Gaby playfully, but doesnt do it with Mimi... how sweet...).
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My very first award, and I love it. Thanks Sara for it! Here it is:

Now, the rules:
* Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are "Kick Ass Bloggers"
* Let 'em know in your post or via email, twitter or blog comments that they've received an award
* Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to Mammadawg, the inventor of this award.
* Hop on back to the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky then pass it on!

Here are some Kick Ass Bloggers:
- Heather at Love + Laughter = Life just because she manages to blog just about everything and it doesnt matter how busy life gets, she will always update us. She is not a big fan of blogging chains, but she is a Kick Ass Blogger.
- Nicole at Family News just because she has an amazing way to capture her children personalities with just a camera, and it shows on her blog what an amazing family they are.
- Sadie at Vote for Mattox just because I love the approach of her blog. She is set that she gave birth to a future President of the United States, and I love how she writes about "How to raise a future President".
- Cindy at Baby Claire just because I think they are a lovely and strong family that are trying to raise awareness about CDH. Her daughter is stinkin' cute and it's as petite as Mimi and same age.
- Kate at the O'Connell Family just because her photos say too much... I think she has an awesome talent and I love the "feel" of her blog.

I hope to receive more awards to give as there are some many blogs that I would like to give an award to. Until then....

(For some reason I edited and it got deleted..... Of course you guys knew I meant KICK and not KISS!!)
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Mia has been sick for 9 days already... It is just too much!! She had a better night and she slept most of it. She was looking way better and she loved being back to school. Her teachers didnt let her be too active, but she was very happy.

I was trying to get a nebulizer, because I needed to go home... Im really enjoying the time Im spending with my grandfather while at my mom's house, but I NEED to be home. One of my uncles told me that he was going to find me one, so after we got out of the school, we headed my mom's house for Mia's injection with the nurse, and to see if my uncle got the nebulizer.

When my uncle got there he said: "I was around the medical supplies store, and they was giving nebulizers away, so I took one for you guys". Of course, that was his cute way to say that he bought it for us, and you guys have NO idea what this means to us. Not only that I will be able to go home and even nebulize Mia at school, but also the gesture of my uncle of buying it. He knows we are tight, and he knows how much it helps.

Here is our new nebulizer: Mabis MiniComp Compressor Nebulizer Kit:Photobucket
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Mia is doing better today, but still trying hard to breathe. Nebulizations were pretty hard today, and she cried more than the other days... She kept crying: Ya! (whichs means something like: Done! or Stop!)... I guess she is just sick of it. I do remember how uncomfortable I was when I was being nebulized during Mimi's pregnancy (or was it Mia's?), and I dont want to be in her shoes.

I missed work today, and I hate that. I had a big day today, and there was a votation where the whole school was involved that had to be moved by tomorrow because I couldnt go today. My daughters comes first than anything, but still bothers me not to do on time what I have to do.

The ped wanted to see her again after 48 hours of nebulization every 6 hours, so we took her in for follow up. The ped says that she is way better, and that she is mostly congested now... There is also a little bit of wheezing, so we need to decongest her with something stronger. She prescribed her an intravenous medicine which means that we need to take her every day to the clinic, or we may ask the nurse that is taking care of my grandfather to put the injection.

Starting tomorrow she will be nebulized every 8 hours, and she said that she is ready to go back to preschool as she knows I work there and will be keeping an eye on her.

Here is a picture of her while being hooked to the nebulizer:
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That was some night! Mia didnt stopped coughing for hours... She was tired and sleepy, but the coughing was just too much, so she only wanted to snooze a bit on top of me while being rocked.

After the nebulization of 6am things calmed down a bit, and by 7am she felt sleep. We both managed to sleep until a bit before 10am (which means 2 hours and something of sleep).

She was way better but was still short of breath... I called the ped as promised and she asked me to take her in. A few hours in the ER, and she decided to let us go... The main reason was that there was no room available and I didnt want to go to another Hospital (unless the hospitalization was 100% necessary)... She told me that the main thing is to be nebulized, and that she needs that I guarantee that I will do it no matter what...

She told me that Mia cant go to school tomorrow (duh!) or Tuesday, and that she hopes that she can come back by Wednesday. She also may start the nebulization every 8 hours by Tuesday, which will gives us a more flexible schedule...

Im looking for a nebulizer online, so if anybody knows about a good one, suggestions are welcomed. Click here to see the one that Im using at my mom's house.
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Mia is getting worse by the minute and we are all really worried (including her pediatrician). She had her follow check up today and the ped wanted hospitalize her UNLESS we had a nebulizer available that we could use several times a day for the next hours... There is one at my mom's house because of my grandfather, so she gave us the option to nebulize her 4 more times every 6 hours. If she was not better by the last one of those four (which will be at 6am tomorrow), she would need to be hospitalized. She has all the symptoms of asthma, but as it is the first episode, the ped cant just make a diagnosis. She now has lung crackles, on top of the wheezing (more info).

So I have been at my mom's house, and hubby left home with Mimi and Gaby, and are suppose to meet me tomorrow morning by the time of the last try of nebulization, so we can call the ped and take it from there.

It's super late and even though my eyes are closing, there is no way that she will let me put her on the bed... All she wants is to be rocked, or at least held (which is what Im doing right now with my left hand).

Please, pray for her and for this being a single episode, and not the begining of asthma... We took pictures, but I will be posting them tomorrow as the cable is not here.
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- Mia and Mimi are still very sick. I just hope they get better over the weekend. Mia is worst than Mimi and I just hope it doesnt get out of control. Mimi only has a cold, but Mia's wheezing is getting worse, and we are really worried.

- "The" dog is still here. It breaks my heart to look for another home for her as Gaby is acting like the happiest girl in the world. She didnt behaved good in school today, but she has listened to everything we have said to her since we got home, and is acting really mature around "the dog". It really amazes me. I did told her to remember that we are not keeping her, and she was "explaining" me all the reasons why we should keep her...

- We got the final quote for the car and the bill is so high that I know people who have bought cars with that amount in the states. We are thinking about getting a another car with the money that they want us to spent to fix it. We will see.

- We are planning to enroll Mia and Gaby in ballet classes next week, and I may enroll Gaby is soccer too... We'll see.

- I may start teaching one hour of computer..... I havent teach in sooooooo long, but Im really excited!!!

I will update tomorrow about Mia.
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There is no need to know us very much to realize this is a busy house. We are as busy as can be, and I cant imagine new responsibilities on top of the ones we have...

Today, a vendor from a corner (which is actually a very popular corner to sell pets) was trying to sell us a puppy. It was the cutest puppy, and it looked very healthy. Of course, WE CANT have a pet so we said no right away. The guy insisted and actually put the dog inside of the car.

Gaby started begging for it (of course), and I kept saying no.... They guy kept insisting and at that very second the light changed, so we have to move the car. The guy tells us to turn right there, and we did (the puppy is still inside of the car), and you guys wont believe this, but the guy disappeared.

Of course, we looked for him all over, and hubby even got off the car and started asking around. All the vendors (fruit vendors, limpiabotas, window cleaners, calling cards vendors, etc) told us that they have never seen that guy in that corner, and that they have no idea where he came from.

After one hour of trying to find out, we decided to leave WITH the puppy. We didnt know what to do with her (is a "she"), but we knew we were not going to leave her on the streets. We were scared about her not being vaccinated and deparasitated, so we stopped by a Vet that was close by, and wonder about this... He gave us a free deparasitation and lots of info about her. He told us how healthy and clean she was, and told us that she looks strongly like a Alaskan Malamute, even though he thinks it could have some Labrador in her genes. Either breed grows as a large dog.

We have NO IDEA what we are going to do with her, and even though the girls are thrilled, we will have to do something about this. I mean, having a dog to play with will be great for the girls, but I cant afford her economically, AND I cant have another "baby" on the house.
Here is a picture of her drinking water from her "new" plate (the bottom part of a plastic bottle):

By the way, I didnt want to name her as I dont think we will keep her, but Gaby keeps asking for a name, so if you guys have any suggestions: shoot!

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I have been meaning to do this review since the longest, and here you have it...

I was looking around for belts for my girls to use with their uniforms either in leather or canvas. I needed it to be black, brown or navy, and you guys have no idea how HARD it is to find those colors for toddlers girls!!!

While I was googling for the belt I was bumped to Myselft Belts because they have a leather black belt for girls, and I felt in love with ALL the belts... They have lots of cute colors, and we decided to get a Navy one for each one of them... Now, I see that they have a brown one, and I will have gotten that one instead, but oh well!

Anyway, the belts are GREAT... Both girls can fasten the belts by themselves, and even Mia doesnt struggle when she tries to take her cloth off (which results very handy as we are Potty Training). I was a bit concerned about the velcro, but decided to buy them because some reviews said that even with the velcro, the belts holds the pants very good, and IT'S TRUE!!! Even if the pants are a bit loose, they wont fall off.

Im not sure how long they will last (meaning how long will it fit to them), but I know that Mia will be able to use Gaby's when it doesnt fit Gaby anymore... They also look very durable, so I know we wont have a problem in that subject... They have been using it for almost 4 weeks, and they look like new.

They have an option to personalize some of the belts, but personally Im not a big fan of personalization especially when it is something that the other girls could use later on.... They also gives free shipping if you buy two or more...

Here are some belts.... This one is the one I got the girls for preschool:
Photobucket Image Hosting

This one is Gaby's favorite:
Photobucket Image Hosting

And this one will look so cute on my gorgeous nephew Ariel:
Photobucket Image Hosting
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Today I was in a better mood, and actually had a "fun" day. When we woke up this morning it was raining like crazy, Camila's fever was going up, and they were both coughing a lot, so I just told hubby to get Gaby ready and for both of them to leave to school, and I stood home with my two sick cuties.

They slept until 9am (wow!) and I actually manage to do a lot of stuff plus to play with them... They were still miserable and very sensitive, so it was not easy to keep one away from the other (especially Mia away from Mimi), but it was Ok....

I did cracked up big time when Gaby and hubby got home, and I realize Gaby's LONG pants are too short, and that we buttom was undone!!! Of course, I checked on the size and she was wearing Mia's pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what happens when hubby picks the cloth (Im just joking because he is actually in charge of the uniforms and Im in charge of the lunchboxes and backpacks)... But still was very funny that he didnt notice the pant was too short, and I wonder how in the world he put the buttom in the morning!!! I bet the teachers had a good laugh about it. He also forgot about her lunch, but at least she didnt starve. I guess we complement each other in the morning, and one cant function well without the other.
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Today was not a fun day at all!

1- I got some downs at my work. Who knows who is reading, so I cant be specific... Let's just say I just had a bad work day.
2- Amelia who has been sick since yesterday is getting worse... She has a bad cold.
3- Camila now has fever, shortness of breath, wheezing, and had to be nebulized two times at the ER.
4- The bill for car is HUGE.
5- I had a disagreement with my landlord.
6- We spent money in things that were not planned or expected (and I hate that).
7- Gaby talked to her ex teacher over the phone (as she has been begging for it), and my heart broke when Gaby told her how much she loves her and misses her. After they hang up, Gaby cried a bit and I just dont know how to make the pain go away for her.

The list could go on and on.... At least the pediatrician gave us free samples of the medicines for the girls, so we saved money from that.

Updated: Another blogging mama also had one of these days and she posted about it under Moody Monday... She posted the song: I'll walk you home by Karmina. Nicole: Thank you for this song.

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And no... The girls are fine... The baby that went to the Hospital is the one that has been sick for almost 2 weeks already, and was being left out.... We will get a cotization first thing on Monday, so let's hope for the best!

Here is the baby while the ambulance was about to take him to the Hospital:
As you can see, the weather is not that bad, and we are still not sure what will happend with Ike... I dont think it will do any harm to us, but only time will tell.. It is suppose to get in the Country tonight....
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When we got home yesterday, there was no electricity AGAIN (man, I really cant wait for the Hurricane Season to be over so I can forget about this power situation), so we scape to my mom's house.

The sky actually cleared out, and even though it wasnt sunny, it was not raining either... I got the girls ready for their Mismatch Day, even though we couldnt do much as we were at my mom's house... The girls were mismatch but I would have love to do something more. I will make it up for it next year.

As the camera is already working, I sent it to school, and got some picture of the girls... Here they are... Here is the view of the teachers outside waiting for the kids to arrive (the one on the floor with the red and white socks is the Principal of Preschool):
Gaby's classroom with her teacher, teacher's aide, and some of the kids... She was wearing an a white shirt with orange and yellow with a fourth of july shorts (red with navy decorations), and light blue plaid sneakers (Notice how small she looks compared with the other two girls right next to her):
Camila with her mismatch cloth... She had a white shirt with navy blue and yellow flowers, a skirt with several tones of green, one pink croc and one black croc!
Remember Camila's crush? Here she is right nex to him with one of the maintenance ladies who was very mismatch herself!! Then, a pictures of her two lovely and very mismatched teachers!!! I think the one from the right (which is Mia's homeroom teacher) had the most mismatched cloth of ALL!
Gaby's face was all painted when I picked her up and they told me that they ate like there was no tomorrow... They sure had a blast!!!
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Even though the National Ministry of Education said that the schools should be closed today, the director kept the school open... I know she is just worried of all the days we will have to add at the end of the school year to make up for all the missing classes...
As I missed the day yesterday, so I couldnt just not go today, especially since I have so much work to do... As I have nobody else to look after the schoo, they went with us, and they were the ONLY ones in preschool (well, there were 2 more kids of 2 other teachers), which means that they had ALL the teachers for themselves, and oh boy! they had a blast!!!
I also got to talk to Gaby's teacher a bit about the kid that is bothering her, and I found out that there is also one girl that is getting on Gaby's nerves... We will see how the teacher work this out... She looks like a great teacher, so Im sure she will find a way to keep the fights up to a minimun.
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The National Ministry of Education canceled the classes again today, but our school didnt. As it was raining so much, and our car is still not fixed, I decided to stay home with the girls, and hubby went to work...

We had a GREAT day at home... I had no power since early in the morning, so even though I had lots of work to do, I couldnt work at all... So, instead I spent the day playing with the girls and being silly with them... I also did some chores (actually a lot), but that didnt kept me from having lots of fun playing kitchen, blocks, dolls, soccer, etc etc etc...

The camera is still acting up, so I couldnt get pictures, but I will recharging the batteries AGAIN tomorrow, to see is that is the problem.

Continue to pray for us and the tropical depressions on our way!
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Tropical Storm Hannah (which was a Hurricane but was downgraded to Storm) started hitting us since last night... It was very windy, and today has been raining a lot... Also, Hurricane Ike (category 4) is expected to hit us by the weekend, and then hit Florida by next week. Tropical Storm Josephine is also our way, and it will be devastating if Ike and Josephine "meet" at some point!!

Please, if you pray, keep us in your prayers!

(Updated on the 4th)
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... and we have no idea why.... Well, I may know why.

The school has an agenda that they fill out everyday where they write how was the kid (among other things), and mostly everyday the teacher have wrote that Gaby was upset...

I think that this is part of the adaptation process, and the fact that she doesnt know how to handle that she misses her old teacher and classmates, even though she likes the new ones. She keeps asking me that she wants to go to her old school to say hello, and Im not sure if that is a good idea, because I think it may make the situation worse... In the other hand, I will love if we have a playdate with her closer friends, because she will be happy...

I will think more about it, and reach to a decision... We'll see...
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