Mia is getting worse by the minute and we are all really worried (including her pediatrician). She had her follow check up today and the ped wanted hospitalize her UNLESS we had a nebulizer available that we could use several times a day for the next hours... There is one at my mom's house because of my grandfather, so she gave us the option to nebulize her 4 more times every 6 hours. If she was not better by the last one of those four (which will be at 6am tomorrow), she would need to be hospitalized. She has all the symptoms of asthma, but as it is the first episode, the ped cant just make a diagnosis. She now has lung crackles, on top of the wheezing (more info).

So I have been at my mom's house, and hubby left home with Mimi and Gaby, and are suppose to meet me tomorrow morning by the time of the last try of nebulization, so we can call the ped and take it from there.

It's super late and even though my eyes are closing, there is no way that she will let me put her on the bed... All she wants is to be rocked, or at least held (which is what Im doing right now with my left hand).

Please, pray for her and for this being a single episode, and not the begining of asthma... We took pictures, but I will be posting them tomorrow as the cable is not here.
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Erica said...

definitely sounds like asthma ....Me and my brother both have it !!! His is worse and he gets the lung crackles.....i just get really bad chest pain and cant breathe.....sometimes i get breathing treatments at the doctor but i use a preventative inhaler in the morning oce a day ....i hope its gets better hun !!!!

Heather said...

Oh no, I hope she is better soon. I have asthma, its not as bad as it seems. Of course there are many versions of it. I had meds growing up but i dont use them any more and most days i am fine. If you have any questions im here.

debbeblue said...

Hi, I'm so sorry. I know that this is a tough, and scary time. Just a comment, though. My daughter, Ellie, had RSV last January and was hospitalized for 8 days. She was 9 months. She had the wheezing, the low oxygen sats, the crackle...it developed into bronchitis. We neb'd her there and did PT and oral meds. She had oxygen at night and was hooked up to a moniter...and she is FINE today. She's a healthy beautiful girl of 16 months. Children have delicate respiratory systems and this happens. Sometimes it's a function of just not being able to clear muchus correctly. Follow the drs orders but - and this is NOT medical advice - but what also worked for us was lots of bulb suctioning and back PT. I did pt on own, without the nurses, 4 to 5 times a day while she was in. We took her home and continued to give meds, neb and put her in the shower etc. And she was rights as roses not long after. Your little one is going to be ok, she will.

Meanwhile - mine has had 3 episodes since, and it's NOT Asthma. It's just a function of her inability to clear muchus. If you get an asthma diagnosis, please please get a second opinion before you treat. We are giving our daughter asthma meds at the sign of every cold but my dr assures us that this is "preventative" and she fully expects her to outgrow it by 6 years. So DONT worry yet. Many children just need their respiratory systems to develop and your daughter's might just be teeny. Your beautiful girl is going to be well soon. Best to you.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Erica: Thanks... I hope so too... If she gets diagnosed, I will be asking lots of questions....

Heather: As I said to Erica, I will eventually have lots of questions... Thanks! :)

Debbeblue: First, thank you for taking the time to write all that... Im very happy to hear that your daughter is healthy now, and I also had a kid episodes like this (so my husband), but was never diagnosed with Asthma, as it wasnt (I guess just like your daughter).

I do will love to know what is PT?? I cant think of anything... As for my girl, Im also very positive that she is going to be alright. She is the most active of all my girls, but I hope this doesnt interfere with her normal life. ((((HUGS))))


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