Mia is doing better today, but still trying hard to breathe. Nebulizations were pretty hard today, and she cried more than the other days... She kept crying: Ya! (whichs means something like: Done! or Stop!)... I guess she is just sick of it. I do remember how uncomfortable I was when I was being nebulized during Mimi's pregnancy (or was it Mia's?), and I dont want to be in her shoes.

I missed work today, and I hate that. I had a big day today, and there was a votation where the whole school was involved that had to be moved by tomorrow because I couldnt go today. My daughters comes first than anything, but still bothers me not to do on time what I have to do.

The ped wanted to see her again after 48 hours of nebulization every 6 hours, so we took her in for follow up. The ped says that she is way better, and that she is mostly congested now... There is also a little bit of wheezing, so we need to decongest her with something stronger. She prescribed her an intravenous medicine which means that we need to take her every day to the clinic, or we may ask the nurse that is taking care of my grandfather to put the injection.

Starting tomorrow she will be nebulized every 8 hours, and she said that she is ready to go back to preschool as she knows I work there and will be keeping an eye on her.

Here is a picture of her while being hooked to the nebulizer:
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Heather said...

So happy she is doing better. Sorry it is so hard for her. Can you do movie or read a book or wear a mask too just to take her mind off of it? Sorry you had to miss work but of course your girls come first!!!

cul-ture-queen said...

Awww, she didn't look good, but glad to hear that she is doing better.


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