We finally set a name for the dog. My dear friend Susan suggested it, and we all love it (Thanks Sis!)... Even Mimi can say it. We are still unsure of what to do with her as nobody is looking for a large dog, but in the meantime, we cant keep calling her: "la perra" (the female dog)...

Why Sassy? Even though I know what it means, I google the meaning of it and I learned about lots of meanings that it has... That's when I knew she really is Sassy!
* Lively and spirited, stylish or chic
* Fun, daring, sexy, multifaceted, someone you have to have! (of course, we dont know if she is sexy... We should ask the dog next door)....
* An adjective, typically used to describe a playful, flirty, saucy woman, particularly in reference to her verbal remarks. Occasionally, women will be *sassy* in order to get a spanking for causing trouble. The best way to tell is if her eyes are bright with mischief.
* When someone knows what they want and knows exactly knows how to get it
* Word to describe an extremely tall and goofy girl, like the female and human version of a Sasquatch (she will be very "tall" indeed).
* The adjective with an ambiguous yet positive meaning to be used as a compliment when describing someone when you can't think of any words to describe them with. It always works in making the person feel good.
* Used to describe a really bitchy and commanding girl

So, doesnt she look very Sassy?
(Got it from the Urban Dictionary)
As for Gaby, she has been only a bit better, and she has been needing the nebulizations... Gotta update the ped tomorrow morning, and I will let you guys know how it goes.
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7 Lovely comments :

Heather said...

Cute name! She is growing on you, lol!

Jenny said...

Cute name & doggy! I'm sorry that Gaby is still sick, I hope everyone gets well soon! And don't worry, I won't forget about you when I move (or all my other BBC friends either)! I'll send you an e-mail and let you know as soon as I actually get around to setting it up!

Bridget said...

oh my goodness, Sassy is a super cute name!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

H: I gotta say that it feels like she belongs, but Im not ready for a baby... DH knows that HE is the daddy and Gaby is the mommy!

Jenny: I hope she gets better soon, too. If you need help setting up the new blog, just let me know...

Bridget: I think the name fits just nice in a house full of *sassy* girls... LOL

Anonymous said...

yes she does look like a very sassy lady!!! keep us updated on gaby too!!!!

Jennie B said...

oh Sassy is perfect! To cute. I hope your girls are starting to feel better.

I tagged you in a blog today called 7 things, if you get around to it. :)

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Erica: Very Sassy!! LOL

Jennie: I promise I will get on it as soon as I get a chance.... Thanks!


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