My parents marriage lasted around the same time of marriage that I have now... My brother was 4.5 years old and I was 2.5. Growing up I was pretty much used to it, because it happened when I was so little that I hardly suffered from it.
Then, my dad remarried, and had my two half brothers. His wife has always been great to us, and it always cracks me up when she tell stories about how jelaous I was with my dad when they got married. They say (which I cant remember) that I used to kick her out of his side, and was always sitting in the middle of them.
Honestly, my parents are SOOOO different that I cant even imagine it other way.
Even though I cant imagine my life without my dad's wife and my little brothers, there was always a little wonder inside of me of why I didnt had my daddy every day with me as all my friends had. My dad wasnt on top of us all the time, and was out of the pictures frequently and I really wanted a dad.
Little I knew that one day after 25 years of their divorce, I would find out WHY they got a divorce.
My grandpa had today a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (which I mentioned a month ago).. This surgery is for him to be fed by a tube in his stomach, not by the tube in his nose... I got to the Hospital to see him, and there was my mom, by his side, taking care of him. My mom has been taking care of him since several weeks already, but it was in that moment when I realized that this is the reason why my parents divorced. My grandpa needed somebody who take care of him during this last part of his life, and my mom wouldnt have been able to do this if she were married.
It is funny how my mom had memory problems. She used to easily forget about things, but now my grandpa has a very busy "schedule" and there is at least one thing that needs to be done hourly (either feed him, or a medicate him, or tap his back, or nebulize him, or empty the sonda, or to put him the machine to aspirate his saliva (due to his inability to swallow), or feed him again, or medicate him again and again and again... It is amazing, how my mom cant afford to forget anything now, and she doesnt forget anything, and it's never late... She does have a schedule in the door, but she doesnt even need a watch to realize that the time is coming to do certain thing. She is enterely dedicated to my grandpa, and even though sometimes I think it is just too much for her, Im thankful that she is being able to do this.
I know this is not the only life purpose why my parenst got a divorce, but Im pretty sure that Im happy this is working out the way is working out.
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Anonymous said...

awwwwwww......i wish your mom could get a vacation but its amazing she is doing all of that! I always wondered the same things since my parent divorced when i was 4 ....i dont think i'll ever know the real reasons why :(

Anonymous said...

i hope you all get better. i hope will get a brek soon.bye with lots of love!!! :)

The Garske's said...

I hope he gets better very soon!!
My parents divorced after 25 YEARS of marriage and I was 18, and it was STILL hard on me! I just think it is something you dont understand until you are married yourself!

My3Ro's said...

Your mother is very blessed. She has you and your brother. She is an amazing woman and would not be the woman she is today if it was not for that divorce. She raised an amazing woman and I know no matter what she is proud of you.

Melissa said...

Isn't it funny how things happen for a reason, and in the end work out for the best?


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