Mimi went for her check up a few days ago, but with all the things about Gaby and Mia's sickness, I didnt want Mimi to share a post so here is her very own post.... Here are the numbers:

* 19.5 pounds (with diaper AND cloth)... Which I will count as 19 pounds, if not less... But let's leave it at 19 pounds even. This means that she is in less than 3rd percentile for her age.
* 29.5 inches tall (no shoes), which puts her on 11th percentile for her age.

Im very happy that she is actually growing this time, even though her weight is still in "no-progress" mode (see her previous check up). The ped wants me to ask the old ped for a record of her growth and weight gain (I have it, but she wants an official one), so she can weight in the possibility of doing something special for her to gain weight, and also to find out why she is not gaining enough weight, especially since she eats so good.

She is also doing great in school, and every day that passes I can tell how much she loves her teachers. Here is a picture of her before going to school yesterday..... Dont mind her BIG shirt (that was the smallest available), and her "here-comes-the-camera-again" look....
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Erica said...

she is sooo adorable ....Fifi was growing slow for a while but she got 1 lb last month ...Im sure Mimi will catch up I know Fifi started gaining alot of weight after having Nestum cereal and my cousin gives that to her girls espescially her twins since they were preemies....have you ever used that cereal?

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Yeah, we have use it when we need a fast breakfast as it doesnt need to be cooked, but not in a dialy basis... She does eat it sometimes in school too.

I think she is too little for cereal as a drink, but I may do it in a couple of months when she is a year and a half... We'll see.

Erica said...

i just put like 2 teasoons in her milk in the morning and at night and it has helped alot for me

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

It's just that her stomach is sooo delicate that I just dont dare to do it... :(

Heather said...

wow she is not a baby at all any more. Sorry to break it to you, lol!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

H: I have to disagree with you... Until one of the girls have a baby, she will continue to be the baby of the house! :p

My3Ro's said...

Mimi is gorgeous. I love how she looks like she is swimming in those clothes. Also my little Ro-N is also very skinny. Dont know where it comes from he could eat a horse and lose weight. Do not worry. Every child is different and she is growing that is most important.

frskulls said...

whoa!!! She's so darling and tiny!! Maite's 19lbs and 26.5 at 7 months old..


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