Today was hubby's turn to get sick... He had a problem back in 1997 during a swimming competition, and got a pinched nerve... He was taking physical therapy back in the states, but stopped taking them long time ago. Sometimes the pain is strong, but today was unbearable. He wasnt able to move without feeling an horrible pain, and we ran to the ER...

They made an X-Ray and it shows his back is all swollen, and they sent him home with some meds for the pain, and a referral to go to an orthopedic doctor tomorrow. The pain didnt go away at all, and by night he still had the same pain... We had to go to the ER AGAIN at 10 something at night... I stood outside of the ER with my 3 sleeping little flowers for several hours, while they were checking him (as kids are not allowed in the ER).

They increased the meds, and we just need to hope for him to get better soon!
Posted by Anelys Perez On 11:55 PM 3 comments

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My3Ro's said...

I am sorry to hear about Ernesto and I hope he feels lots better soon.

nicole said...

I hope he is feeling better soon. And you hope you all can find some rest after such a night.

Heather said...

Oh dont you love when hubby's are sick? Im just kidding of course. I hope he recovers quickly. As a wife of a hurt husband, I understand your pain right now



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