I have been meaning to do this review since the longest, and here you have it...

I was looking around for belts for my girls to use with their uniforms either in leather or canvas. I needed it to be black, brown or navy, and you guys have no idea how HARD it is to find those colors for toddlers girls!!!

While I was googling for the belt I was bumped to Myselft Belts because they have a leather black belt for girls, and I felt in love with ALL the belts... They have lots of cute colors, and we decided to get a Navy one for each one of them... Now, I see that they have a brown one, and I will have gotten that one instead, but oh well!

Anyway, the belts are GREAT... Both girls can fasten the belts by themselves, and even Mia doesnt struggle when she tries to take her cloth off (which results very handy as we are Potty Training). I was a bit concerned about the velcro, but decided to buy them because some reviews said that even with the velcro, the belts holds the pants very good, and IT'S TRUE!!! Even if the pants are a bit loose, they wont fall off.

Im not sure how long they will last (meaning how long will it fit to them), but I know that Mia will be able to use Gaby's when it doesnt fit Gaby anymore... They also look very durable, so I know we wont have a problem in that subject... They have been using it for almost 4 weeks, and they look like new.

They have an option to personalize some of the belts, but personally Im not a big fan of personalization especially when it is something that the other girls could use later on.... They also gives free shipping if you buy two or more...

Here are some belts.... This one is the one I got the girls for preschool:
Photobucket Image Hosting

This one is Gaby's favorite:
Photobucket Image Hosting

And this one will look so cute on my gorgeous nephew Ariel:
Photobucket Image Hosting
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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