When we got home yesterday, there was no electricity AGAIN (man, I really cant wait for the Hurricane Season to be over so I can forget about this power situation), so we scape to my mom's house.

The sky actually cleared out, and even though it wasnt sunny, it was not raining either... I got the girls ready for their Mismatch Day, even though we couldnt do much as we were at my mom's house... The girls were mismatch but I would have love to do something more. I will make it up for it next year.

As the camera is already working, I sent it to school, and got some picture of the girls... Here they are... Here is the view of the teachers outside waiting for the kids to arrive (the one on the floor with the red and white socks is the Principal of Preschool):
Gaby's classroom with her teacher, teacher's aide, and some of the kids... She was wearing an a white shirt with orange and yellow with a fourth of july shorts (red with navy decorations), and light blue plaid sneakers (Notice how small she looks compared with the other two girls right next to her):
Camila with her mismatch cloth... She had a white shirt with navy blue and yellow flowers, a skirt with several tones of green, one pink croc and one black croc!
Remember Camila's crush? Here she is right nex to him with one of the maintenance ladies who was very mismatch herself!! Then, a pictures of her two lovely and very mismatched teachers!!! I think the one from the right (which is Mia's homeroom teacher) had the most mismatched cloth of ALL!
Gaby's face was all painted when I picked her up and they told me that they ate like there was no tomorrow... They sure had a blast!!!
Posted by Anelys Perez On 8:13 PM 3 comments

3 Lovely comments :

Bridget said...

HA HA!! What fun! I guess James would have fit right in :)

Heather said...

Nice outfits! where's yours and Ernesto's?

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Bridget: Awww... give him a break!! He was soo cute!! LOL

Heather: The activity was only in preschool, so we didnt got to mismatch!! We will do it when it is Elementary's turn!! LOL


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