Today I was in a better mood, and actually had a "fun" day. When we woke up this morning it was raining like crazy, Camila's fever was going up, and they were both coughing a lot, so I just told hubby to get Gaby ready and for both of them to leave to school, and I stood home with my two sick cuties.

They slept until 9am (wow!) and I actually manage to do a lot of stuff plus to play with them... They were still miserable and very sensitive, so it was not easy to keep one away from the other (especially Mia away from Mimi), but it was Ok....

I did cracked up big time when Gaby and hubby got home, and I realize Gaby's LONG pants are too short, and that we buttom was undone!!! Of course, I checked on the size and she was wearing Mia's pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what happens when hubby picks the cloth (Im just joking because he is actually in charge of the uniforms and Im in charge of the lunchboxes and backpacks)... But still was very funny that he didnt notice the pant was too short, and I wonder how in the world he put the buttom in the morning!!! I bet the teachers had a good laugh about it. He also forgot about her lunch, but at least she didnt starve. I guess we complement each other in the morning, and one cant function well without the other.
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Heather said...

Thats cute! Glad you had a fun day at home!

Nathan & Stephanie said...

Glad to hear today was a better day!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Thanks girls!! It really was a better day!

The SISTERHOOD!! said...

I can relate to the story about the pants. My husband is a very nice dresser himself, but when it comes to the kids he just has such a hard time with getting the right outfit together. The funny thing is that I hang all of my kids clothes in outfits. So it should not be a hard thing! =) One Sunday, when I was sick and he got the kids ready to go. I just laughed and laughed when they got home. My son had on pants that were more like shorts, and my poor daughter had dressed herself and she tried to do her hair. It was quite a site for sore eyes!!!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Sisterhood: Thank you for stopping by! Anyway, my girls cant get any easier for school as they use uniforms.... The problem comes with the sizes!!!

He is not a bad matcher when it comes to regular cloths, but he still gets it hard with the sizes!! LOL


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