My mom's car was dirty, so hubby offered himself to wash her car.... Of course, Mia wanted to help and they had lots of fun!!!! That was while Mimi and I took a nap!! How cool is that?

A mechanic checked on the car and gave us a very big budget!! We will see how we manage to take care of it....
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Our car have been parked in our garage for a full week! The car broke down last Sunday, and it wont start.. That's why we havent been able to fix it, mostly because somebody needs to go to our house to fix it, and hubby have being working like crazy this week.. Also, Gustav was not helping much.... Plus, we were getting paid on the 29th anyway.

Anyway, we managed to have the car fixed, and everything was set up... Mimi's godmother have been asking me that she wanted to have Mimi for a couple of hours on Saturday, and we were going to stop by for a bit... Just as we were entering her building, the transmission broke down and lost all the fluid. When the transmission is out of fluid a car cant move, so we had to turn the car off and actually push the car to a parking spot (well.. I didnt push, Hubby did with another guy, but you guys get the point)....

I went upstairs to my cousin's house and hubby went around looking for a mechanic. It was Saturday afternoon, and NONE of the mechanics of the area wanted to go a see the car!! He finally got somebody who went an take a look at it and told us what it was (we didnt know it was the transmission until this guy said it.. We thought it was oil from the motor). He told us that he was available to fix it on MONDAY! Oh well!

So, we went to my mom's house to borrow her car so tomorrow we can go around and look for a mechanic... Wish us luck!
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We were doing some shopping for Mimi today... She still needed some Back to School supplies, and her class starts next Tuesday (she didnt start the same day as her sisters, as she is in another school). Im really excited, and I really cant wait for everything that you will learn... This will be a different experience to me, as Gaby and Mia went to "preschool" for the first time at 2, and it feels weird that Mimi is starting this class... I know that some people (I was just talking about it with a friend) cant understand why she is in a "preschool" and not being care for a family or friend, but Im REALLY happy with the decision that I made, and even though this may not have worked for other kids, or even my own other kids, it does works for Mimi...

No much pictures are being taken as our camera is having some issues... Hope to solve it soon!!
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Today was a weird day for me... I spent the whole day thinking that it was Monday (as we had the day off yesterday), so I was stressed out with things I needed to have done by next Monday.... Even Gaby went to school with P.E. sneakers (which is only Monday and Friday) because I was set that it was Monday...

Also Gaby got her first homework of the school year... It was about letter M, and recognizing which one was upper or lower case... I actually asked her in English which ones were the upper case letters and she answered: "the big ones" (the answer was in Spanish, though), and then she said: "Y las lower son las chiquitas" (which was a serious Spanglish answer, that means: And the lower are the little ones). She has been working with letters for some time already, but this is actually the first time that I can really tell that she knows what is upper and lower!

I cant believe she will be writing and reading in no time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The National Ministry of Education declared all the schools to be closed today due to Gustav, and one of the good things of both of us working in a school is that we all get to spent the day at home together.... The weather actually cleared up a lot today, so it was nice to be rain-free for a change!
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Whoever reads my blog knows that I dont like to complain, much less about my daughters, but I need to write this and let this out... Im really worried about Mimi and what Mia is doing to her temper... Mimi is the most adorable little angel, but Mia bothers her so much that Im afraid her temper will change... She already runs in fear when Mia is around and she throws this awful tantrums when Mia pushes her buttons...

Mia is sweet and all fun when she is alone, or when she is in school, but when she is around Gaby or Mimi, she is all biting, hitting, pulling hair, pushing, kicking, or simply hugs and kiss so strong that it hurts the other two, and makes them cry.

Today I got a situation. Preschool was closed due to the new storm Gustav that we have, and I ended up with the three girls at work... Hubby was crazy fixing computers here and there, and the only one that was available to help me out was the school's nurse and she took Mimi for a bit... I didnt want the girls running around, as I didnt want to get in trouble, so I kept them in my office... I gave them food, milk, paper and colors to paint, music, books to read, and they werent even tired as it was around 9:30am, BUT, all Mia wanted was to tease Gaby. She gets easily upset, and Mia was pushing her buttons BADLY (which pushes my buttons, too)... After having them for a bit, I just wanted to cry!!
I mean, I couldnt afford my boss to tell me that they were disturbing, and all they wanted was to cry and scream. My mom's regular maid was off for the day and I just didnt had anybody to call or ask for help. Anyway, my mom is having a second maid that goes the two days that the other one is off plus a nurse, as my grandfather is at my mom's house and he needs care 100% of the day. So, I called her, explained her the situation, and even though she was on her way to her job, she picked them up and took them to her house....
I know Mia is on her terrible two's, but sometimes she gets in trouble 5 times in 5 minutes... I have tried to do everything that every book suggests and nothing really works with her... She does have a sleep problem, and I know that can be affecting her, but I have tried everything to get her to sleep earlier and she just wont go to sleep.
Every person that knows me, knows how important it is for me that my girls have a great relationship, and what Mia does to their sisters just breaks my heart... I hope things get better soon, and that they are able to have a healthy relationship when they both grow up a bit....
I dont really know what Im expecting from this post, but I wanted to let it out, even if Im not making much sense... Tomorrow we all have the day off because of the storm, and I hope to have a great day with the girls!
Thanks for reading, if you got to read it this far...
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We are getting used to a new routine as hubby starts teaching today... He needs to be in school by 7:30am, so we need to leave the house very early... The girls hardly cooperate in the morning, and it is not easy to bathe, change and get ready three girls that simply refuse... Mimi is the one that cooperates more, as she is a morning person, but she does need 100% of help for everything yet... And Mia gives us the hardest time to open her eyes, and Gaby needs to listen songs which distracts her very much...
Anyway, we are working on a routine, and even though our lovely car didnt start today, and we had to leave in a cab under the rain of Gustav, we managed to get there early. Im really excited and happy about all the new things that comes with this big change... We'll see how this new job for hubby and new school for Gaby goes!
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The last time I posted an update about my grandpa was a month ago, and as some of you have been asking, I think it is time to post another update...
He has been doing a lot better... This week I spent a few nights at my mom's house because of the blackouts in mine, and it was bittersweet how he was even playing with the girls with the dolls... He was "burping" the dolls, and the girls were really understanding that he cant talk. I even sat Mimi on his lap for short periods of time (per his request) and that just light up his eyes!
He is still being fed by a tube on his nose, but from time to time (around one time every 5 days), he will take the tubes out, wich ends up in a full day of hassle for him... He does it out of desperation, and he then gets sad when he realizes what he did. They want to put his feeding tube on his stomach, but that means surgery, and there is a medication that he is having that may make him bleed, and that's why they havent made the surgery....
Anyway, he is going to start therapy to learn to swallow as they want him to start mouth feeding. After he makes progress, they will start a therapy to try to help him talk again... He really cant wait to talk, and he tries really hard to communicate...

If you believe in praying, dont forget about him while you pray, so he gets the strength he needs to move on and be stronger that all this!
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I finally decided to make my graphic design business it's own blog!! I dont have the time to update my site as many times as I would like or make a new design, so Im finally going to be able to share the things that I make in a dialy basis....

Sadly, I cant post everything I do as some parents dont like their kids pictures posted online, but at least I will get to post all the ones that have no problem with it...

I have done everything possible to try post the code for you guys to use if you want to advertise it, but there is no way that I cant post it as a code... So, here are the instructions for you guys to post this if you please... For those who knows how to do it, just take this image and link to:
3 Little Flowers - The Blog

For those that needs instructions, here is what you have to do...
1 - Click on the image, hit right click, save as and save it on your computer
2 - From the tops tabs in the blog, there is POSTING, SETTING, and LAYOUT... Choose LAYOUT.
3 - It will automatically open on the ADD AND ARRANGE PAGE ELEMENTS section.
4 - Click on ADD A GADGET
5 - Scroll down and click on PICTURE
6 - It will pop up a window with several things to fill out... You can leave title and caption empty. On link write: Then browse the image on your computer, and wait for it to upload... Then, just click Save...

If you decide to post a link, let me know!!! And thanks for the support!!!
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As so many of you have been asking by comments and emails about the Foogos, I wanted to make another blog about it.... Gaby has already used them for 4 days, and Mia for 2 days. I asked their teachers about the food temperature on the food jar, and they told me that they were not "boiling hot", but they were warm enough! That is good enough for me! As for the bottles, Gaby had a leftover of juice when I was checking if they ate everything (that was around 3pm), so I drank a bit to check the temperature and it was as cold as it was when I packed it at 7am. That means that it was 8 hours later and it was still cold. I did put 2 cubs of ice, but still that alone is not enough for it to be cool for so many hours!!!! So, so far I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!, and of course I will recommend them to anyone!!!
I also wanted to post a review that I read a couple of weeks ago, which is mostly a comparison between the Foogo and the FUNtainer, both from Thermos brand. This lady says: "Foogo seems a great investment for anyone with very young children or infants because although they're designed for youngsters, their function and design are not limited to that age group".

I think she has excellent info about them, and it is definitely worth reading (read full review).
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As I mentioned before, Mia only had to go to preschool Wednesday and Friday this week, so she was "preschool-less" on Tuesday and Thursday. Her godmother lives in Spain, and came for visit for a couple of weeks, and wanted to see her... So, I mentioned her about her "days off" and we agree on Mia spending the time with her!

When we got there, she was on "defensive mode" as she got the feeling I was going to leave her there. She is very independent, but she also is very attached to me... That house was a new place for her, and she has spent little time with her godmother as she lives so far away.

I tried to take a picture of her but she wasnt very happy about it, and here is what I got:
Her godmother is an awesome Early Education teacher, and she is actually getting a master in Spain on Therapeutic Psicomotricity (for kids with psicomotricity disabilities)... So, I KNEW she was going to be able to make her happy as soon as I were out of the door!!

When I got to work, I called her and she told me how happy Mia was... They have a mini "school room", and her sister (who is also a teacher) was running a home daycare (or something for that matter) at their old house... They moved, and now have less space, but they kept the room as my uncle and aunt have several grandchildren.

I forgot to tell her to check on Camila's gross motor skills, as I think she falls too much, but she did mentioned later over the phone that her fine motor skills were very good, as she can stack tower of 10 blocks, which is somehow advanced for her age.

Here are some pictures that she gave me, including a picture of when she felt asleep just before I went to pick her up!! She was so beat up that she actually didnt woke up until the next morning!!Photobucket

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Dont try to look for pictures as there is NONE!!!


Ok.... You can now close your mouth or a fly will get in there!

We are hardly getting any electricty because of the tropical storm that we had over the weekend, and last night hubby used the camera batteries for the Stick Up Bulb, and "forgot" to mention it!!!!!! So, when I tried to turn on the camera, there wasnt even batteries on!

Anyway, when she saw the school from the outside she started jumping and clapping... She even got upset because "I took long" taking her out of the seat. The teacher's aide from last year was outside and she jumped on top of her! I walked her to her classroom, and she actually pushed me for me to leave!!! Can you tell how much she loves her school??
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Today was THE day!! Gaby was really excited about going to school, and actually cooperated very good while getting ready! When she got there, she got a bit intimidated as this was the first time that she goes there that she actually sees kids... She knew this time was different, so it was normal for her to feel a bit on "defensive mode". After all, she loves her previous teacher and classmates, and she is still not very sure why she doesnt get to be with them again.

She wasnt very cooperative for picture time after we got there... Here is how she looked before leaving the house, and how the door of her Purple classroom looks like (those are grapes, each one with the name of the kid).
Here she is with the teacher's aide (left) and teacher (right) while she was still in no-pictures mode....
This was during the day taken by the principal with her cell:
When I went to picked her up she actually asked for pictures, and took advantange of the situation and got into the 2-3 years old playground (where kids her age are not allowed to play during the day as they have their own playground with bigger toys).
And here she just after 2 minutes of sitting in the car, while the car was not even on yet, and she didnt even had the belt on:
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When would I stop blogging about school? Uhmm... Not anytime soon!! Im so excited as I have so many goals and good vibes about this coming year!! The meeting with Mia's teacher was at 8am, and the one with Gaby's teacher was at 10am. Both meeting were great... They explained all the things that they look forward for the kids to accomplish this year, and all the rules and directions. They emphasized about all the effords that they are planning to make to have an excellent comunication 'home-school'. Each grade will have a color to represent them, and the grades that have two groups will each one have a different color.

Mia's Program:
Mia will be attending Nursery Blue. It is the class for the 2 years olds kids. There are 14 kids enrolled (there is only place for one more), and instead of having one teacher and one assistant, they are going to have 2 teachers. Each teacher will be in charge of 7 of the kids, even though they will all going to be in the same classroom.

Her class is 100% in Spanish, as they dont introduce English until they are 3 years old. They were encouraging us to use complete words with them, and not use cutesy words, as one of the goals for this school year if for them to have a clear pronuntiation. They also commented that they dont allow the kids to bring toys and use bottles, and I think Mia is actually the only one that doesnt use a bottle anymore, as all the parents started asking for directions on how to deal with that. They also encourage us to make the kids to have breakfast at home, and send a snack for them to eat at school, instead to sending the breakfast to school. They showed us all the corners that they have in the classroom (books, dramatic, textures, blocks, circle, kitchen, art - I think those are all), and show us the method that they will use for the kids to use them.

Mia will be having Phys Ed classes, and Psicomotricity classes two times a week. The psicomotricity classes are focused to help the kids develop their gross motor skills: balance, body awareness, laterality [awareness of the left and right sides of the body], major muscle coordination, and spatial orientation. There will also be Arts and Muscis classes!!! I think Mia will be have a great time!

Gaby's Program:
Gaby will be in the Kinder Purple (hence why we are buying everything purple + it is her favorite color!). Gaby's old preschool was 100% in English, as they introduce Spanish in First Grade... This school, is mostly in English, too, however Gaby will be taking Spanish classes three time a week during one period. The Spanish part would be mostly for her to learn the basic phonemes, in order for her to write and read simple sentences. On the English part, she will be taking Language Arts (mostly phonics, vocabulary, writing, reading, comprehenssion, spelling), Math, Social Studies and Science. Both teachers (the Spanish teacher and English teacher), and the teacher's aide are REALLY nice!

Gaby will be also taking the same co-currilar classes that Mia will be taking, except for Psicomotricity class... Also, she will be taking computer classes, and this time [for the first time], she wont take that class with daddy (as he will only teach Middle and High School this year).

I cant wait to see all the things that they girls will learn this year!
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Today was the last day to label all the things for school... Gaby starts Tuesday, and Mia starts Wednesday (actually Mia only has class Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 11am as part of the adaptation process, and will start on Monday everyday from 8am to 12:30pm). BUT, the parents meeting is tomorrow and also the moment to hand in all the supplies.

We have owned a labeling machine since the longest (Brother PT-65 P-Touch), but it has been long since the last time we used it... I think that we havent even used it since we got to this Country a few years ago. Anyway, it needed new cartridge and just when I was about to order the new model (Brother PT-80 P-Touch) was at half price, mostly at the same price that the cartridge alone was. Plus it was on Amazon Prime, which means that I was going to be able to get it in 2nd day air for free!

So, I when ahead and ordered it, mostly because I didnt want to take the chance of the old one not working anymore, and waste the oportunity to get the new one is usch a good price (if you check the price now, it is back to the regular $29 bucks).

Im REALLY happy with my labeling time!! The machine does leaves a lot of space at the beginning and end of what you print (around two inches of wasted label), but what I did was to write the same name several times, so it only prints with one litle space in between.

It even has some symbols that you can print, so I printed a puppy at the beginning and end of Gaby's labels (her backpack, lunchbox and handtowel have a puppy in it), and an apple aroud Mia's name just because!
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Thank you for your emails and comments showing your concern about us with the Tropical Storm that passed by our area... We got lots of rain (I mean LOTS), but the worst thing has been the electricity... Power has been mostly non-existent and it has been awful... Long hours with no electricity, no lights, no fans, no COMPUTER, has been critical to us.

Working has been a bit difficult, but I have manage to do it and keep everybody happy (at least that's the perception I got... LOL).

I hope the power stays on soon, as it has been really difficult.
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Today is Cara's birthday... I sent her an email and here it is for the whole world (well... my readers) to read it and I little thing that I added.....

I have said this many times, but you are an angel in my life, and Im lucky to have you as a friend, sister and auntie of my daughters... I hope our friendship keeps growing and growing MORE and MORE!!!!
I love you very much!!!!

There is a little thing on its way to Australia and I will post it as soon as she receives it, so I dont spoil the surprise!
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We have been tagged again, this time by Lisa. As I said the in previous post about this, I will do one for each one of the girls and one for hubby... Last time was Mimi, and today will be Camila aKa Mia.
1 - Mia loves shoes.... She was all about being barefoot or with flip flops (hence her birthday party theme), but after she started "school" a few months ago, her love for shoes started to grow... They told me she was taking her shoes off every day, and they started working on it, and now she wont be barefoot, not even on top of the bed! So, she wants to wear shoes even in her sleep!!

2 - She is my wild child... She will do thing so quickly that you wont even realize until it is too late... While a normal child her age is trying to get on top of the sofa, she is already on top of the kitchen cabinets!! Nothing stops her! She also jumps and dance non-stop!

3 - Mia is the funniest flower... She will laugh just about everything, even if you are sending her time out. When is time to cry, she will cry harder than any other kid on the blog, but when is time to laugh, nobody can be louder than her...

4 - She is a mama's girl... Since she was a newborn she has always been more attach to me than anybody else, and still is. She loves daddy to pieces, but mommy is something else!

5 - She is very outgoing and friendly... Even though she is very much attached to me, she is also independent and will stay in any place that I want to leave her. When she started " school" for the first time, she cried for the first few days, after that she has been in two different Summer Camps and she has made the transition from one to another just great... She is happy in any place.

6 - She acts different at home than at "school". At home she is the one that bites, pull hair, pinch, and all those things from the terrible two's. At school she is the quietest and sweetest little girl. I mean, she is still very sweet at home, but she is not quiet at all at home!

7 - She loves dolls and pretend play like there is no tomorrow. She would never get tired of playing with anything that pretends real life.

Now I tagged some babies from Mia's friends list (Remember I want facts from the babies, not the mommies):
1 - Amelia (Kim's daughter)
2 - Max (Kelly's son)
3 - Ro-N (Susan's son)
4 - Toby (Michelle's son)
5 - Machias (Jennie's son)
6 - Nevaeh (Gina's daughter)
7 - Gavin (Kate's daughter)
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Gaby had the worst nightmare last night... She actually jump out of the bed (exactly like in the movies), and start telling us crying and very scare that a mean dog was trying to eat her "Titi Kathy" (hubby's sister), and then trying to bother her grandpa ("hubby's dad).

She continues to be pretty scared about this... During the day, I asked her if you want to call them to make sure they are Ok, and even though she said yes, she refused to pick up the phone to talk to my father in law... That was pretty weird as she looooooove talking to him... I wonder why she didnt want to talk to him, but I bet it has to be with the fact that she is still very scare... Who knows?
Big (((HUGS))) to Gaby!
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We got the oportunity to buy a seat for Mimi today... It is not a new seat, but it is like new... A friend of my friend Luz is moving to Florida and she is selling just about everything in her house, and I took advantage of it... Mimi has been complaining lately in the car, and we knew it was because she didnt want to be in a lay down position anymore... The sad part is that she is now forward facing and I really wanted to keep her rear facing way longer, but as soon as we get some extra cash, I will be buyuing her and Mia a new seat so they can go back to rear facing...
I didnt got pictures yet, but here are some pictures of Mimi enjoying some books while we were at the bookstore buying her workbook for "school".
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Somebody told me today that she has been reading my blog since the longest and that she has no idea that she could leave comments without having a blog.....
So, it got me wondering... Who is out there?? Who is reading?? Could you guys come out and post a comment and let me know that you are reading our crazy life?... Im getting an average of 30+ visits per day, and I have no idea who the half of you are!!!
Have in mind that you dont need to have a blog to post a comment... You can sign in with any email that you have....
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Bridge at Mama Belly Blog tagged me, and as I have been tagged several times (here is the last time) Im taking her idea of doing it about hubby or the girls... So, the next 4 times that Im tagged, I will post about them... The first one is Mimi!!

So, in case somebody doesnt know how this works, here are the rules... I have to share 7 facts about me (will do about Mimi this time), and then I tagged 7 people letting them know by a comment in their blog.
1 - Mimi loves to play with water, and it's the only one from the girls that doesnt complain when the water runs over her face during shower time.

2 - Im convinced that everything that Mimi eats is going to to her brain! She eats like there is no tomorrow (she actually eats more that Gaby and Mia), but she doesnt gain weight or grow... So, the only explanation is that the food is going to her brain and she is becoming the smartest kid of the world!! (at least of the household, right?)

3 - Mimi doesnt smile to everybody right away as some other babies do... People can do everything in their hands to make her smile and she will simply stare at them with this "wondering" face. After she has spent at least 20 minutes with that person, she is all smiles!!!

4 - Mimi loves to play with dolls and plush animals... She will hug them and kiss them and give them lots of love. Just too cute.

5 - She has 8 teeth, and still teething non-stop. She has been a great camper, and is still a happy girl even when she is in pain.

6 - Next month (September 2nd) she will start going to a "real classroom" at her "school". She was in a room with playpens, gyms, nurses, and now she will have tables and chairs and little things to play with... She actually has an activity book!!!

7 - Mimi has a birth mark on her arm that looks like she is dirty, that Gaby also has next to her belly, and that a lot of people from my hubby's family has.

Now I tagged some babies from Mimi's friends list (Remember I want facts from the babies, not the mommies):
1 - Sofia (Erica's daughter)
2 - Annalisa (Kari-Anne's daughter)
3 - Cooper (Gentri's son)
4 - Alison (Pauline's daughter)
5 - Ethan (Hayley's son)
6 - Gavin (Jenn's son)
7 - Gianna (Flower's daughter)
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Mimi has been throwing up every time she drinks milk for the past 2 weeks, so we are giving her other liquids instead of milk... She was already in Soya Milk, so there is nothing else to go from there...

She has been perfect, and today we took her to spend some quality time with her godmother Vanessa. What a scare we had as she called us to let us know that her poop had blood in it... We went to pick up the poopy diaper to take it to the lab, but we decide to also take Mimi to the ER (just in case)...

As soon as we got there, the doctor told us that she didnt think it was blood, even though it looked a lot like it... It was a strong red, but she kept insisting on the food that she had... She did had berry juice that morning, but everything else had no colors.

They sent the poopy to the lab and they worked on it right away... It came back negative... They did a blood test (poor thing), and it came back with a little bit of anemia, which we know she has as consequence of her virus from May (she is getting iron to get that back to normal). To make sure she wasnt really bleeding they did X-Rays (she did a great job and cooperate 100%), and it came back just fine... Lastly, which was the worst of all, they put a tube on her nose all the way to her esophagus, to check what was in there (that was not a pretty experience)... It showed something that looked like baby food or juice, and nothing to worry about...

We are thankful that it was nothing, but WHAT A DAY!!!
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Today was suppose to be a lucky day and it was.... We receive a money that has been expecting since the last few weeks... It wasnt as much as we planned, but enough to solve a few things, and catch up on others!!

Happy 08-08-08! How was yours?
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... and mean it!!!!

I want you to look at Mimi straight to the eyes and imagine that she is doing something that she cant do and say: No!
Now try again... Say No!
And a last try:
If you can say "No" and actually mean it, then congratulations!!! I know I cant!!!! Every time we try to keep her out of doing something that she cant do, she gives us this smile that simply can buy us.
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I have been meaning to post about this since a few days ago and here it is..... For the past few weeks I have been working day and night on my friend Kari-Anne's photography website, and I proudly introduce to you the finalized work! (you can click on the picture to view the site). Photobucket
I still need to add a new section to show customers the locations options, plus we will be opening more Portofolio sections pretty soon, but the site it's fully working...

If you stop by, dont forget to let me know what you think about it... This is the first site in English that I made (other than mine, of course), and I will love to hear what you guys think, if there are typos, mistakes, broken links, and what you like about it! You can also check out what she posted about it on her Photography Blog (Im also half way done with her blog makeover).
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Around three weeks ago I "met" Michelle from Sew Posh Boutique (her site is Under Construction, but she can be found at her Ebay Store). Im doing a blog makeover for her new blog, and I will be posting it as soon as it is done. We have a lot in common (and I quote her): we have 3 daughters, a small business, a husband, and home to keep up with.

She sells the cutest smocks and aprons that I could find, and she made one for each one of the girls... The preschool shirts are navy, red or white (I wont be buying white, though), so I wanted the aprons to match the school colors. After lots of emails back and forth (it helps that she answers really fast), we decided on the colors and Im really pleased!! Her prices are really good and her shipping is super fast.

At first I wasnt sure about the difference between Smocks and Aprons (silly me, I know), but if you are wondering too (and Im quoting her again): a smock is front and back covering. It slides over the head like a shirt and ties on each side. An apron is front covering only. It is more adjustable than a smock because it features ties around the neck and around the waist.

We decided to go for the aprons and the ones for Gaby and Mia are exactly the same, and the one for Mimi is a bit smaller (it doesnt have pockets like the other two).
The girls are really excited abour their new aprons, and they were crazy to try them on.... I took a picture of them with no cloth (as they ones they have one didnt match.. LOL), and on top of the bed (that's why Gaby's hair is all crazy as she was jumping and not letting me take the picture)...
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I can finally share!!! As I said the other day, we were cooking some changes, and even though I shared a little bit on Friday, I do have the Ok to share it all now.

I have mentioned before that Im not a big fan of changes, but I have a feeling that this change will be for good. For those of you that dont read the blog often, here is a little background. Hubby works in one of the best billingual schools in the country as a Computer teacher and tech. Gaby gets an scholarship to be in that school. I have been a work at hom mom since my second child was born, but four months ago, I started working in the mornings in a really good school (not as a teacher, though) where Mia got a scholarship. I enrolled Mimi in an Early Ed program that is a block away from my job. So, in short, we both work in a different school, and each one of the girls is in a different place, which means mad mornings, and lots of gas!!!!

All that CHANGED completely!!! Hubby got a job offer to work as a Computer Tech, Middle and High school Computer Teacher and Afterschool Program Director at the SAME school where I work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is really good news as not only we would work together (which we love to do), but also Gaby and Mia get to be in the same school, as Gaby gets an scholarship because of him.

Besides tons of good things that this change brings, just imagine how much gas we will be saving as we will all be going to the same place everyday. Mimi is the only one that wont be in that school for now, but she is one block away, and I can take peaks on her during the day if I want to.

The only different thing about this job and the other is that hubby wont have longs vacations as the other teachers, because his main position is Tech Support which means that he is from the Administration team, and not the Faculty Team... So, he gets 14 business days (3 weeks minus one day), which is the same vacations that I get... We would also get 2 weeks during Christmas time, so that is just perfect for us.
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For the past few days I have been trying to find out about the date of Sister's Day. Crayola swears that it should be celebrated on August 3rd, while Hallwark says it should be celebrated August 5th. I got to Holiday Insights, which is the place where I really look when I want to know the date for something... It says that Sister's Day is celebrated the First Sunday of August, and it does have more sense to me. So, we will take the first Sunday of August as a day of celebration for the three little flowers.

We planned to go to the beach, but I had a big project that I needed to finish, so we cancel it, and instead we put up the pool in the backyard and made them have some fun. I told Gaby that it was Sister's Day, and she spend the whole day telling Mia that she cant yell or hit because "there is no fighting on Sister's Day"... How sweet!

As I have said before, I pray and dream about my daughters being the best sisters and best friends in the world.

A few months ago, I did a collage for a group of girlfriends, and I was dying to use it with the girls... So, I did it today... Here is their Sister's Day collage... I hope to print it and put it in their bedroom.
Happy Sister's Day to all the sisters out there! I dont have a sister by blood, but I guess God made enough with giving each one of my daughters not one but two sisters to love and care for.
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I have been wanting to buy the girls a drinking bottle and food jar that I saw a couple of months ago and felt in love with. I have read some great reviews about it, and everybody brags about them REALLY keeping the food and drinks cold or hot for several hours. They are called Foogos and they are from Thermo brand.

My friend Cara wanted to buy the girls a present for them to use to school... So, what a better gift that something that they will use every day!!!! She got Mia and Gaby a Foogo Food Jar and a Foogo Bottle with straw to each one. As the girls eat lunch at school, this will be great for them as we pack the food really early (around 6:30am), and we want to have something that will keep the food at least warm by the time they eat it.

The food jar holds 10 ounces of food and it promises to keep the food hot for 5 hours (or cold for 7 hours), and people brags about this being true. In the worst case scenario I hope they are at least warm (that's the one pictured on the right)
The drinking bottle holds 12 ounces, and it promises to keep drinks cold or hot for 12 hours. This is very important, as we send them juice for the morning snack, and then another drink for after lunch which was always way far from cold by that time.
She also got something for Mimi but it still havent got here...
Cara: Thank you very much for this wonderful gift!! I already told them that auntie Cara got it for them, and showed them a picture of you so Mia can understand who is the person that Im talking about (Gaby knows exactly who you are). As I have always said: "You are an angel in our life".
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One of the big news that I commented last week comes with the package of Gaby changing school. That alone is not suppose to be good news as she loves her school, and we love her teachers and her classmates, but when that change means that both of my big girls would be in the SAME school (which is the school that I work with), then it is BIG NEWS!!

We scheduled her evaluation for today, and I gotta confess I was a bit nervous about it. I knew all the things they were going to ask her, and I know how she gets confused sometimes with the letters especially after almost 2 months since the last time that she finished school.

The age requirement for kindergarten in this country varies from school to school, and she wont have the age that the new school requires to enter K (she needs to be 5 by August 31st, but she turns 5 on October 5th). The idea was that if she had the necessary knowledge that she needs to go to K, then they were going to accept her in K. As a mom, I know my daughter is ready to go to K, but I was a bit nervous.

I bring her to stay the whole morning with me, as they had a pool day with the kids that have been attending Summer Camp here, and it was the last day. So, as she was playing with the kids, she had no idea that the principal and counselor were evaluating her.

They told me that when the call her for the academic and psychological evaluation, that she cooperate a lot and was very talkative. They told me that she did an excellent job and that they accepted her in K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are very proud of her, and I cant believe this is really her last year in preschool!!
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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