Our car have been parked in our garage for a full week! The car broke down last Sunday, and it wont start.. That's why we havent been able to fix it, mostly because somebody needs to go to our house to fix it, and hubby have being working like crazy this week.. Also, Gustav was not helping much.... Plus, we were getting paid on the 29th anyway.

Anyway, we managed to have the car fixed, and everything was set up... Mimi's godmother have been asking me that she wanted to have Mimi for a couple of hours on Saturday, and we were going to stop by for a bit... Just as we were entering her building, the transmission broke down and lost all the fluid. When the transmission is out of fluid a car cant move, so we had to turn the car off and actually push the car to a parking spot (well.. I didnt push, Hubby did with another guy, but you guys get the point)....

I went upstairs to my cousin's house and hubby went around looking for a mechanic. It was Saturday afternoon, and NONE of the mechanics of the area wanted to go a see the car!! He finally got somebody who went an take a look at it and told us what it was (we didnt know it was the transmission until this guy said it.. We thought it was oil from the motor). He told us that he was available to fix it on MONDAY! Oh well!

So, we went to my mom's house to borrow her car so tomorrow we can go around and look for a mechanic... Wish us luck!
Posted by Anelys Perez On 12:47 AM 2 comments

2 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

Oh my this sucks!!!!!!i know my car is headed down that path very soon !

Heather said...

Good Luck!


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